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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Last Girl Standing

Okay, got it....

3/30/2012 #31
yet another ghost
Rhonwen Llewelyn-

3/30/2012 #32

Danielle Marise-

&action=&ltoken=094a4b4a&biw=320&bih=416&sei=qcB4T4ykMuyC0QHSv6SJBQ#i=6 (copy that into the bar that shows the page you're at. Except with Danielle, not whoever that is.)

4/1/2012 . Edited by Last Girl Standing, 4/1/2012 #33
Last Girl Standing

epic, that link doesn't work.

4/1/2012 #34

This one should. Sara won't go and I'll do Ben later.


4/1/2012 . Edited by Last Girl Standing, 4/1/2012 #35
Perfect Anomaly


Is it okay if I draw Wynter's dress myself? or describe her weird but cute outfit instead of posting a link since I highly doubt I will find what I want...

4/3/2012 #36


4/3/2012 #37


4/3/2012 . Edited 4/3/2012 #38

So we're allowed to create descriptions? o.o? *wasn't going to join otherwise* I hate using pictures on fanfiction for things except for reference^^;

4/5/2012 #39
Last Girl Standing

Wait, what?

What's this about drawing?

A drawing or picture is fine. Nothing else.

4/5/2012 #40

So you can't write? Hmmm~ Nevermind then my OC's will not be attending the dance xD Thanks for clearing that up^^

4/5/2012 #41

Come on Alex, let them make a description. If not, then I'm probably not coming either.

4/6/2012 #42

I am horrible at drawing and im sure I couldn't find a sexy dress on the Internet so I would like a description.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #43

Descriptions, drawings, doesn't matter. This is all for fun :) Do what you please.

4/6/2012 #44

So I'm thinking about having the dance sometime starting today? As for outfits, you can just post the description / link in the RP post you make when your OC enters the dance room. (Or should we have it in the garden since it's spring?)

Sooooo just some ideas imma through out for the dance:

- Break out into fights! Break bones, whatever!

- Sex it up! (As long as it gets taken to the Cherry Popping section (; )

- Dance. (Duhhh it's a Spring Fling, people!)

- Meet new OCs. Don't just let your OCs greet OCs they've already met.

- Whatever you want. No boundaries.


4/7/2012 #45

When is the dance going to start?

4/8/2012 #46

._. it's happening right now..

4/8/2012 #47

Where, in the garden?

4/8/2012 #48


4/8/2012 #49

And Nico's getting eaten by a vampire

And a detention teacher is thinking about making two students suck him


4/8/2012 #50

We've started this mini- plot:

The OCs will start to have nightmares. But somehow, all the nightmares connect together. And about a week after they find out the nightmares are somehow connected, they wake up one day and find all the nightmares are actually coming true.

Sooo we'll need a set of nightmares the OCs will have (Try to make them a bit believable since they WILL happen to the students).

Le Nightmares:

1. Every OC's best talent (that practically defines who they are), suddenly disappears. They suck at that talent. They're suddenly... useless at it.

2. Jay finds out just exactly how strong James's powers are.

3. People would come to hate/scorn Denkou AND Sam, even if one of them tries to even talk to other people. (This will be a great opportunity to have F5 go after a student.. :) )

4. A werewolf (Amber) prowling the hallways... and she's hungry!~

5. Nico grows a 20 pound wart on his left cheek.

6. Spiders in the girls' dorms. Earthworms in the boys' dorms. Snakes in the hallways & cafeteria. Rats in the bathrooms. Invasion of red ants in garden. The only safe place might be the shower.

7. So your OCs might've gotten past all the critters in their room & bathrooms...and are now safe in the shower. However, there is no hot water. Cold shower, anyone?

8. Jay's old 'father-figure' calls out to him.

9. OC's having 'voices' start talking to them, telling them about all the things they've done wrong in their lives/in the rp.

10. Those voices in number 9? Well, that's not their only doing. These voices... they whisper sweet little lies to you.

4/12/2012 #51


4/12/2012 #52

As you know, our favorite holiday is coming up on April 20th.

Yes, National Weed Day.

It sounds like we can have some fun with this in the RP, so if you have any ideas, post in le Idea Request thread~ ktnxbaifaggots.

4/17/2012 #53

I know Iffy and I have two OC's who would actually get involved in that...are there any others o.o?

4/17/2012 #54

I dunno, but I'm back...

4/17/2012 #55

Derek & Zero woulddddd.

But like, we need IDEAS for what to do.

;o Wrong thread, Sam.

4/17/2012 . Edited 4/17/2012 #56

Well I need to know what MATERIAL we have :p. So four OC's total...If it weren't so damn expensive, I'd suggest a bonfire of weed in the middle of the campus to get everyone on the shcool high xD But I dunno if four people could pull that off/want to/how they'd meet'd be a waste to a true stoner unless they were stoned to begin with and thought of it xD

4/17/2012 #57

No, that could actually work out. But that'd be a boring event. Something would have to happen... Like the last dance; it wouldn't have been fun if it weren't for all the weird shit that happened.

Maybe we could include the teachers in this too :p

4/17/2012 #58

Never said things couldn't be added :p

By the way we have yet to do any of the voices o3o

Hmmm, weed just make people see strange things and act wierd and get's not exactly an 'exciting' event xD

Unless the night class all got high and started to pick on the students xD

I dunno o3o

4/17/2012 #59

Yeah, ik, I just like to plan ahead. :(

:o I feel like if the night-class got drunk, they'd totally reveal themselves. And the line between the two species would just be way too thin.

But, maybe something to do with seeing strange things... *le brain fart*

4/17/2012 #60
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