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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Last Girl Standing

Underneath the school, there's like a gigantic Labyrinth......

12/4/2011 #1

Luna followed after Aspen, a worried expression running across her face. She quickly erased it and replaced it with one of excitement and pure, hardcore thrill. "What is this place!?"

12/4/2011 #2
Last Girl Standing

"Incredible, isn't it?" He asked excitably. "I leaned against the boulder a few days ago and almost fell down the path. I don't think anyone's been here except you and me in the last fifty years at least."

12/4/2011 #3

"Oh...Wow!" Luna said, though she was too busy swapping at a spider-web. She scrambled away from it and wrapped her arms around one of Aspen's arms, holding on to him for dear life, "Are you sure it's safe to be down here?"

12/4/2011 #4
Last Girl Standing

"Remember how I didn't show up for classes on Monday, or Spanish on Thursday? I was down here." He ran his fingers along the walls, which had faded writings and sketches. "I think the only place that's unsafe is the Labyrinth." He gestured to the Labyrinth, which seemed to go on for at least ten miles. "I don't recognize any of the writings, either because it's too faded or ancient... or unknown..."

12/4/2011 #5

Luna tugged at his arms, trying to pull him back, "Aspen. I don't think we should be down here. At least not by ourselves." She shuddered as she eyed the drawings and writings. "What if there's, like, dead things down here?" She whimpered.

12/4/2011 #6
Last Girl Standing

"If you'd like." Aspen shrugged. "I already looked everywhere but the Labyrinth. There isn't." But still, he held her hand and brought her up the path.


12/4/2011 #7
Last Girl Standing

Aspen silently walked down the steep path down into the Underground. He dragged his fingers over the writing in a language he'd never seen before It reminded him of several older ones not used anymore, mostly Latin, Greek and Egyptian, but didn't seem to be any one of those. "I don't get it..."

12/17/2011 #8

Luna was outside in the garden, when she spotted Aspen creeping into the underground area he'd dragged her into before. She bit her lower lip nervously.Aspen... you're not safe there all by yourself...

With a scowl, she stood up straight and quickly stepped inside the steep path, but kept a distance away from Aspen to spy on him.

12/17/2011 #9
Last Girl Standing
Aspen pinched the bridge of his nose. "Why doesn't this make any sense?" he asked frustratedly. He, in a moment of frustration, punched one of the few walls that didn't have writing on it, leaving a large dent. When he pulled his hand back, it was bloody. He grimaced. "Idiot."
12/17/2011 #10

Luna took a quick step back when she heard a loud noise, then a slight cursing. With a frown, she quickly broke into a run straight forward until she bumped into something lean, tall, and handsome. Oh. Someone.

With an embarrassed squeal, Luna placed both hands over her mouth and stared at Aspen with wide eyes, guiltily as ever.

12/17/2011 #11
Last Girl Standing

Aspen glanced at the blonde, startled, biting back swears from 12 different languages. "...Hey, Luna." He said sheepishly, running his bloody hand through his hair, and accidentally flashing the injury.

12/17/2011 #12

Luna caught sight of his hand and her eyes immediately widened. She reached over and grabbed his wrist, and flipped it so that the wound faced her. She winced, then glared up at him, "What is this?" She pointed a finger at the wound, "What happened? I know you don't cut. What happened, Aspen? Is there something down here? Did you get into a fight? What happened?"

12/17/2011 #13
Last Girl Standing

Blushing dark red, Aspen muttered, "Ipunchedawall."

12/17/2011 #14

Luna froze. With a roll of her eyes, she dug into her pocket and pulled out wrinkled, but clean napkins and handed them to Aspen, "You're such a kid," she mumbled.

12/17/2011 #15
Last Girl Standing

Aspen put his hand up in defense. ".... Just a bit. I left a dent." he pointed to the dent in the wall.

12/17/2011 #16

"Oh, you're sooo strong," She rolled her eyes sarcastically as she eyed the wall, though she was somewhat impressed. "Just take these for now," She said, dangling the napkins in front of his face, "And what're you doing back in here?"

12/17/2011 #17
Last Girl Standing

Taking the napkins, he answered, "Decoding the walls."

12/17/2011 #18

Luna snorted, "Oh, really? And how's that going so far?" She folded her arms neatly against her chest.

12/17/2011 #19
Last Girl Standing

"It's a mix of Greek, Latin and Egyptian. I've got some decoded, but it doesn't all add up. Why?" Aspen asked, folding his arms and leaning against the wall.

12/17/2011 #20

"Just asking," Luna scoffed, then stepped forward, past him, "Sooo, can I help decode this thing? Or will I be too much of a bother?" She glanced over her shoulder at him with a raised eyebrow.

12/17/2011 #21
Last Girl Standing

"You wouldn't be a bother, but do you know anything about Latin, Hieroglyphs or Greek?" Aspen said.

12/17/2011 #22

Luna placed a hand on her hips in annoyance, "Does it look like I'm any of those things? Jeeze."

12/17/2011 #23
Last Girl Standing

"Well, I'm not Greek, Egyptian or Roman, but I understand those to degree. Just a question." Aspen shrugged. "And besides, you could pass for a Greek or Roman, not Egyptian though."

12/17/2011 #24

"Sorry my eyes aren't great," Luna mumbled sarcastically. She leaned closer toward one of the walls and squinted at it, trying to comprehend it. After a second, she gave up and turned to Aspen, "What does it say so far?"

12/17/2011 #25
Last Girl Standing

(This is going to have a bit in the plot)

"I've only decoded some of the greek here, but there's something about.... here, let me read you the passage, translated." He ran his finger along the rock. "Those who've been blessed by the gods with abilities like none other shall be sent into the Labyrinth to fight the beast.... or be sacrificed upon the holy fire on Lord Zeus' temple."He shrugged. "Loosely. And I meant, you aren't dark skinned like the Egyptians. You could very well pass for a Greek or Roman princess along time ago." He blushed when he realized what he said.

12/17/2011 . Edited 12/17/2011 #26

[._. what plot is this? I'm scared. This needs to be sort of on a only-human type of RP. Night RP can do whatever, though]

Luna raised her eyebrow but didn't comment on that. "What does that mean?" She blinked, "The writing, I mean," She shuddered as a gust of wind blew at them. "It sort of creeps me out. I don't think we should be down here reading this..."

12/17/2011 #27
Last Girl Standing

(NO, like 'blessed by the gods' would be those with the 'special' abilities, aka Night Class.)

Aspen shrugged. "I'm just curious." Turning back to the wall, he muttered, "What the hell does 'blessed by the gods' mean?"

12/17/2011 #28

[c; Oh, i see]

"I dunno," Luna mumbled, feeling slightly helpless. She hugged her arms around her body tightly as she glanced around nervously. She wasn't sure what it is, but she felt like there was something in the air around them that smelled like trouble was nearby.

12/17/2011 #29
Last Girl Standing

"What's wrong?" He asked, closing his eyes.

12/17/2011 #30
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