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These are the rules for ANY Field Trips the Ocs go on.

Who goes and who doesn't.

- Each person is allowed no more than 2/3 Ocs on the field trip.

- There's a max of 22 Ocs that can go. Just because it's a big number doesn't mean you have to fill in all the slots. It's the MAX. Minimum is 10. If you can't get more than 10, NO field trip.

- There needs to be 3 teachers accompanying the students. No exceptions.


- Must have a set location. You can't go from Disney to Narnia just like that. Pick ONE place.

- Pathways are important. Don't just go on the field trip and walk around, looking at pretty things. Make sure you organize the different locations in that particular place that you'd visit. Keep it organized.

General Rules

- I'm pretty sure that if there's a field trip, this thread is going to get filled up fast with 5+ people Rping. So it'll be easy to get lost with what's going on. You don't HAVE to put an OC in the field trip if you can't catch up easily. Because if you get pulled behind, I doubt many people will help you and you'll just get bored, anyway.

- While some of your Ocs will be here, your other OCs will also be in school. I'll try to make it where the Ocs at school have a day off or something, but for now, all students not in the Field Trip will still have to go to class. So, like I said, don't fall behind!

- Have fun. Get crazy.

11/14/2011 . Edited 4/28/2012 #1

Location: Paris, France. The city of love. Valentine's Day trip :]

Hotel:De Luxe Hotel, which is owned by the mother of the leader of the S5 and their headquarters.


Day 1

- Airplane ride

- Hotel (to sleep)

Day 2

- Hotel (Morning, breakfast, etc.)

- Leave for a boat tour. (There will be 3 big-ass boats. We'll decide who gets to go on which boat later).

- Eat out at side-walk café. (romantic ;) )

- Return to Hotel (free to do whatever for a while, then sleep)

Day 3

- Hotel (Morning, breakfast, etc. )

- Fair (Rides and stuff. Fun :] )

- Eiffel Tower (at night)

- Return to Hotel (Nighttime fun, sleep.)

Day 3 1/2

- Get waken up in the middle of the night, TIME TO LEAVE!~

- Airplane ride home

------------------------ -------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Regarding Airplane Ride...

Seat 1: Zero, Daisy, Sally

Seat 2: Devya, Yoyo, Ulysses

Seat 3: Rhian, Nico, Fantasia

Seat 4: Ziva, Declan, Derek

Seat 5: Griffith, Dante, Autumn

Seat 6: Ryan, Taegan, Lily

Seat 7: Clay, November, Gwenyth

Seat 8: Rhelle, Matty, Miranda

Seat 9: Zane, Lance, Eryn

Seat 10: Tabby, Seth, Robin

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/13/2012 #2

*LE CHEESY NARRATOR* On February 14th, the Haven High students all boarded onto the plane heading straight to Paris. They have already sat in their assigned seats and buckled their seat belts, and take off began just a moment ago. As of right now, the students are recovering from the quick take-off...

2/13/2012 #3
Inga's Truth

Ziva sat in her seat. A frown On her face. She was next to kid- who was next to Derek. With a small sigh, she began to rub her forehead- take off's always gave her a headache.

Devya was literally already sleeping. The girl had flown from India and back many times, and she trained herself to as soon as she heard the rumble of the plane, she was lulled to sleep instantly.

2/14/2012 #4

Miranda sat in her seat, listening to her iPod. She really didnt care about the plane.

2/14/2012 #5

(Wait, which seating chart do we use, this one or the one Lulu put up?)

2/14/2012 #6
Inga's Truth

((My guess is the one that's posted under the schedule.))

2/14/2012 #7

Zach and Lily all walked on the plane together and looked at their tickets. They separated to different parts of the plane and sat with the people there that they had never met.

Zach drummed his fingers against the arms rest as he waited for the plane to fly.

And Lily being too shy to talk to new people, opened up a book and read.

2/14/2012 . Edited 2/14/2012 #8

Ryan squeezed in between seats and plopped down the middle. He took a shaky breath and steadied his nerves. It'd be alright. Where was Taegan though? He turned to look at the girl next to him and pursed his lips. "France, huh?"

2/14/2012 #9

Zero slightly sulked in his seat. Of course, of all people, he was the one stuck next to the window. And worst of all, he was blind so he couldn't see out the window even if he wanted to! At least he had a female beside him...somehow, he felt more comfortable around females than males.


Derek lightly nudged Declan's arm and motioned over to the girl sitting beside Declan (Ziva). With a smirk, he lightly whispered, "Kick her foot,"


Lance sat with a perfect posture, one leg perfectly crossed over the other. He glanced over to one side, recognizing Eryn, "This is pretty exciting, no?" He asked, tilting his head slightly.

2/14/2012 #10

Declan glanced at Derek, raising his eyebrow in a silent question. Why?


Eryn looked up from her book at Lance's voice. "Yeah, it is." She said with a grin. "Kinda scary though..." She glanced out the window at that. This was the first time she's ever flown somewhere, and she was a little nervous.


Nico was curled up in his seat, sketching in his sketchbook, and basically ignoring the world around him

2/14/2012 #11
Inga's Truth

Ziva- who wasn't so stupid to not hear him- twitched slightly. Her headache was growing worse, so she just leaned forward and snarled at Declan. "Kick me and I'll stab you with a flight attendants pen." she snapped. Looking to Derek, she snapped, "Not in the mood, Man-whore!"

2/14/2012 #12

Derek gave another quick peek at the girl before turning back to Declan, "Just do it," he mouthed, shooting him a slight glare. When Ziva spoke up, Derek twitched, "DO IT!" He yelled at Declan.


Lance noticed Eryn holding a book and slightly raised an eyebrow, "Reading's a good way to distract the fear," He said with a shrug, "Speaking of that, what book are you reading?" Probably something about murder and massacres and rampages and...ok.

2/14/2012 . Edited 2/14/2012 #13
Inga's Truth

Ziva's throbbing head snapped to Declan, "Ignore him!" she snapped. "Urgh..." she rubbed her head more forcefully.... This was why she hated planes.

2/14/2012 #14
Vendetta 5th

Sally leaned around a girl she diddnt know(Daisy) in an attempt to see out the window and below the plane but at her angle, all she could see was clouds. She huffed in frustration, but her inquisitive nature wouldnt let her stop until she knew what was out there. "H-hey, excuse me? What can you see outside? Anything?" She asked the sulking boy.

2/14/2012 #15

Declan rolled his eyes, but kicked Ziva, wondering why he was doing this. It appeared those two seemed to know each other though... After all, she did call Derek a manwhore


"David Copperfield." Eryn said, looking down at the book to try and avoid glancing out the window.

2/14/2012 #16
Inga's Truth

Ziva's eye twitched and she grit her teeth when she was kicked. Swiftly, she just punched Declan in the arm- rather hard. "You are an ass, Derek."

2/14/2012 #17

It took Zero a moment to realize the girl was talking to him. He opened his mouth to say something, but snapped it shut. Moments later, he quietly mumbled, "Nothing to see." Safest answer.


Lance made an 'o' with his mouth, then smiled lightly, "That's a good book." Moment later, "Hey...I have a question."

2/14/2012 #18

"Good, I love ass," Derek said. He bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep himself from laughing at Declan getting punched. He leaned over Declan and extended an arm, lightly poking the side of Ziva's butt, "Just like this one~"

2/14/2012 #19
Inga's Truth

Ziva just groaned and slapped his hand away- weaker then she would have. "please back off Derek, I have a migrane," she said warily. She was already tired of his little game. The dark haired girl just say back in her seat.

2/14/2012 #20

Declan rolled his eyes, and leaned back in the seat, trying the keep from getting caught in the crossfires of the fight. "I see you two know each other." He said dryly.


"Oh? What it is?" She asked, giving him a curious look.

2/14/2012 #21

Derek slightly pouted when he realized she wasn't going to bother fighting back. So he leaned back against his seat and lightly nudged Declan's foot with his own, "You up for a round of footsies?" He winked. Oh, boy.


Lance was still smiling, a slight shyness to his face, "Well, I haven't had the chance to meet anyone around yet but it seems like you've been around for a while. Have you happened to come across my brother yet? His name's, uhm, Derek."

2/14/2012 #22
Inga's Truth

Ziva just eyed the two warily and shifted in her seat so she was as far away from the teo asAshe could get- which wasn't very, considering she was on an airplane.

2/14/2012 #23

Declan laughed, nudging Derek's foot back. Meh, why not, he was bored. "You really must be bored." He said in amusement. "It usually works better when you're sitting across the person.


Eryn was frozen in shock, just staring at Lance with an incredulous look, as her mind tried to process what he just said. Lance; the hot, polite,'princely' guy is related to ...Derek. Is brothers with Derek. Her mouth opened and so eloquently said, "Holy fuck you're brothers with the devil spawn?"

2/14/2012 #24

Derek lightly ran his foot up Declan's leg, stopping at his knee, "Well, seeing as how that's impossible, this'll have to do for now," He said, lightly rubbing his foot against Declan's knee.


Lance wasn't sure how to take in Eryn's expression. So he waited for her to say something and when she finally did, he raised an eyebrow and chuckled nervously, "Devil...spawn?" He frowned, "Maybe you've got the wrong Derek," Lance said. Last he saw Derek, he was this cute, tiny boy who loved playing with his brother. There was no way he'd be related to the devil.

2/14/2012 #25
Vendetta 5th

Sally pouted at his answer, but still wanting to know. "So its only ocean still?"

2/14/2012 #26

Declan gave a small laugh, watching Derek's foot move with hooded eyes, a small part of him wondering how he was that flexible. He didn't even bother using his foot, instead just letting his fingertips softly trail the underside of the thigh of the foot rubbing his knee.


Eryn relaxed slightly. "Probably." She said with a shrug. "The Derek I know is Derek O'Brian. And there's no way that Derek can be related to you."

2/14/2012 #27
Darling Dai

Robin dragged herself onto the plane, a large brown purse clutched against her. Of course, she would be seated in the very, very back row with two people that she didn't know existed. She wasn't sure if they were the type to go along with small talk or just shut themselves out. Either way, she was prepared. Her large bag held several snacks she had bought, her phone, iPod, and a reader. She quickly pushed into her seat (which, luckily, was by the window), and pulled her large sun glasses over her eyes.


Griffith ducked through the plane entrance, his six foot height much taller than the five foot door. He pushed his glasses further up his nose, then shuffled down the hallway and into his seat, muttering apologies. He didn't know anyone! How was someone as shy as him supposed to make friends? He groaned, then waited for the rest of the bus to fill up, rubbing his temples and pulling out his handy-dandy Nook.


Rhian sauntered onto the bus, sporting a worm pair of jeans and a black V-neck. He pulled his aviators out of his pocket, and slide them out and onto his face, smirking. Mm, Paris. The city of french kissing and beautiful french girls. Somehow, he already knew that this trip would be very interesting for him.

2/14/2012 #28

Miranda was sitting near the middle of the plane. She brushed her snow white hair out of her face as it fell in front of her eyes. She continued listening to a song.

2/14/2012 #29

Zero could feel his face slightly burning, and was thankful that the girl was on the other side of the row. "Take a look yourself," Zero said, leaning his body back so the girl could see for herself.


Derek couldn't help but shudder against the feeling, a small laugh escaping at the tickle-ish feeling. He dropped his leg and glanced over at Ziva once more, then back at Declan, "So, how long do you think she'll survive without wanting to suicide on this plane ride, with us here?" He asked devilishly.


Lance blinked, "Derek O'Brian...Yes, that's my brother," He said, chuckling nervously. "Is he on this plane?"

2/14/2012 #30
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