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Cale looked at her curiously "I see baby but why weren't you fully clothed" he asked "well I am always in the garden getting blow jobs then I get caught" he said proudly. Rubbing his crotch area his cock hardened almost to erection as he watched her expression for his manners "i was raised right that way" he said smiling.
5/31/2012 #31
Darling Dai

Bay paused, biting her lip. "Th-that's a little bit personal . ." she told him. "A-and it's not necessarily m-my story to tell," she added, shrugging apologetically. Her blush seemed to calm down whenever she was talking or thinking, but when he responded, it would flare up again.

Bay's eyes followed his hand, and she gasped, covering her view with her hands. "Wh-what are you doing?" she whispered, staring at him with wide, innocent eyes. "Th-that's . . that's your . . " she trailed off, confused. Why would he do that to himself, knowing that he'd be stuck with it for the rest of detention?

5/31/2012 #32
"Alright Bay tell me one thing, honestly what do you think of me baby?" He asked her sternly. Still rubbing his crotch to erection he knew it would last all detention and maybe further then. "I'm trying to get erection because I always try when a beautiful young lady is here" he said winking. "Yes its my dick got a problem with it?" He asked slightly annoyed with her stupid questions. His smirk turned to a frown and his eye brows furrowed.
6/1/2012 #33
Darling Dai

"Uhhum.. W-well, I don't know y-you very well," Bay admitted, pulling her dark hair over her shoulder so that she could play with it as she thought. "Y-you're I'n detention for d-doing bad things everyday, s-so I'm not completely sure h-how good of a person you are," Bay started, frowning to herself. Why had she said that? It wasn't very nice! "B-but you seem to have been n-nice to me and you u-use your manners . . . so you can't really be that bad," she added, biting her lip.

"N-no! It doesn't bother me," Bay reassurred him. "It's, u-uh yours . . so you can do what you want with it," she told him, smiling meekly. "I j-just didn't understand wh-why you were doing it, o-or why you w-would do it in fro-front of so-someone you had dee-deemed pretty. I j-just th-thought it might be bothersome t-to have a-around," she replied, her stuttering increasing with her embarrassment. She did notice his change in mood, and didn't want him to be angry at her! They were the only ones in here, after all. They might as well become friends.

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Cale looked at her slightly confused to why she was stuttering so much "well would you like to get to know me, because Id like to get to know you" he said stopping from rubbing his crotch so that he wouldn't get a full erection. This one might last half an hour but he's had some that stayed for five or six but that was when he was having sexual interaction with Zoey. "Thank you and would you like something to.frink or eat?" He asked her sweetly winking at her and leaning back in his chair.
6/6/2012 #35
Cale glanced at his small erection poking out a bit out of his jeans, "so is there something you want to do to pass the time Bay, or we can do homework" he said grinning. "I do this because the ladies get horny over the thought of me stripping and showing" he chuckled and srood. Walking to the cabinet he opened the door and grabbed a bag of cheetos then took a energy drink.
6/7/2012 #36
Darling Dai

Bay smiled, nodding. "O-of course I'd like to get to know you!" she responded eagerly. "I do-don't really have many friends here, yet . . and I w-would love to make a new one," she told him, rubbing her knees. She watched him for a second, then nodded. "Yes, pl-please. I'm a little hungry . ." she admitted sheepishly, now rubbing the back of her neck. She had a little trouble keeping up a conversation, having become a bit of a recluse since she came to Haven, but thought she was managing quite well. "Homework? No thank you. I don't really have any," she responded, crinkling her nose at the thought of homework. Even though she always did her homework, and usually found it quite easy, she didn't like it very much.

"D-do you like stripping for them?" Bay asked, stunned. She would feel uncomfortable doing something like that. She wasn't much of a show-off. Actually, whatever assets she did have she tried very hard to conceal.

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Cale smiled showing all his teeth, but not in like a goofy grin or anything just a sweet smile "Well then ask me any question you have." He said and bit into the puffy, cheese-filled stick his eyes alluming with excitement and he popped the tab on the Amp taking a large swig, sighing as he waited. "Want some of these? Or do you want something different?" He asked and slid the bag to the edge of the desk slowly. "Oh it depends on the girl." He said grinning and his dick hardened a bit and he leaned back in his chair again.
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Darling Dai

Bay blushed, surprised by his sweet grin. "Like 2o questions?" she asked, leaning against her desk. She wasn't really very good at activities like this, since she usually wasn't one to be forward with questions that she wanted to ask. The only game she was worse at was probably Truth or Dare.

"I'm n-not picky," she replied, reaching to snag a Cheeto from it's bag. Bay seemed to be more comfortable around Cale now, and she was aware of it. She didn't know that she could warm up to someone so quickly, but apparently she could. She nibbled on the snack, quickly finishing it and licking off her fingers. Some girls are weird . . she thought to herself, dismissing the conversation.

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Cale nodded "exactly Bay you ask me first, since I see your uncomfortable about this." He said and fkashed her a sweet grin again. He watched as she grabbed a Cheeto from the bag, Cale sensed she was more comfortable around him now as he took another swig of the drink and grabbed a fistful of Cheeto's from their one quarter empty bag. "Ask anything I will answer truthfully for you." He said sweetly winkng in her direction as he shoved the Cheesies in his mouth, closing it swiftly as he cruched down on them.
6/10/2012 #40
Darling Dai

"You can tell?" Bay asked, felling her skin heat up even more. "Oh, I'm just not very g-good at these games . ." she admitted, rubbing her hands together to calm her nerves. She felt like he could read her very well, and she wasn't exactly sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. Sometimes, she'd rather keep her thoughts to herself, though she was never really good at it. "Alright," she decided, chewing on a Cheeto as she thought. "Should I want to be friends with you?" she asked, watching him. "Should I be worried that you're a bad influence . . or some sort of sex offender, or something?" she asked.

6/10/2012 #41
Cale looked at her "I can just read people well that's all." He admitted and listened closely to her question "Well Bay I'm going to be very honest with you so don't worry if your not good with these." He said smiling sweetly. Cale noticed that she was wondering if how he could read her was good or bad "its a good thing because if you ever have a problem then I will be able to help or talk to you without you getting uncomfortable with telling me." His eyes lit up as he smiled again. "Bay I am a good person and I was joking about the sexual interaction everyday, I'm just always late." He chuckled and eyes widening at the question that followed "Do I look like a bad influence?" He asked his smile turning into a frown.
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Darling Dai

"You c-can read people very well," Bay agreed, gaping in awe. "I can barely distinguish what I'm thinking . . I'm s-s-surprised you can figure out so easily!" she told him, blinking. She crossed her arms over her chest, hoping that out of all things, her discomfort with her body wasn't obvious. "Well, i g-guess it's a good thing," she agreed.

"Oh, you were?" Bay asked, relaxing even more. "That's good, I was a little worried. I've had a few run ins with some people who are very interested in stuff like that recently," she admitted, lowering her head and waiting for his response. "No, I don't think you l-look like a bad influence! B-but I just had to ask . . appearances can be deceiving, ya' know?" she explained, straightening and waiting for his question.

6/10/2012 #43
"Thanks its a gift, I guess..." He said sadly wiping a tear from his eye hoping she hadn't noticed as he watched her emotions, and body language carefully. "Why are you so uncomfortable with your body, when its so perfect?" He asked her as he slipped his shirt over his head revealing his six pack "Sorry Bay, I'm just hot, no pun intended." He said and the sweat shined on his rippling muscles as he heard her agree. (He's sort of got a Cato body from The Hunger Games) "Yeah it was a joke, and so is my erection." He said "its a inflatable baloon, when I press the button it inflates and makes it look like I have an erection!" He chuckled and pressed the button again slipping it out and shooting it into the trash can expertly. "It's alright I understand because of how strong and ignorant I acted, I am strong but but am a good person." He said.
6/10/2012 #44
Darling Dai

(Oh, that Cato . . he was very nice to watch on the big screen. :))

"Are you alright?" Bay asked, watching him wipe the tear from his face. "I-I'm sorry if I made you unhappy . . I d-didn't mean to!" she apologized, biting her lip. She didn't want to have hurt one of her very few friends . . she would feel so bad if she did. "M-my b-body? I-it's . . uh, a li-little much. I d-don't need a-all these e-extra . . curves?" she said, watching him in question. She blushed when she found herself staring at his body and turned away, hiding her face. How rude of her to stare!

"W-well, that's a relief . ." Bay said, sighing. "And I believe you," she added, smiling, even though she was turned away from him.

6/10/2012 #45
(I haven't seen the movie yet but have seen pictures, and fell in love with him I'm actually reading a fanfiction where Katniss helps Cato and they both win) Cale looked at her eyes glazed over in emotional pain "Its not your fault its just because before my parents were murdered by the assassin I saw what he saw.." He said shivering at the memory but looked at her and feigned a smile. "Well I love your body its beautiful." He said and followed her eyes to his abs chuckling softly, "Bay you like what you see." He laughed and took another drink of the energy drink and looked at her with caring, gentle eyes. "I don't mind if you stare I understand." He chuckled again and waited "your question." He said and took another cheesie crunching on it softly.
6/10/2012 #46
Darling Dai

(The movie was accurate to the books, but it was filmed with a camera that was constantly shaking! It was a little annoying.)

Bay shook, feeling just as much pain as Cale felt, but for a different reason. She couldn't stand the idea that he had to experience something like that, and she couldn't believe how cruel it was. Cale, obviously, did not deserve that. Bay wasn't the best with expressing her emotions, though, and simply rested her hand on his knee, hoping he would get the message that she was trying to comfort him in the nest way she could.

Bay smiled faintly at his response to her discomfort with herself, looking up at him. "TH-thank you . . no one has said that to me before," she replied, smiling.

"L-like what I see?" she asked, blushing even more deeply. "N-no, I won't star, that would be rude of me . ." she said, actually covering her eyes with her hands. She desperately wanted to ask about his parents, but knew that it must be a touchy subject. "Uh . . do you have a girlfriend?" she asked.

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(Really was the movie good though I laughed when Cato fell out of the tree) Cale got the message and nodded his head slightly "No I know I didn't deserve that, but it happened and now I will never unsee it." He said hanging his head sadly. He then felt her hand on his knee knowing she has a hard time displaying her emotions and knew exactly what she was saying. "No problem I told you I would be nothing but honest and I'm keeping my word" he said softly smiling in her direction. "Never mind." He said chuckling, he grabbed her head in his large hands and made her look up at him "Bay don't be afraid to ask about my parents, I know its touchy but I will answer any questions you have no matter how upsetting it may be." He said. "To answer your question, No I don't have a girlfriend but might have one soon because I have a crush on a girl already." He said.
6/10/2012 #48
Darling Dai

(It was! I was a little disappointed by the clothing on fire, but it was otherwise very well done. Suzanne Collins helped write the script, so it was accurate.)

"I-I'm sorry I can't help you more," Bay told him, frowning. "You shouldn't have seen or be forced to remember something like that," she added, angry at herself for not being able to help him any more. All she could do was what she was doing now . . which really wasn't much. She felt horrible about that, and wished she was more able.

"I'm glad you're keeping your word," she told him, smiling. "B-but I don't want to force you to talk about things that are un-uncomfortable. It's not my business," she replied, nodding to herself because for once, she said exactly what she meant to say. "A-and I don't want to s-stir upset feelings. S-seiing my friends unhappy makes me unhappy," she told him, only just realizing that her head was in his hands. Bay blushed, as was her normal reaction, and smiled at him.

"That's nice. I h-hope she de-deserves you," Bay whispered, genuinely happy for him.

(BTW, I love RPing with you. :) You type so much! :D)

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(I have to see it and thanks my strength and don't be afraid to point out mistakes it only makes me better) Cale looked at her "Don't worry Bay you've done all you can to help me." He said and gently let his hands open so that her face was able to move if she wanted. "Bay look into my eyes ask me the question I want to tell you about it but ask it specifically aboit something you want to know." He said and smiled sweetly. "Your smile is beautiful and so bright." He said seductivley, "Bay the girl I have a crush on is... you" he whispered into her ear quietly.
6/10/2012 #50
Darling Dai

(Definitely. :) I think you would develop so much more if you had a computer to type on, but you're doing really well otherwise! :D)

"I wish I c-could do more," Bay told him, biting her lip. "Y-you need more help than I can offer, a-and I'm angry at m-myself for not being able to fu-fulfill your needs!" she exclaimed. Almost immediately after, she pulled away from him, gasping and covering her mouth. Bay rarely ever raised her voice, and when she did . . she felt so wrong afterwards. "I-I'm sorry, C-Cale," she apologized. "I shou-shouldn't have raised my voice," she whispered, now afraid to speak.

Bay looked into his eyes, as he commanded, and gulped. "I . . wh-why did that assassin want to kill y-your parents? Wh-what did they do?" she asked, incredulous. How could two people who had raised a boy so well be deserving of death?

She was going to explain her question further, but found that Cale had already begun speaking. "Wh-a-wha?" she asked, goosebumps appearing along her skin. "W-Why me? I . . I'm n-not good enough," she told him. She could hear the change in his tone, and was watching him with wide eyes.

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(I do but not this late tomorrow I will show you the difference if you want there really isn't that much of one though) Cale was taken aback when she raised her voice "You shouldn't be angry my sweet Bay you have done everything you can, but don't beat yourself up because of my past, Bay its okay." He said and embraced her against his muscular chest. "Bay its not your fault about what has happened and its alright I get that your frustrated don't worry." He soothed. "Well first of all the assassin was my step father, second he killed them because he wanted me for an experiment that could've killed me so he had to gain custody on me, third they were the most wonderful parents that I could've had." He sobbed lightly. "Bay I know you aren't good enough.." he said not finishing.
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Darling Dai

(Cool! If you tell me what time in whatever timezone you're in, I'll be on!)

Bay shook, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. "I-I'm so sorry," she whispered. She was so distracted by her other feelings that she didn't even realize that she would normally be embarrassed but their embracing. "Th-this is about you, no-not me," she told him, rubbing his back. She couldn't imagine the sort of pain he had gone through, and though she wanted to express her anger at the unfairness of it all, she knew that it was more important to comfort Cale. "Please c-cry it all out . . please," she urged, pulling herself closer to him and rubbing small circles in his back.

She heard him say she wasn't good enough, and she almost started crying too. She knew it was true, but with all the emotions swimming around her head and hearing it from Cale made it pretty emotional. Bay bit back tears, focusing on making sure Cale was okay instead.

(Okay, I'll probably be on my phone in a minute. :)

(Listening to sad music plus sad posting equals sad Dai. )

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #53

(Well I'm eastern standard time and 1:00 sound good, awwwww don't Dai don't be sad you'll make me sad only two songs make me cry though)

Cale kept his arms around her as he embraced her, standing he swooped her into his arms and kissing her suddenly on the lips "Your trying at least." he said kissing her again. "My parents were great but when my uncle killed them he had me tied to a chair watching as he shot them in the chest, cut them with a knife, then made me slit their throats." He sobbed and tears ran down his cheeks "my uncle took my hand and placed the knife forcefully into my fist cutting it open and dragging me to them, holding a gun to my head as he commanded me to slit their throats. I didn't want to but my parents said their last words and I slit their throats sobbing as I killed them." He cried even harder as he finished "Then he called the police and they took me to jail even thought I was only five." He sobbed and buried his face in Bay's shoulder. He felt her rubbing his back and sobbed harder into her shoulder "Bay I know your not good enough... your better." He said and kissed her his face soaked with tears as his lips locked to Bay's and softly kissed her.

6/11/2012 . Edited 6/11/2012 #54
Darling Dai

(I guess I saw that a little late, haha. Hey! I'm in the same time zone as you! :D)(Really? Which songs?)

Bay hesitantly kissed him back, cupping both of her hands to his cheeks. "It-it's okay," she whispered, pulling away from his mouth. "I-it's not your f-fault, and it's in t-the past now," she reassured him, using her thumbs to rub the tears from his face. "You're safe h-here. Your u-uncle isn't coming back," Bay promised. She didn't know whatever or not Cale would have to face the problems of his past, including his uncle, ever again, but she knew that if he did, she would be there to help him. She knew she wasn't able to help much now, but in the future, she would be there for him.

Bay smiled weakly, her bottom lip quivering. "I'm not really t-that great, C-Cale . . . But thank you," she replied, hugging him tighter.

6/11/2012 #55

(Really cool so that means you understand when I have to leave that's good) (Lullaby- Nickelback , Whisky Lullaby- Brad Paisley) (BTW on my laptop)

Cale gazed into her eyes, his own were glazed with pain and sadness as she cupped his face in her hands, and then he kissed her softly on her pinkish-red lips and heard her whisper that it was okay "Nothing will ever be okay Bay, Nothing not even the fact that in jail I escaped because I was sentenced to life in prison, I-I-I couldn't h-h-handle it s-s-so I escaped." He sobbed gulitily. He felt her thumb brush away the tears as they ran down along the line of his cheek bones. "I'm never going to be safe Bay, they want to kill me.. The police and my uncle they want me dead for what I had done." He sobbed even harder but the tears kept flowing from his golden hazel eyes, he missed them so much, Cale saw the uncertainty as she told him his uncle wasn't coming back.. but he knew he would have to face him one day.

Cale hugged back "But Bay you are, you just can't see it yet." He said confidently and locked his lips to hers again, "I'm going to have to leave." He said suddenly.

6/11/2012 #56
Darling Dai

(Yeah, it's really helpful! Oh, I see. Forever and Always by Parachute always makes me cry. Oh gosh, Nickleback is great too! :))

"B-but y-your innocent," Bay argued, shaking her head. "You c-can appeal to t-the court," she told him. She couldn't believe that Cale had escaped from prison. Truthfully, it scared her that he was capable of that. "P-please don't waste your tears over something you didn't deserve," she told him. "Y-you don't deserve to die because of that," she added.

Bay wiped the remaining tears from his face, frowning. "Wh-why do you have to go?" she asked.

6/11/2012 #57

(Yep, I love Nickelback)

"I know I am but nobody believes me.. wait a second we had cameras in our house I'm so stupid!" He said and facepalmed himself, "Bay we need to go back to my old house." He said and smiled like this was going to prove him innocent. "Its alright don't be afraid there was already a tunnel." he said and hugged her gently. "If I'm going to die I want you beside me Bay." he said tears running down his cheeks once again.

6/11/2012 #58
Darling Dai

"Cale, before you can even give the tape to the police, they'll have you locked up," Bay warned him, watching his face. "Why can't we just stay here a pretend it never happened?" she asked, leaning forward to kiss the tears away from his face. "It would be so much easier," she whispered, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

6/11/2012 #59

"Bay look at me, do you think I would let them without seeing the tapes, please we have to prove I'm innocent." He said tilting her head to meet his eyes and felt her kiss the tears from his face. "We have to at least try." He pleaded and felt he face where his neck was "Please" he whispered.

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