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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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10/28/2011 #1

Mr. Brooks stepped inside the detention room. He was wearing thin gray v-neck and black shorts. On his face was a permanent scowl. He walked over behind his desk and sat down, ready to pounce on the first kid that was sent to his room.

10/31/2011 #2

Mr. Brooks glanced up. His eyebrows were knitted together as he looked at the sweet face of an angel, "You lost?" he grunted after a moment. There was no way such an innocent-looking girl would get detention.

11/3/2011 #3

Mr. Brooks clamped his mouth shut, his jaw tightening.

"Late. That's no excuse," his look of confusion turned to one of irritation, "You have three choices. 100 push-ups, 200 sentences about why you shouldn't be late, or keep my smelly, moist socks on your nose for the next hour and a half." He was serious, too.

11/3/2011 #4

Mr. Brooks grabbed the nearest sharpie and threw it at her, "WHO TOLD YOU THAT?! NOT WHILE YOU'RE IN MY ROOM, YOU'RE NOT! Now pick one before I choose for you!" He bellowed.

11/3/2011 #5

"What was that--a complaint? Pull out paper, Potter! Get writing on those sentences!" He said, shaking his head at the girl. She had so much to learn, he thought. So, so much. Things were different at this school, but she'd eventually figure everything out. Getting into trouble with Mr. Brooks was something you avoided like the plague.

11/3/2011 . Edited by LU.LU.LU.LU.LU.LU, 11/3/2011 #6

[Sort of. When I made 'The Office' thread, I sort of figured I didn't want an actual OC for the headmaster. You can make one if you want..]

Satisfied, Mr. Brooks relaxed his nerves and slowly sat down at his desk. Stupid girl was going to keep him away from spending them with the other teachers in the Lounge.

11/3/2011 #7

[._. Oh god, what are you planning to make your OCs do...LOL]

Mr. Brooks leaned his chair back and crossed his legs over the desk, slowly rocking the legs of the chair back and forth. Not once did he look away from Annabelle.

11/3/2011 #8

Mr. Brooks leaned forward, his eyes scanning the paper. "Great. Now sit in silence for the next hour. Go on!" He waved a hand at her, shoo'ing her.

11/3/2011 #9

Mr. Brooks kept watching her, occasionally glancing at the clock. He kept watching it until only twenty minutes were left.

11/3/2011 #10

Mr. Brooks took this as a challenge. He stared intently at her until a small 'bing!' noise came from a timer he'd set on his desk. He blinked once and stood up, "Get out," He said, "If you have to come in here again, punishment will be different, Mrs. Potter."

11/3/2011 #11

Mr. Brooks kept glaring at her until the door closed after her. Kids these days..

11/3/2011 #12

[Oh yeah, trust me ;) They will. I'm not sure if you saw my reply with Jake in the B.D thread. D: So I'll post here.

'Jake had been slightly annoyed with Tommy all day until that very moment. He couldn't help but laugh and shake his head at his roommate, "Really? Who?" ' ]

11/3/2011 #13

(found it lol last topic)

Marshall trudged in after Mr. Brooks.

4/8/2012 #14

[LOL it really was the last topic ;-;]

Once inside, Mr. Brooks shut the door behind them, making sure to lock it. "Both of you, take a seat. No talking."

He walked up to his desk and pulled out a sheet. He sat down and began to quietly fill it out, paying no attention to the two students. At first, that is.

4/8/2012 #15

Kate rolled his eyes and took a seat at the back

4/8/2012 #16

Marshall sniffled again and sat down at a desk as far away from Kate, still making a show of how miserable she really wasn't. It could be very believable if nobody noticed the small glint in her eye of revenge.

4/8/2012 #17

Kate tapped his fingers on his desk

4/8/2012 #18

Nearly ten minutes later, Mr. Brooks filed the sheet of paper into a folder and glanced up at the two students. He stared at their faces, realizing how miserable they looked. "Well... do either of you want to go to the dance?" He inquired.

4/8/2012 #19

Marshall wrapped her arms around her. "Not particularly." She sniffled and indicated to her still braced ribs. plus she didn't want to go as a girl. she wanted her guy form back.

4/8/2012 #20

Kate laughed "Not really, hate dances"

4/8/2012 #21

[skldfj I dont think I'm going to let them suck off a teacher, LOL. So just have them chill here for a bit, and I'll get Mr. Brooks to assign them more homework or something later. Or have them sneak out? Even funner~]

4/8/2012 #22

(awwwww. come on it'd be great drama lol.)

4/8/2012 #23


4/8/2012 #24
Cale walked through the familiar door to detention and sat in his regular seat in the back of the class grabbing his sharpie and began writing on the desk with all his notes.
5/31/2012 #25
Darling Dai

Bay tiptoed into the classroom, her head lowered in embarrassment. She quickly dropped her pink detention slip into a box and peeked across the room, finding only one other person in there. She had hoped that she'd graduate with a clean slate, but the teacher who had found her would not forget what she had done! After getting stuck in an argument with her only two friends, Ben and Scarlett, she had fled the dorms . . half-naked. After being stopped by a teacher and stuffed into a disgusting pair of sweatpants and a large shirt, she had been sent to detention.

Which left her where she was now.

Bay hesitantly slid into the seat next to the boy, only occasionally turning her head to look at him. She was far too scared to talk, and far too embarrassed to explain why she was here.

5/31/2012 #26
Cale glanced up as he heard the door open and close as a beautiful girl walked in probably her first time he thought as she slid into the seat next to him, glancing at him from time to time. The boy ran his hand through his dark chestnut brown short hair and looked over at her with pale grey eyes that seemed so nice but were far worse then the devil himself. He had been here many times before so he couldn't remember what it felt like his first time oh well, here he was again same spot, same time, and same reason caught having sex with a hot brunette in the school garden. "Hey there, first time?" He asked "the name's Cale and you must be Bay" he said smirking yeah right like Bay could wind up here miss goody goody.
5/31/2012 #27
Darling Dai

"Y-yeah, first time," Bay replied, blushing profusely. "You know my name?" she asked, blinking in awe at him. She didn't think that anyone out of her small triangle of friends even knew she existed! She wondered how often he had been here, since it obviously wasn't his first time. What did he do to get here, anyway? "U-uhm, it's nice to meet you," she said, blushing and thrusting out her hand for him to shake.

5/31/2012 #28
Cale's mouth dropped "you are Bay holy shit what'd miss goody two shoes do to wind up next to me in detention?" He asked. "For your information I've been here at least once everyday of my life" he said chuckling, cock hardening as he looked at the girl. He took her hand in his own kissing it then shaking it roughly.
5/31/2012 #29
Darling Dai

Bay smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck. "I d-didn't think I would end up here either," she admitted, finally raising her dark green eyes to meet his. "I . . h-had and argument with my friends and r-ran across campus . . not fu-fully clothed," she explained meekly, averting her eyes. She was so flushed that she probably resembled a tomato, even with her light brown skin.

"E-everyday? What could you do that would get you h-here everyday?" Bay asked, stunned. She could see someone getting detention once or twice a week . . but everyday? She sucked in a deep breath when he kissed her hand, her chest rising with her breathing. How could someone who had been in detention so often use manners?

5/31/2012 #30
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