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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Amber wandered around aimlessly for a few minutes before freezing when a breeze blew her hair back. There's was a familiar smell, unforgettable in a sense. She looked around and saw him not too far away with his hair all up in his face and she grinned. She walked a bit faster to meet up with him and noticed he was starring off into the distance. "you know, it'd be much easier to see if you didn't have your hair covering your eyes." She said with a smirk to him.

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(Yup, it's official: I can sense her sexiness already.)

Gerard wasn't really paying attention yet, that voice was so familiar that he was almost startled to death. "Huh? Wh-What...? Oh... Yeah, I was just um, thinking I guess. And I know about my shaggy hair." he challenged with a small smirk of his. He really couldn't think about her name but was trying to get to it. Mentally cursing at his self, he aighed miserably and stared down at the short teen. He was only six feet and six inches. Crossing his long arms across his chest, he conti ues to stare down at the teen.

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"It didn't use to be so shaggy," Amber said and ruffled his hair a bit with a smile. "But it does look good on you anyways." She noticed how he starred at her and frowned slightly. She wondered if he even remembered her and she sighed.

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"Well, yeah... I know. It just grows out naturally like that I guess." Feeling the ruffle into his hair felt good and he gave her a warm smile. But when she grinned at him like that, it was pretty much a lot for him. It was so... Nostalgic. Gerard swept his bangs back and patted her head. Her hair and even the scent of her smelt like pine wood to him, it smelt wonderful. Just thinking about a tree was ringing a bell to his thought. He bit his tongue in process on purpose so he wouldn't call her the wrong name. Sighing, he smiled at her. Now, it was just a color and he can remember her name. "Well, I can say the same about you too, Amber." he grinned and ruffled her hair back.

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Amber brightened up as he said her name. At least he remembered. She smiled at him and said, "Well, you know I have a perfectly good reason to have shaggy hair." She giggled and flipped her hair over her shoulder. "So how have you been Gerard? Have I missed anything exciting in this dingy old school?"

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Rolling his eyes in an amusing way, he shook his head and sighed. He realiy couldn't forget her. "No, nothing really. I just came from the woods not so long ago and was actually going to sneak in some random room for a shower." shaking his head again, he gave his own grin at her. Gerard dropped his arms to the side and stared into her eyes. It was really pretty and it was just shiny to him as if they were jewels like his eyes.

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Amber giggled. "Yeah I thought you smelled more woodsy then usual." She replied and smiled when he starred into her eyes. She wondered if maybe he had changed since the last they seen each other. "Well, you could probably find a few empty rooms at the top floor unless you actually want to pick someone's lock." She said and played with her black tipped fingernails.

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Shrugging, he gave a small yawn of sensing that he's tired and stuffed his hands in his pocket. Gerard quickly fixed his gaze somewhere else but couldn't help to let his eyes slowly gaze up her body. Gerard wasn't no pervert or anything; he was just surprised that she looks so beautiful. Gerard gave a small grin and chortled. "Nah, I'll just levitate to a room that I can get into or something. So, what about you?" he mentioned.

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Amber had almost forgotten about his levitation. She had been around so many different talents for the past while that she had nearly forgotten all that were here at this school. She noticed his eyes going up her body and she blushed slightly as she wondered what he thought. She couldn't have gained any pounds, could she? Her hair wasn't all wild or her make up to heavy right? She sighed and shrugged. "Well I've just been going through the motions of the pack back at home for awhile. Learning how to lead a pack and all." She said.

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He nodded and gave a small hum of acknowledgement. "Ah, well that's nice to hear. At least you get to do that than doing nothing." Grinning radiantly, he resumes to stare down at her and tilted his head to the side. He saw something that caught his eye and it was honey from a hive that was dripping and saw some of it drip on her cheek. Gerard raised a brow and shook his head. Though he couldn't help but give off a small laugh. "Amber, there's something on your face and you should move from under there." Honestly, Gerard was going to say something else than the honey but he was easily distracted and those were his main weaknesses.

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Amber wiped at her cheek and raised an eyebrow before looking up at the hive. "huh. can't believe I missed that." she said as she took a couple steps away from it. She wiped the honey on her hand onto her jeans to clean it off. "Is it all off?" She asked Gerard.

(gah, sorry I have to go to bed. night J)

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(aww night Gothi ;///; )

Gerard chuckled a little more and was looking at her face a little more and shook his head. Not to mention it, Gerard is super hungry and he never ate anything while he was out for a week in the woods. Walking a little closer, he slowly reached out and took a firm grip of her hand. Concentrating on it a little, he noticed there was some more. Taking her hand towards his face, he opened his mouth a little and licked off the honey off her finger. He really couldn't believe he just did that because he wasn't paying no attention at all. His hunger just took over in a matter of seconds. Licking his mouth, he slowly let his grasp off her hand and leaned towards Amber's face. Truthfully, he really didn't k ow what he just did. He was still leaned into her face and shook head again. "No... You missed a spot here too." Slowly, he took a hold of her ahoulder and licks off the honey off her cheek. Gerard really couldn't handle the taste since it was Amber's after all.

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If it were any other guy, even Kit, she would have slapped him right there. But instead all she felt was her face going red and a slight shiver down her spine. She giggled softly. "Well uh...thanks for getting it for me." She said and smiled. She couldn't help but notice his differences or personality and appearance. She wondered if maybe something had happened to change him at all.

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Grinning, he pulled back and patted her shoulder. Gerard really didn't know what got to him for doing that to her. Mentally shrugging his shoulders, he continues to stare down at her. "You're welcome, Amber." he replied rather warmly. Flipping his bangs to the side so he could see, he noticed how red her face was and cocked his head to the side. "Something's the matter?" he asks with a hint of curiosity.

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Amber wiped her check that he had licked and looked up at him with a smile. "It's nothing, you're just acting a bit stranger then usual." She joked. "Also, you look better with your bangs out of your face. got the kind of eyes that kill" She giggled and winked.

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Arching a brow in wonder, he shrugged his shoulders and gave a small laugh. He really didn't know, but he sighed about it. "Oh? Well, I don't think I am... I remembered the last time that you left with that fox boy and stuff... I dunno, probably that's what made me 'strange'." Stuffing his hands into his pockets again he smiled at the compliment she gave him. "Ah, well it's pretty much natural and stuff. I can say the same thing about your looks though." As he said that, his voice was returning to that solemn and smooth type. He was even surprised too.

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"You were always strange in a way." She giggled and shifted her back to the other shoulder. She smiled a bit sheepishly as the compliment. Sheepish, heh, and she's a wolf too, She thought to herself. "I can go with the natural and stuff." She said.

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"Ah, well... I guess so." he sighed. Gerard shook his head and was still looking at her. He really didn't know what to say next because his mind wasnjust throwing blanks at him. Sighing miserably, he walked a forward Amber and raised a brow. "Oh? Hm, that's what it seems." Grinning softly, his gaze was slowly moving up and down at her body. He always wondered how she looked in wolf form.

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Amber smirked as he looked her up and down once again. She giggled a bit before saying, "Are you liking the view?" Her hand going to her hip as she shifted her weight to one foot. Her eyes flashed amber for a second before turning back to that deep brown.

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He wasn't really paying attention until her vouce broke his thoughts again. "Wha-?" he mumbled. Quickly, he looks up at her and gave a sheepish smile. "Uh, no! I-I was just wondering how you end up changing into a wolf..." he murmurs at the end. He wasn't really a pervert, he just blanks out in time.

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Amber raised an eyebrow. "How I end up changing into a wolf?" She said a bit confused. "You mean how I became a wolf or what exactly happens?" Without really thinking about it, her nails grew out about half an inch and she played with them a bit, chipping some of the already chipped nailpolish out.

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"Yeah, that one! How do y-you... Um, well how did you became a wolf?" he asks with a small blush on his face. Gerard was actually getting tired of standing and he's been walking way too much on the woods for so long. Sighing, he began to walk and stopped beside her. Yawning, his eyes watered and gave the amethyst colour a sparkle. "Hey, you wanna sneak in a room for the night? You can probably tell me there."

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Amber hadn't noticed it was night and looked up with a slightly surprised look. "Damn time goes by." She muttered as she starred at the gibbous moon. "Yeah let's find a room. Got to find somewhere to put this stuff down anyway." She said, indicating to her backpack and duffelbag. The back pack wasn't that heavy. All it had was half a dozen outfits and two pairs of shoes. The duffel though was full to the brim with clothes and 2 pairs of dumbbells. The weight didn't bother her much but after awhile it made her arm ache.

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Gerard nodded and gave a small smile. As he was going to walk, he quickly paused his self as he saw Amber with the bags. "Hey, y'need some help? I can take that bag if you don't mind." Giving her another warm smile, his eyes twinkled under the moon light. He was being rather so nicely. Reaching over, he was heading for the duffel bag; but paused if he can get her permission. "By the way, I'll just fly up around the windows to find a room. When I do, I'll just take you up there." he added. Gerard really didn't mind doing this.

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Amber smiled at him. "Thanks, that does help a bit. Hope you don't mind the 25 lbs dumbbells." She said and handed him the duffle. "And sounds like a plan. So, which dorm?" She looked around at the two dorms, girls and guys. there seemed to be enough empty rooms on the top four floors she guessed, depending on the sounds and smells that came from them.

(I g2g to practice. I'll be back in a little over an hour)

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(aww later! ;-;)

Gerard shrugged and reached for the duffle bag. He can carry the bag with weights since he got some muscle. Grunting a little, he puffed out his cheeks and gave a small chortle. "Up we go..." he mumbled. Sighing, he took some long strides but was going to slow down a little.

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(sorry, practice was held way longer then expected)

Amber smirked a bit as he puffed, looking like the weights were just a little too heavy. "Go ahead, fly boy." she said with a smile and followed after him.

(to the dorms?)

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(Yeah to the dorms, may you post there first?)

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