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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Muffin leaned on a wall, impatiently tapping her foot. She sighed, apparently been waiting for Lunith for a long time, "I'm gonna kill him if he stood me up." she growled lowly

5/12/2012 #2,161
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Lunith was soon there, "Hey, there pinkhair," he said waving to her, "What's up?"

5/12/2012 #2,162
Cale looking at her "you are very beautiful" he said and his cock erected a bit after he saw her breasts popping out of her low cut shirt.
5/12/2012 #2,163

Cora blushed a little "Thankyou.." she whispered, she crossed one leg over the other

5/12/2012 #2,164

Muffin snapped her head to the voice, she glowered before pouncing on his person. "Lunith!" she wrapped her legs around his torso as she frowned down at him, "You do not keep a girl waiting."

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5/12/2012 #2,166
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Lunith sighed and carried her along with him, "I am sorry, love." He said using the voice that sounded so sweet and innocent and convincing and adorable and... EVIL! He kissed her gently.

5/12/2012 #2,167

(*Glomps* HII ALI BOO!! im joining your forum btw X3)

5/12/2012 #2,168

(YAY!!!! *HUGGLES* How are you love???)

5/12/2012 #2,169
Cale "Have you ever tasted cock" he asked
5/12/2012 #2,170

(Well My friends dad punched me so I have a broken nose anda blackeye Xp it still huuurts)

Muffin kissed him back, her arms around his neck. She pulled back and looked away with a pout, "Blergh! You're not sorry but..." she pecked his lips, "Apology accepted."

5/12/2012 #2,171

Cora was a bit surprised at what he asked, she had but she wasn't about to tell him this "W-what?"

5/12/2012 #2,172

(WHAT??? WHY???)

5/12/2012 #2,173
Clarissa the Royal Knight

((:'( ))

Lunith smiled at her, "Thank you!" he smiled at her and continued to carry her, 'So any plans for what we will be doing tonight?" That was partly a joke because he had a feeling he knew what the plans for tonight were.

((Would Cale be a mixture of Cato and Gale?))

5/12/2012 #2,174

(:T my life is working hectic and drama full time why do you think I ask people 2 kill me a lot of times :D but its fine, ill handle)

Muffin grinned, she hugged him by the neck and giggled, "What do you think?"

(Cale...XDD yes.yes. it does...makes me wanna make him :D)

5/12/2012 #2,175

(Awww okay :D)

5/12/2012 #2,176
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Lunith smirked, "Do I need to say it out loud?" He questioned her. He continued to carry her. "So... how about now?"

5/12/2012 #2,177

(BOO! joined rfp:D)

Muffin rolled her eyes, she tightened her legs and sighed, "Fine." she poked his cheek with a grin, "We're something else after."

5/12/2012 #2,178

(OKieee!! OH and love are you still going to make that guy???)

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #2,179

(Uh huh but not nowDx im having a hard time making a bad dude :3)

5/12/2012 #2,180
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Lunith smiled happily, "Yay!" he said childishly. "What do you mean?" He asked her carrying her to a pub that had rooms.

5/12/2012 #2,181

(Hahaha okkkaaaayyyy :D)

5/12/2012 #2,182

Muffin giggled, she softly kissed his lips and smiled. "Secret." she looked up thoughtfully, her arms locked around his neck, "I'm somewhat sad that Damien's not here." she murmured

5/12/2012 #2,183
Cale Grinning he grabbed Cora around the neck "I can and I will kill you." He smirked as his other hand stroked her hair. (Name is Cato and Gale but he's all Cato)
5/12/2012 #2,184

Cora's eyes widened and she tried to pry his hand away from her neck "W-why are you going to kill me?"

5/12/2012 #2,185
Clarissa the Royal Knight

Lunith looked at her, "Wow, I feel so loved." He continued to walk along and than grinned, "You know what I say we pull a few pranks on Damien."

((This is so akward... can we stick to prank pulling right now? I am little bit uncomfortable with the whole thing right now...))

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/12/2012 #2,186
Cale "Unless you give me what I want babe I will kill you now strip" he demanded
5/12/2012 #2,187

Cora eyed him, her eyes wide in fear "N-no, im not going to strip..." she said, knowing he;d see the stretch marks if she did, they had faded but they were still there

5/12/2012 #2,188
Cale Growling "Strip bitch or forever be sent to hell and imprisoned in the devil" he snapped at her angrily.
5/12/2012 #2,189

(X) im just following what your doing, lovie so yes they will just play if your uncomfy about these stuffs :))

Muffin grinned, she hugged him tightly before pulling back, "Lets! but first..." she trailed off, grinning impishly at him, "Can I dress you up as a girl? please?" she gave him puppy dog eyes, making sure to make her lip tremble and her eyes water.

5/12/2012 #2,190
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