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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Eryn's attention was caught by a rather cute boy who ran between, yelling for them to stop. She blinked, slipping her hand out of her pocket, away from her knife, and looking at him in curiosity. "We're fighting cause I'm bored." She said with a shrug. "And, um, no offense but...why the hell would you be stupid enough to jump between us."


Declan sighed as he watched the poor boy run over to the two, and looked over at Derek. "How long you think he'll survive?" He asked lazily, although honestly a bit concerned for the poor thing. But not enough to go over and help him.

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"I'm thinking about having a flaming fireball land between them~ And explode~!" Kit exclaimed happily, putting his hands together and then pulling them apart so he could mime out the explosion, "Or I could just burn up their clothes again, but I think that would get old if we did it to much." he laughed, "All I know is fear is the best way to go, considering the two don't look like they're trying to court the other, then again sometimes its hard to tell." he said with a nod.


Denkou shook his head earnestly, looking up at Eryn, "Fighting is wrong and all it does is hurt others! We aren't animals, we've got brains for a reason!" he tapped his head, "If we were fighting for survival, this is different! But to hurt someone just for the sake of hurting them is bad..." he looked down and put his hands together, looking frail and weak as he did, "It isn't right to hurt someone else just because you can...It's wrong." he persisted and looked back up at her and then at Brenna, "You really shouldn't be fighting! If you guys don't like each other why not ignore each other?! Isn't that a better alternative?" he asked, with a hopeful grin.

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Amber smirked. "The explosion will do." She said and looked at the two (IT RHYMES!) "They don't look like much of a couple but it'd still be funny" She was starting to really like freaking out humans.

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yet another ghost
Brenna shot him a look of contempt. "As much as I hate to agree with Shortie here, she's right, for once in her pathetic little life." She stepped forwards, glaring at the poor kid. "Get outta our way. We have some blood to spill."
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For the longest while, Eryn just stared at Denkou in disbelief, like she honesty couldn't believe he was real. Which she couldn't. Suddenly, she burst into loud laughter, almost doubled over, clutching at her ribs. "God damn you're cute." She said when she finally managed to calm down enough to talk, grinning at Denkou. Stepping closer to him, she said with a smirk "But if I can't fight her, you're gonna need to entertain me."

She waved a hand dismissivly at Brenna, not even looking at her. "Meh, forget it. You got boring with all your talking. Cutie here seems much more fun~"

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Denkou smiled shyly at the clearly more masculine-than-he girl, though found himself chuckling as she laughed, his smile only brightening at seeing he'd managed to get people to avoid violence, "Ok!" he exclaimed excitedly, but then blinked, tilting his head, "How do I do that?" he crossed his arms for a second and tried to think of an idea to entertain her, then remembered the dare that his new friend, Derek, had given him, "O-oh! How about a date?!" he exclaimed, clapping his hands together and looking up at Eryn.


Kit put his hands together, so his palms were facing outward and connected by the wrist, a small flame appearing in between them, closing one eye he took aim and stuck his tongue out as if thinking hard about his mark, "Ok!" he exclaimed excitedly and chuckled, "Tell me when boss~" he said to her as he started to wait out when to strike the two in the garden.

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Amber looked at the two carefully and wandered when the perfect time to fire would be. Then it seemed they were moving closer to each other and she nodded. "Now be great." She said with a smirk.

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Eryn blinked at the suggestion, looking surprised. Between Seth and this kid, she's been asked out more times in the past few weeks then in her whole life. The fuck? She wondered if she should turn him down, cause of the whole Seth-thing...but then again, she hasn't seen him in forever. Besides, the kid looked too cute to say no to. So she smilied back at him, saying "Sure~ Wanna head to the city? Cause I'm starving."

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(Imma let Matsu respond before responding Vampy^^)

Denkou tilted his head slightly and uncertainly, "Um, ok~!" he said, not knowing it would happen right then, he smiled again and held his hand out for her to take and shake, "My name is Denkou Hirameki! It's a pleasure to meet you!" he said excitedly and looked her in the eye, waiting for her to respond, "I hope you become my friend!" he added finally, deciding to be a bit more forward. So far today was going a lot better than he had expected, the nightmare had just been a nightmare, he'd made two guy friends and now a girl friend, that was three total and he was happy with that.

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(Would you all mind if I brought Sam and Addy in?)

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The moment Denkou mentioned two other boys, Derek turned around and ducked his head, "Shit, if she sees me, we're fucked!" He hissed to his friend. "And how the fuck did that kid manage to get a date with her? Damn, she's too easy..."

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(Cool, I'll wait for the others to reply first.)

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"Eryn Kirkland." She said, shaking his hand, having to grin at his straight-forward comment. "Course I'll be your friend~ Your too cute not to be" She teased, ruffling his hair affectionally. "So out of curiosity Denkou, who was the bastard that dared you to ask me out?" Eryn wasn't stupid. She knew most guys wouldn't ask her out, especially cute, sweet boys like him.


"I'd go out with him." Declan said with a shrug, also ducking his head in case she recognized him. "I mean, come on, the kid's adorable. HOw can you say no to him?"

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"He reminds me too much of that kid Nico tried to get with," Derek said, scowling. Realizing he never told Declan about Maxxie, he shook his head, "Oh, nevermind. Come on, let's get out of here before we get caught." he said, starting to get up.

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Declan raisied an eyebrow at the first part as he got up after Derek. "Nico tried to get with another kid? Well apparently he isn't as hung up on you as you seem to think." He said in amusement. "What happened?"

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Derek started walking away from the bench. He shot Declan a nasty look, "It was a long time ago, okay? Nico wouldn't do that now..." he remembered the strange marks on Nico's neck and his weird explanation. "...I think. But that's beside the point. This little pussy blonde started hitting on Nico during the first dance at school. He's waaaaaaaay too out of Nico's league."

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"Oh really? Does Nico think that?" Declan asked with a laugh, watching his friend with thinly veiled amusement. "Because I doubt you'd be such a jealous bitch if he wasn't hitting on the "little pussy blonde" back."

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Derek shot his friend a cold glare, "Look, if you saw the kid, you'd agree. He's just...pathetic.' He blinked, "And his name is fucking Maxxie....Who names their child Maxxie?"

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"Awwwww~ I think it's a cute name~" Declan said cheerfully, just to piss off Derek. "So what did you do to the poor boy when he started hitting on Nico?'

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yet another ghost
Brenna growled softly as her opponent walked off with her new boyfriend. She turned and punched a tree, wincing as her knuckles split and blood trickled down her hand.
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Derek draped an arm across Declan's shoulders, "You, my friend, are an idiot," he said, though there was a smile tugging at his lips, "I didn't do anything," he replied as he gave Declan an innocent smile, "I'm not the jealous type."

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Declan just stared at Derek for a few minutes, before breaking into loud laughter at the thought of Derek not being the jealous type. "Riiiiiiight, whatever you say." He snorted, "Seriously though, what did you do to the kid?"

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At her question Denkou tilted his head, "You know? Sorry. I guess it's because I'm not one to have ever gone on a date before, it's that obvious?" he asked scratching the back of his head uncertainly and then grinned, "Well either way it was my two friends! Ummm...Declan and Derek!" he pointed in the direction where the two were, and then waved in case they could see him, though not sure where they went, "They told me to, I was gonna say no, but then you started to fight." he pouted and looked down, "I didn't want you guys to hurt yourselves..." he mumbled.

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Little Tokyo Rose

"We'll fix it," Gracie said softly, looking into his eyes and giving him a small smile. "It'll all be over by tomorrow. I...I promise," Gracie said, trying to reassure him.

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"Actually, i's cause I've been asked out once in my life before. And I didn't exactly seem like your type." Eryn said with a friendly smile. But it flickered at the mention of Derek and Declan, for a second replaced with a flash of anger. She looked around, trying to find out where the bastards went. "Derek was talking to you?" She asked, looking down at him with concern and suspisoun. She didn't trust that son of a bitch, especially if he was talking to a kid like Denkou.

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yet another ghost
Brenna, after having swung by her dorm to get her skateboard, decided to go to the city. Might as well check out the lay of the land.


Rhonwen sat next to the fountain, trailing a hand in the water. The gentle girl had been crushed by Brenna's rudeness, and for the lack of friendly people here. Well, there had been a few, but...

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"How do you know?" Charles asked, looking her straight in the eye, his eyes reflecting that of an injured and wild animal, which at any moment could snap and lash out, "How do you know everything will be alright? This has never happened before, what if it's permanent? What if no one can help me?" he asked her.


"Fox Fire~!" The boy exclaimed and aimed up, aiming like one would aim with a toy gun or a kamehameha as a child, he released the flame, catapulting into the air so it's release point couldn't be seen. As it got into the air it got bigger, and bigger, until it was the size of a softball, and then just as quickly as it came into the air it started to fall, to fall and was aimed right between the two teenagers in the garden.

Surprised with the sudden feel of heat above his head, Charles glanced up and his eyes widened in shock, "F-fire?!" He exclaimed and quickly scrambled, already forgetting about Gracie to try and get out of the way, crawling away as fast as his legs could carry him as the fireball made its way back to earth.


Denkou looked at her, tilting his head slightly, "Why wouldn't I ask you out? Aren't boys supposed to want to go out with girls who are nice or attractivish?" he asked, being rather blunt on what he knew about dating, "Usually both are good, yes?" he laughed slightly and smiled sweetly, before looking around, "Yeah...I was. I dunno where he went though. I'll probably see him and his boyfriend around school!" he grinned excitedly, "They're friends after all!"

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Amber chuckled and crossed her arms as the two scrambled away from the fire in fear. "Pretty cool Kit." She said to him with a smile

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Little Tokyo Rose

Before she could even saw a word, she saw Charles suddenly exclaim something about... "Fire?!" Gracie asked, getting up quickly and starting to panic. She saw Charles crawling out of the way, and she quickly followed, calling for him to wait up. While running, she felt something hot on her...back? "What the..." She stopped for a moment, and then realized what was happening.

Gracie screamed. She screamed so loud she swore everyone in the whole school could've heard her. I mean, her back was on fire, what're you supposed to do? Gracie dropped to the floor, flailing around helplessly as she rolled around on the ground, trying to put to the fire.


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