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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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At night-time, when it's lights out for the kids of Haven High, other kids wake up to start their classes. Except...these are no ordinary students. Each of them has a power--a gift, if you will, that makes them somewhat inhuman or special. These students decided to form a class of their own.

11/19/2011 . Edited 11/23/2012 #1

With a sardonic expression, Jay closed the distance between him and the rest of the campus and walked inside the building; his shadow dissipating into the darkness behind him. He continued his quiet traverse down the hall of the large school. The atmosphere brought him more solace than he imagined it would, though at one point his nose wrinkled at the faint smell he picked up as he stepped inside a classroom that was all the way at the end of the Haven High hallway with a 'KEEP OUT' sign.

He stuck his hands in his pockets and his head became downcast with his hair falling into his eyes. He briefly reminded himself of what he was and that attacking a student or teacher was definitely a no, not to mention it was unnecessary...correct?

His light gray eyes fixed on the woman sitting on a stool in the front of the classroom, with a gaze void of affection, already calculating the amount of time it would take to rip the head from the body, if the situation deemed necessary. " looking for my classroom," he said decidedly with an even tone that sounded as though he were carefully measuring the danger of the seemingly innocent conversation. Then, as an afterthought, "Might you be a student or a teacher?"

"Teacher," the woman simply said. Jay stepped inside without another word, once he made sure no one else was walking in the dark hallways.

11/20/2011 #2

Eva nodded, a stern smile on her face. The room was dark with only the left half of the room lit up. Jay chose a seat in the far back of the darkened area and gazed at the wall beside him.

"You two are early," Eva noted as she stood up from the stool and fixed her skirt.

11/20/2011 #3

"Is that so?" Eva said, though it wasn't really a question. She picked up a clipboard before walking up to Alana and Jay. She placed it on Alana's desk and leaned over, pointing at something, "Write down your name and your...specialty." A small smile appeared on her perfectly shaped red lips as she said 'specialty'. "I think you know what I'm talking about."

Jay glanced over at the clipboard for a brief second before turning back to the wall, setting his chin on his palm and propped his elbow on the desk.

11/20/2011 #4

"You're very much so correct," Eva said, locking eyes with Alana for a moment. She glanced down at Alana's name, then took the clipboard with her gloved hands and set it gently on Jay's desk, who ignored it. Eva placed a finger on the corner of her lips before taking a step back.

"Until the others get here, why don't you two get acquainted? I have to do something, but make yourselves comfortable," She said as she turned around, heading toward the door.

11/20/2011 #5

Jay tensed for a second before he set his arm down, slowly glancing at Alana. It was creepy that she knew what he was, he thought. No one had ever realized it...until now. His menacing gray eyes sliced into her, and the corners of his mouth tilted up. A feeling of gloomy darkness seemed to slide like out like a shadow from him. It vanished in an instant as the corner of his lips twitched up a little. His smile wasn't friendly. It was a smile that spelled trouble. With a promise.

He took the pen in his hand and scribbled his name and specialty down on the paper.

11/20/2011 #6

"I didn't ask, did I?" He asked, cocking his head too, to mock her.

11/20/2011 #7

His eyes glanced at the clipboarded paper, quickly skimming over the girl's specialty. Seer. Of course.

He leaned back in his seat, folding his arms behind his head, "Stop stating the obvious, seer,"

11/20/2011 #8

He hooked his fingers under the seat of her chair, dragging her closer to him. He leaned toward her intimidatingly, "You reek," he said, though he was referring to her blood.

11/20/2011 #9

Jay glanced down at her collarbone and up her revealing neck, lingering there for a moment. Finally, he met her eyes again, "Do you sleep naked?" He asked, tilting his head to one side.

11/20/2011 #10

"Ever been to a shrink?" He kept going, ignoring her question.

11/20/2011 #11

His expression remained the same. "Done anything illegal?"

11/20/2011 #12

His eyes flickered to her lips, then quickly back to her eyes again, "Seer," He said, lowering his voice to a whisper, "You said that you don't see me biting you in the future," He said as he reached over and traced his finger down the side of her neck, "But you didn't see anything about me drinking your blood," He said as he bent his finger quickly, making a small scratch on the side of her neck. A drop of blood leaked out and he glanced at her with a menacing stare.


11/20/2011 . Edited 11/20/2011 #13

[D: I thought Alex wanted Gabbi now aldkfj]

A silent smirk drifted upon the inhabited island of Jay's lips.

Just then, Eva stepped inside and her heels made loud noises as she walked to the front of the huge classroom, her eyes fixed on them. Jay lowered his hand and resumed glancing at the wall as she took out a box from beneath her desk, "Both of you, come up here please."

11/20/2011 #14

Jay remained in his seat, causing Eva's eyebrows to knit in a frown. She smiled at Alana and reached into the box, pulling out a thin bracelet. She motioned for Alana to hold out her wrist, "This is for safety regulations," She explained, "It does nothing more than tell me where you guys are when I'm not around," She said, her face serious. "If they're ever taken off, you will get in trouble with me. Are we clear?"

11/20/2011 #15

"Of course you can," She said with a smile, "The bracelets don't warn me unless you're a specific amount of distance away from this class," She said. She glanced up, "Jay, please come get yours."

When he didn't budge, she pursed her lips tightly and handed Alana another bracelet from the box, "Get him to wear it," She whispered.

11/20/2011 #16
Eva gave her a thin lipped smile, " I think you can come up with something,"
11/21/2011 #17

Amber had finished unpacking her cloths and was now wondering what to do.

11/21/2011 #18

"Alana," She said, careful not to move her lips too much so Jay wouldn't be able to hear them, "It's simple. Just tell him exactly what I just told you, and clip it around his wrist," She said, wondering what was so hard about this.

Jay glanced over at them, wondering what was going on.

11/21/2011 #19

Jay glanced down at the thin, silver bracelet before he raised his gaze back up to her face. Finally, he pulled out his hand and flipped it so that his wrist was facing upwards, basically asking her to put it on for him. Like a good puppy.

11/21/2011 #20

After a moment, Jay took the bracelet between his fingers and gently clasped it around his wrist. As he did so, he asked, "Can you see your own future?"

As those words came out, Eva glanced up at them with curiosity.

11/21/2011 #21

"I think you're bluffing," He said, leaning forward.

11/21/2011 #22

"Because everyone wants to look like a god," He pointed out, "And only god knows the pasts and futures of everyone. Not some pig-headed girl," He said, his face emotionless.

11/21/2011 #23

Jay turned away, his fingers lightly brushing over the bracelet. He didn't find any reason to have a conversation with someone he didn't like.

11/21/2011 #24

His past. It was a touchy subject, but it wasn't enough for her to piss him off. Still, he'd rather keep the past to the past, "Sometimes, it's better for a book to stay unpublished," He said, glancing at her to see if she got the hint.

11/21/2011 #25

Jay pulled his seat away from hers, feeling a slight discomfort from her constant leaning over. He glanced up at Eva, who was watching them intently.

He felt like a lab rat.

11/21/2011 #26

Eva glanced down at her wrist before frowning, "Well, the others are sort of late. Why don't you two go outside for some fresh air until others begin coming?" She said with a warm smile. It was a test, though. To see how they'd do among the...humans.

Jay glanced up from his desk and looked at the window, which was covered by blinds yet he knew it was bright and sunny out. There was no way he could go out there without looking like an anorexic kid.

11/21/2011 #27

Eva smiled after her before turning to Jay, "Jay. You too," She said, a slight warning in her eyes. Jay felt the need to snort and tell her no, but the look wasn't one of happiness. He reluctantly stood up and followed after Alana. Once they reached the door, he flipped his hood on top of his head and glanced at the ground.

11/21/2011 #28

The minute Jay stepped inside the room, Eva glanced up with a raised eyebrow, "Where'd Alana go?" She asked curiously. The corner of Jay's lip twitched in a small, dangerous smile, "She's out...for fresh air."

More like fresh boys.

11/21/2011 #29

Jay had been sitting in the same seat, in the same darkened area of the room. He perked up when he heard the door open and watched as his teacher came in holding....a boy. Jay felt a strange, somewhat sweet smell fill his nostrils and he quickly put a hand over his mouth as he felt his teeth shifting. He eyed the boy in Eva's arms with a somewhat pained expression.

"Since Alana's gone for now," Eva said as she gently set Nico into one of the desks near Jay. He made a sudden flinching movement but kept his hand clamped over his mouth. Eva didn't seem to notice, "I decided to bring you a little friend," She said, smiling at Nico. She gave him a sympathetic smile, "Don't worry, dear, you'll be able to move in just two minutes."

Jay's eyes narrowed as he glanced between his teacher and the boy. He looked like a human boy, and Jay wasn't particularly interested in human blood. So why was his scent so strong? He figured it was just his hunger.

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