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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Sam opened his mouth to speak, but shook his head "What ever. I'm too tired to deal with this s*** right now." he muttered rubbing his head.

Good news was that the lunatic was alright. Bad news was that he was a fireball throwing jerk. He shook his head, this school was definitely loosing cool points. "I wonder were Mrs Eva would even be?"

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Kit huffed at Sam, "Like I would know.." he shifted his arm in his bag again, "Don't worry Amber-chan~ Imma fix you right up then Mrs. Eva will take care of the new pup~ not to worry!" The boy said laughing returning to his light hearted tone, "Now where is that ointment..." he grmbled and bit his own lower lip in frusteration.
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Amber looked at Sam a minute longer before looking away and pulling the cloak closer to her and sighed. "how bad was it?" She asked him. "I swear i didn't see this coming..."

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"How bad was what Amber-chan?" Kit asked, still digging into his bag and not really paying attention to who the young werewolf was talking to, "The transformation? It was pretty cool, your body was nice not bad at for the damage you did, I dunno how many students you attacked, but I do know you bit Sam on the arm. Oh you also tried to take off my tail, Imma get you back for that." the kitsune said nonchalantly as he continued to reach in, "Ah! Hah!" he exclaimed excitedly, "Found it~"

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Amber blushed only slightly at the his comment of her body and looked down at the cloak. "Great now i have to take care of a puppy." She muttered and sighed. "And if i attacked you that probably meant you were in my way...I was hunting wasn't I?" She looked at what he had in his hand and raised an eyebrow.

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"You were hunting? I could have sworn you were playing Red Rover." the Kitsune said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. He was purposely talking as if Sam weren't there, not minding the wolfling in the least, "As for this...stuff. My ma calls it Frozen Fox Fire...she likes to use alliterations...illiterations....ations...nens." he muttered, unable to say the 'advanced' word, "Whatever. Anyways~! It's basically and ointment Kitsune use to heal any burns that our fires cause unintentionally, I think I may have used more force than I meant to cause I'm pretty tired..." he muttered and cracked his back, "Ah whatever, the fire is 'magical' so I dunno how fast your body will heal, if at all, so I wanna make sure you at least get the proper meds." he said and handed out the ointment to her with a bright grin.

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'Oh." Amber said and looked down at her chest expected it to be healed at least halfway but it still looked pretty fresh. "Guess i can't heal as quick with magic fire." She said with a smile and took the ointment from him. "Thanks."

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"Don't put to much, that stuff is made with fox fire." Kit warned her, "It's like with snake venom, you use a bit of it in the antidote, but not so much it'd kill you all over again." he nodded, "Just a small dip in with the pinky, and get enough for a light layer. It should counteract the fire's magical properties enough to let your body's natural healing course take into effect." he said to her with a light grin, "Got it?" he asked her.

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Amber smiled and nodded. "Got it." She said and looked at the ointment and back at him. She turned away from him so she knew he wasn't starring at her chest as she opened the cloak to reveal her chest and did what she was told to do with the ointment and spread it lightly across her chest.

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(You used chest alot xD)

Kit smiled and watched, her waiting patiently, the cloak was large on him, so it was a fair fit on her, seemed to have gone down to her knees at the very least. He swung his tail back and forth, before his eat twitched, "Oops!" he exclaimed and looked at the tail, closing his eyes he turned his back so he was no longer facing either of them. With the mumble of a few quick words the fox ears atop of his head seemed to vanish back into his hair, and the tail had simply disappeared, "Ah~ Better~"

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( i didn't realize that till now XP )

Amber finished and pulled the cloak around her, careful to have the fabric not touch the ointment. "What was that?" She asked Kit, with a raised eyebrow.

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(I dunno why but it made me laugh xD)

"What was what? The ointment, I dunno, herbs mixed with fire apparently...not sure how it was done." Kit shrugged and tooked it, tossing it back into his backpack he closed the flap and strapped it over his shoulders, "There we go~" he looked back over at Amber, "As for the tail vanishing and what not, I can't go around having people see me as a halfling now can I?" he asked and laughed, "It's a trick that Kitsune use to keep themselves from being noticed by the mortals, though it requires focus and energy...both I lacked when dealing with." he said with a shrug, "Now that I'm able to have a breather, I'm able to return back to good ol' me~!"

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"Oh ok." Amber said and could already feel her chest feeling better. "Well at least you have it easier then pups. The first month is all about hiding at night so humans can't see us. After that it's just once a month."

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"Meh, we aren't allowed out of the sanctuary until we get our second tail." Kit commented, jumping ontop of a desk and swinging his legs, "By that time we have enough control over ourselves to hide ourselves from humans, I didn't leave home till after my third tail came in." he nodded, as if the information was more than enough to explain what he has gone through, "Anyways~ We should take...wolf boy." he pointed over at Sam, "To Eva Sensei and get you some new clothes, wanna go?" he asked tilting his head to the side.

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She was a bit confused about the tail thing but looked over at Sam when he was mentioned. "Hardly a wolf yet." She muttered and nodded. "Yeah better get it over with. and I'd like some cloths." She said looking down at her cloaked body.

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Sam sighed "Fine take me to your leader or whatever." he muttered crossing his arms. All he wanted were answers, and as long as he got them, they could go to Oz for all he cared.

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The kitsune nodded between the two and frowned in distaste, "Bleh, responsibility." he said, sounding disgusted at the very idea, "Whatever, anyways Amber-chan you go get dressed, I'll take the damned pup to Eva-sensei and she can explain to him exactly what we are and what he's going to be going through and blah, blah, blah." he said making a makeshift puppet with his hand. He patted the female werewolf once, before turnign to Sam, "Come on mutt." he said to him and got on all fours and scampered off as he started to make his way to the Night Class entryway.

(Night Class next~)

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Sam let out a throaty growl "I'm not a dang dog you furry" he muttered softly before following Kit down the hall.

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Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak was strolling through the hallway, books in hand. She was going to go drop something off at the office. While she was walking, she ran into someone, causing her to drop all of her books... "Ah!"

4/22/2012 #1,129
The Unlogic

Ian stumbled forward as someone ran into him from behind. He turned around to see Akiak.

"Hey, I'm sorry!" he said when he saw her drop her books. He quickly bent down to try and help pick up her books.

4/22/2012 #1,130
Little Tokyo Rose

"N-no, it was my fault..." Akiak mumbled, not bothering to see who it was. She kneeled down, considering she was wearing a skirt, and helped him pick up her books as well. She looked up at the person she'd ran into, and nearly fell backwards once she realized who it was. "I-Ian?" Akiak exclaimed, her eyes widening.

4/22/2012 #1,131
The Unlogic

"Hi!" Ian said, giving a small wave before resuming picking up her books. "How are you?"

4/22/2012 #1,132
Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak fell back on her butt, letting out a small 'oof' when she made contact with the ground. "Eh? O-oh, I'm fine..." Akiak said, nodding and giving Ian a weak smile.

4/22/2012 #1,133
The Unlogic

"That's good," he said. He finished gathering her books and set them aside before offering her a hand.

4/22/2012 #1,134
Little Tokyo Rose

Akiak took his hand, her face flushing a bright pink as she stood up. "Y-yeah...why are you out right now?" Akiak asked, brushing herself off and looking at Ian.

4/22/2012 #1,135
The Unlogic

"Just walking around and exploring this school's campus," Ian responded, handing her her books. "What about you?"

4/22/2012 #1,136
Little Tokyo Rose

"Oh, ahh...I was just gonna give something to the office, but," Akiak paused, thinking of something to say. "I don't really want to..."

4/22/2012 #1,137
The Unlogic

"You don't want to...?" Ian asked, suddenly curious. "What exactly were you going to turn into the office?"

4/22/2012 #1,138
Little Tokyo Rose

"Just a wasn't anything big," Akiak said, shrugging.

4/22/2012 #1,139
The Unlogic

"You sound somewhat reluctant to do something," Ian said. "If the form wasn't anything big, then what?"

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