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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Because I'm bored to tears, I've decided to make a school chat room, where OCs get to chat to one another. You may give your Ocs a username, but you're not allowed to change it once it's done. Say when your OC signs on / off.


1. Meatspin-Derek

2. Jakey69-Jake

3. Luna_Moon -Luna

4. Maxxie12 -Maxxie




8. NMoore-Naomi


10. BlackSam-WriterGirl-Sam

11. Mr. Mysterious- Mr. Jones

12. Quoth-Girl - Sabrina

13. BunchesofDaisies - Daisy

14. VOCAneon - Yoyo

15. MachoMan - Elijah

16. GlassyEyedGurl - Gabbi

17. BriBrynBria - Brianna

18. Dark_Angelrein - Rei

19. Kanatankyu - Takashi

20. Romantikku Naito - Matsu

21. Italian_Ice - Dante

22. Zaney01 - Zane

23. SammiBabi - Sammi

24. InTheDarkNovemberAir- November

25. JemJay - Jem

26. Artistically_Red- Clary

11/14/2011 . Edited by Last Girl Standing, 3/8/2012 #1
Peint Ailes

UselessLucas: Am I doing this correctly?

11/15/2011 #2
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl has logged on.

BlackSam-WriterGirl: Hey Matty!

11/15/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #3
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: Mmhmm, who told you you're useless, Luc? & Matty, whats goin on w/ you & Mr.J?

11/15/2011 #4

Meatspin has signed on.

Meatspin: Matty gettin it on w/ Mr. J all night, errynight! somebody mention jailbait?

11/15/2011 #5
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: *splutters* wh-wh-what? I never thought I'd agree w/ the Thing over there, but I'm inclined to suspect so, Matts.

11/15/2011 #6

Meatspin: Sam, what's your #??

11/15/2011 #7
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: (408) NUN-YABUISNESS. Ya know that redhead who decked you x 2 and kicked you in the balls? That's mah older sis.

11/15/2011 #8

Meatspin: she's about to be ur dead older sis. :) brb giving nico a bj

11/15/2011 #9
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: First, ew. 2nd, Mmmhmm, I totes believe you. *eyeroll*

11/15/2011 #10

Mr. Mysterious has signed in.

Mr. Mysterious: Why aren't you all doing your homework?

11/15/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #11
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: Hey, Mr. J, already done....?

11/15/2011 #12

Mr. Mysterious: Very well.

Mr. Mysterious has signed out.


Meatspin: so anyway, Sam, just gimmie your number. i swear i don't spam text... ;)

11/15/2011 #13
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl has signed in.

Quoth-Girl: *lurks*

11/15/2011 #14

Meatspin: ey, it's that hot intern. whats ur name? :)

11/15/2011 #15
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: hell to the no, manwhore. I gotta get to Art, leave me alone, Thing.

11/15/2011 #16

Meatspin: babe, i'll have your # before you get to class. :) watch.

11/15/2011 #17
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: stalker. O.o. .. LEAVE ME ALONE, THING.

11/15/2011 #18
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl:How the hell do you even know about me?

My name's Sabrina.

11/15/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #19

Meatspin: This is high-school, smart one, word gets around fast, especially if the main topic is a girl. ;)

11/15/2011 #20
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: Great. I'm interning at a school full of dickheads and lesbians. -_-

Who are you?

11/15/2011 #21

Meatspin: You'll find out soon, I'm hard to miss at this school.

Meatspin has signed out.

11/15/2011 #22
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: I guess that'll make it harder for me to miss when I kick you in the balls later.

11/15/2011 #23
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: Intern for the Writing Club. Who was that... thing?

11/15/2011 #24
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: Pleasure to meet you too. Um... Matty, right?

I'm not surprised. :P

11/15/2011 #25
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: He had it coming, I bet.

It's fine. :P

11/15/2011 #26
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: 21; I'm taking a year's break from college to work here. Thanks.

11/15/2011 #27
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: Cool. Anyway, Derek's Thing, he's an ass hole, and I'm afraid to walk to art now incase hes there... O.o... STALKER.

11/15/2011 #28
Ravenistic Ire

Quoth-Girl: Hey. Who're you? Yes, he's a dick. -_-

I write, yeah. Poetry mostly, but I'm working on a novel. :)

11/15/2011 #29
Last Girl Standing

BlackSam-WriterGirl: Sam Clave, horror, poetry and angst lover.

11/15/2011 #30
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