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Last Girl Standing

Okay, so we all like to write, right? That's why we joined. Probably.

So, if you want to deepen your OC, post a piece here.

I'll give an example, albeit a shorter one, here.

little. plastic. whore


She doesn't like feeling this. She doesn't like LA. It's big, and it's loud, and it makes her feel small again, a little tiny girl who would lay in the woman who used to be her mother (she's not your mother anymore, stupid girl) 's arm, whimpering because you thought there was monsters under your bed in an old cottage in Ohio.

(there are still monsters in your room, dearest - ones with blue eyes and blonde hair and calls herself Marzina Lireet)

But that little girl is gone (g o n e gone. Funny how the worst things in the world are so shortly spelled, sound so simple; gone. Marzina. end. hate. slut. death. you.) and where she used stand is a proud girl who'll flaunt herself to the world, because all she wants is acception and to be noticed.

(oh god- you're noticed alright.)

It's kind of pathetic, how little you really are.


When you first meet Gigi St. Clair, you were envious. (or maybe it was love)

Gigi was a goddess- okay, she didn't look the part very well, not exactly. Dark, thick, horned glasses, braces, tangly hair and acneful skin.

But you could see it. This girl had the potential to be an Aphrodite.

Braces got removed, contacts, hairbrush, acne'll clear up.

She was gorgeous.

She was talented.

(maybe, just maybe, you wanted to find out if those lips were as soft as they looked)

But then you remember, youdon'thaveaheart.

So you sneer at the naturally non artificially gorgeous girl, like a queen looking down on a messy peasant, and say something along the lines of oh my god what rats have been nesting in your hair.

When you first met Gigi St. Clair, you first felt truly, honestly, plastic.


So, maybe you slut yourself out a bit, so no one will figure it out (you are a lesbian. les bi an. another word for the words that'll doom you, dear)

"Whore!" you can hear the goddess call you.

The acting director shoves a number in your hand. You throw it away.

"Shake it, babe!" people shout at you. "C'mere if you wan't a good time!"

She starts to losse the count of the boys she's sexed up.

Jake. Areon. Thomas. James. Derek. Byron. Charlie.

The list goes on and on.

You just blame your mother and the goddess named Gigi St Clair.

You never wanted to be a whore.


There's an example, although it could be a mobnologue, third person, whatever. You could also do it on like, a couple.

1/7/2012 #1

(...after something that good, you really think any of us would be brave enough to put something?)

1/7/2012 #2

[^^^^^^^^^^ THIS.]

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1/7/2012 #4
Little Tokyo Rose


1/7/2012 #5
Last Girl Standing

Lulu. *creys* that was so much better than mine.

I'mma go write an angsty Aspen peice.

Put Gigi alone in an empty dorm.

1/7/2012 #6


Hiding somewhere in that boy is a soul defined by pain.

I don't know what sort of hurt left him fragile, and he would argue that he's strong as brick.

But beneath his wall of bluster is uneven ground.

1/7/2012 #7

awwww, Derek ;-;

And stop making emo stories, I feel bad about mine!

1/7/2012 #8
Last Girl Standing


also titled 'loyalest'

People say that when you're badly hurt, your first reaction is to scream. But or him, it's not. Because screaming has only gotten him in deeper shit.

it starts when he get's home. His mother's (boy, who you fooling'? She's no mother to you) gone again, and wouldn't care anyway, so he shouts for your sister to go to her room. She crosses her arms and looks at him with oh so dangerous eyes, and you mouth 'go'.

(because he could do so much worse to her than he ever could to you)

She leaves suspiciously (sheknowssheknowssheknows) and he drags you downn to the soundproof basement.

"Pathetic!" he'll spit, slapping you hard across the chest, the arms, the legs, almost anywhere not visible. "Stupid! Weak!"

You say nothing. at. all.

(he can't break you)

November will never feel this. You swear this to yourself. This is what keeps you going.

(you'd rather die than let her)

Once just once, you fight back.

Just. Once.

"You're a pathetic little bastard." You punch him hard.

(that felt good. and 15 years of no fighting back - well eight, it started when you were seven.)

He pulls a knife on you.


you don't scream.


November will never feel this way.

(you always were loyalest)

And then you're shipped off to HHaven High and you meet her.

and God, she's gorgeous and amazing and beautiful and you're in love.

and then she doesn't want you.

(she confuses you)

she haunts your dreams, whenever he's not there, hauntingly beautiful and out of reach.

Over break, you use sleep from waking up twitching and dreams of her.

(lust, passion, you've never felt either but that's what it is and maybe.. love?)

(and it's always her.)

and he hits harder, shouts louder, hurts worse every. single. time.

(sometimes, you just want to scream)

1/7/2012 #9
Last Girl Standing

they called her slut

Traci Callaghan was a virgin.

(she was no fool, either)

And she heard them.


all because she danced.

But she wasn't.

(and that made it worse)


"hey, babe, c'mere for a good time, if you catch my drift."


so she'd sneak in to the studio when she was all alone, and she'd dance.

And she was ahmazing.

And this?

this was it.

Her ticket out of where they called Marnie a bitch. Sandry an idiot. Joey a faggot. Emile a freak of nature. Jamie stupid. Her a slut. Laurie crazy.

She had to leave.

And then Haven High came into picture and they left.

In Chicago

they called her slut

1/8/2012 #10
Vendetta 5th

Lying, Congressional Style


Sitting down in the small room that held nothing more then a bookcase, desk and a women he had been told would sort him out, problem was Brooks had said the same thing the last time he had tried to break him down, though this was a bit different then doing a circuit on the football field during winter. Ulysses looked at the women behind the desk, Miss Jameson, if the small name plate sitting in the center of the neatly arranged desk was to be believed. She looked young, frail, plain, but her eyes held something, knowing? knowledge? Understanding? He figured any of the three would be good quality's for the school shrink. Not that it meant he was going to make her job any easier, but for the other people who came here of their own violation, it was probably beneficial.

"So, mister Jackson, it is Jackson isn't it?" She asked, already studying him with her eyes, watching for what, he wasn't sure.

"I prefer Ulysses, actually." He replied in a bored voice, looking out the window and watching the people in the garden with mild interest.

"Ulysses? Really, that is an interesting name. Is your mother from Greece? I myself once--."

Ulysses drifted of into his own little world as the women tried to reach familiar ground with him, he had taken his sister to shrinks enough times to know their tricks, trying to get his defenses down so they could pluck his thoughts and memories from him at will. He preferred to watch the girl in the School garden, she was gorgeous, younger then him by a year at most, She wore a light summer dress and as she picked the small white flowers in the garden her light blonde hair concealed her face from view, the soft curls almost kissing the ground because of their length. He had seen her before he was sure, Rose? Blossom? Lily? He was still trying to find her name when the women across from him started waving her hand, tearing his attention away from the girls slim legs which he was admiring long enough to see the annoyed look on the shrinks face, but when he turned back to look at the girl in the garden, she was gone.

"Mr Jackson do try to pay attention, now. You know why your here don't you?" She said, clearly irritated that he had mostly ignored her ten minute rant about her travels through the Mediterranean.

"Because Mr Brooks is becoming more imaginative when it comes to punishing me? Or because all the PT he makes me do is less of a punishment then it was four months ago when I got here?" He replied in that same flat tone, now drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair while meeting her glare with a crooked smile. He was going to have fun with her. "No, it is because Mr Brooks is very concerned with you. He thought it might be something in your past, something in your head that made you so...Troublesome. He said that he once asked you if your father ever abused you and he said you reacted quite violently. Why is that Mr Jackson?" She said, writing something briefly in her notebook during. "My father is dead, died when I was young. If he did I know nothing about it, was a little young yea?" He replied, briefly remembering when Brooks had brought that up during one of their daily shouting matches, despite hating each other they did spend alot of time together during lunch and after class in the detention room, or the pitch when the big man felt like being creative.

"What about your mother then? How is your relationship with her?" She asked, her eyes now firmly gazing into his his, unnerving him. "Mum? Great, she was always a little overprotective, never let us out of her sight if she could help it. Every summer she took us to London to see our grand parents, took us too all the sights and all that." He replied, the blatant lie seemed to slip past the women completely.

The summer trips in London were the only time we saw mom, otherwise it was just me and Sally in that empty house, not that im complaining, we turned out fine without her anyway. But she diddnt even come to see Sally when she was in hospital, only came to the courthouse cause she had to. He thought bitterly, he never did like the women who had given him life. His sister always said he was too hard on her, even after the assault trial.

"Good, good. Now, What about your last year in Bristol? Is there anything noteworthy you did in that time? Your teachers said you were a bit of a heart breaker at round view, they also said you almost got thrown out for having drugs on school grounds, having sex on school grounds and lighting the chemistry lab on fire." She said, her voice becoming condescending after the second sentence. "How did you manage to dodge expulsion?"

"Really?" He replied, laughing loudly for a few seconds before answering her properly. "Well one, when they came to find the evidence. Let's just say that plan went up in smoke." He said, laughing his ass of while he remembered his last few months at college. "Two, the camera in the nurses office diddnt capture my face and the lass I was with had very tight lips. Three, it was the teachers fault, told me to mix the wrong chemicals together on purpose, so I doubled the amount and bang, the whole room ended up on fire." He said finally, banging his fist on the desk at the word bang, sending pencils and pens flying. Sending the once neat desk into disarray.

"It was fucking brilliant, top notch comedy and nobody got hurt. Everybody wins. You-"

"Thank you Mister Jackson, I think that is enough for today, see me the same time next week. I think we are going to be spending quiet allot of time together." She said curtly, cutting him off mid sentence. Clearly Distressed.

"So hurry up, out. NOW!."

(I borrowed some peoples OC's hope they dont mind, This sorta got away from me, think its more oneshot then an Analyzation. I dont know but I hope you like it :).)

(And points if you can figure out who the girl in the garden is, Shouldnt be too hard))

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/10/2012 #11
(Someone Likes Fallout)
1/10/2012 #12
Proffesor I.P. Freely
I was bored, on my mobile, at one am. This'll probably be shit, as I've been awake for.... almost twenty-eight hours now.


Jacob in a word. Anyone asks him, he already knows. He can do what everyone in the world would willingly give their lives for. He can change anything about himself, and if he's careful, he could exist forever. Exist, not live. Despite what he says, what he tells everyone, he knows exactly what he is. He is a robot, an android, a tin-man. He knows that he was made, in a lab, by a guy in a white jacket. He doesn't know why, which just makes it worse. That's not even the sad part.

Jacob knows, that for humans, love is chemical reaction in the brain. He knows alot about humans. He doesn't know if he can feel it. Sure, he thinks he does, that he can, but how can something created by man, mortal, failing man, have emotions?

He sees it everywhere here. The place he came from, the couple that lived in a grassier part of Nevada, it was just between the man, and his wife. Here, its random, confusing. People gave it to people who didn't want it, or faked it for sex.

Maybe confusion would work better. He knews everything technical about humans. Every joint, every muscle, every bone. He could tell emotions by a persons face. But none of that helps here. And still, theres one more bad part.

The one thing he never wants to reveal, it what he suspects he was built for. It should have come to him sooner, but it was only when he had gotton mad, that he had realized a sinister purpose. Why else build a machine that can blend in any crowd? Why build a machine that can read emotions like a book, and even impersonate mannerisms?


A boy, around sixteen or seventeen, found drowned in a river. Alchol in his blood, no evidence of foul play. The police ruled it an accident, that he had gotten tipsy over new years, and fallen in. Jacob knew this. (outta space)

1/10/2012 #13
Proffesor I.P. Freely
(damn mobile)

In his anger, programs had awakened, and subroutines initiated. The fucked up cruelty that the boy, Rover, had done to one of the first ones to treat him as normal stripped him of his reasoning. And as he watched the dead body float down, the scariest thing revealed itself. Jacob felt good.

Not remorse.

Not guilt.



. In watching the body float, lifeless, his body consuming hydrogen, burning it to keep him functioning, he felt a glow. It had been easy. It had, almost, been fun.


Jacob faces a crossroad. She had asked him not to. She had seen his intent, and said no. His curcuits said yes, and the thrill of hacking into the computer, finding that school, the hospital records, and locating Rover, now just a name on a headstone, was as good a reason as any to continue. Maybe the best.

But, then there are the others. The people he knows, who, gradually, have come to accept him. He can't have it both ways, as he knows exactly what they would all think, and exactly what would happen to him. He's broken the law, but his only question that nags him persistently.

Does it apply to him?

1/10/2012 . Edited 1/11/2012 #14
Proffesor I.P. Freely
Wow. I changed it like five times. There is no way I'm going to remember writing all of this. Sorry about the split, mobile got mad X/ stupid thing.
1/11/2012 #15
Proffesor I.P. Freely
I need less sleep. I'm more creative. This one is cheery-er, and in case the other one gets deleted, as I might not have conferred with Matsu before posting it. Oops.


Anyone. What would you do if you could change anything about yourself, as much as you want? Well, you can't, so suck it up. I can. I think I know why, but that's not what this is about. Why don't I crave all the same things other guys my age do? I mean, other than...that. I've ran into my share of poles staring at breasts and the swaying female ass, so why don't I change so I could have them all? Money sounds good, so why don't I con someone?

Everyone. I could easily rule the civilised world. Yes, I've thought that out. I don't though. Why?

No-one. It's stupid to ask, because I know the answer. You want to know the cost of being like me? You don't know who you are. No matter what(who, and/or) I do, no matter who I look like, I'm still.... nobody.

Obviously first person, from Jacob POV.

1/11/2012 #16
Proffesor I.P. Freely
This occured to me. In the first paragraph(anyone) when he says,'...why don't I change so I can have them all?' he wondering why he doesn't change so all those hot girls want to hump him.
1/11/2012 #17

Not The First Time

Shortly after he finally managed to fall asleep, Nico was woken up by the sound of a crash coming from below. He rolled his eyes, giving an irritated growl. Dammit, can't that son of a bitch at least goquietly?

With a sigh he sat up, knowing it'd be be pointless to try and go back to sleep. He'd just be woken up in a few minutes anyways. So instead, he slipped out from under the covers and walked out of his room. If he was awake, he might as well go and watch the show. Silently, he crept down the stairs and followed the sound of moaning into the dining room, where he saw a very...interesting sight.

HIs stepfather was writhing on the floor like a fish out of water, thick hands clasped to a portly body, eyes bulging out of his head, his mouth gaping open as he tried to drag oxygen into his lungs. His mother was leaning against the dining table, holding a glass of wine in her hands while she watched her husband thrash in agony in cold disinterest. Most people, when encountered with this sight, would scream. Or cry. Maybe try CPR. Nico just leaned against the table, raising an eyebrow.

"I thought he'd be dead by now."

"So did I" His mother took a sip of her wine, giving her husband a disdainful look. "It appears the bed isn't the only place where he takes forever to finish." Nico laughed at that.

"I warned you~ Any guy with a garage like hishasto be overcompensating forsomething" With a mischievous smirk, he added "Now his /nephew/ on the other hand, has no need to overcompensate foranything.

"Oh shut up." His mother grumbled. "i don't need to know my son has been getting better sex then I have."

"Well, he has." Nico said smugly, grabbing the half-empty bottle of wine on the table. Before he took a sip, he asked, "If I drink this, will I end up like him?" He glanced at his stepfather, ho was still jerking. God, that guy justcan't die.

"No, you'll be fine. It's the steak you have to watch out for, and I'm pretty sure he ate it all."

"Good." Nico said, taking a sip. Oo, amarone~ For a few seconds, they watched the dying man. Finally, his motehr asked,

"Checking the life insurance right after he died would make me look guilty, wouldn't it?"

"Yes, it probably would. Sadly, the police have actually started becoming competent." Nico sighed. "I guess it's not as easy to kill your husband anymore."

"Nico!" His mother cried, giving him a mock-offended look. "Are you suggesting I killed my husband? I can't believe you!" Nico just rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Oh, I wouldn'tdreamof accusing you." She gave a coy smile.

"Good boy. I raised you well."

"You raised mehorribly" Nico laughed.

"Mm, can't really argue with that." She said dryly "After all, youdidlose your virginity to your cousin..." Nico almost choked on his sip of wine.

"S-shut up! He isn't my cousin!" He cried.

"Well notanymore, but was when you lost it." She pointed out with a smirk.

"By marriage!" He said in distress, gaining only a laugh in return. Grumbling curses under his breath, he turned back to his stepdad, to see he had finally gone still

"Hey, I think he's finally dead." He noted indifferently. HIs mother knelt down next to her husband, placing two fingers against his neck to check for a pulse.

"Finally." The newly-made widow stated with satisfaction.

"I'll go call the police." Nico said with a sigh. Investigations where never fun. He walked to the kitchen the get the home phone, already coming up with his story on how he and his mother were doing the dishes and returned to the dining room to see his stepdad dead of a heart attack.

"Don't forget to sound like you're crying!" His mother called

"I know, I know." He said, dissmissivly waving his hand. She didn't need to remind him.

After all, it wasn't like this was the first time this happened.


And this is how Nico got rich. Lot's of rich stepdads that died, leaving and his mom with their money:)

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #18
Last Girl Standing

Just Another Callaghan Girl

Marnie Callaghan; moderately good looking, endless legs, actress and singer. Shouldn't she have a boyfriend?

Maybe she could. If she wasn't abrasive or bossy. If she didn't push those prettypretty boys who pulled her close.

(I'm sorry, James. I'm not interested in romance, can we just keep this professional...? Please?)

And all the other girls will make fun of you, of course, but… they're just jealous, right?

Because Marnie knows the truth: these highschool boys want a girl on their arm, a girl in their bed, to hold back and hide away. And Marnie can't let the prettypretty boys do that, ruin her.

She refuses to be 'Just Another Callaghan Girl'.

1/28/2012 #19

Dia's used to be here but I hated it....will rewrite.

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/7/2012 #20


2/7/2012 . Edited 2/7/2012 #21

Marginally better than my other ones, but I think my Gigi one was the best.

Does anyone still have that?

2/7/2012 . Edited 2/7/2012 #22


love |ləv|


1 an intense feeling of deep affection

2 deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone


Its a word. Four letters. One syllable.

Meaningless without cause.

But always meaningless to you.

Love. Lo-ve. Lurve.

It doesn't matter how many times you say it.

You don't believe in it.

You refuse to fall for anyone.

"I don't love you anymore!"

Your ears burn and scream.

"You fucking shit! You think I love you?"

This isn't right. This is wrong.

They aren't supposed to be saying bad words.

When you play Mommies and Daddies with your friends, you don't say things like that. Real Mommies and Daddies shouldn't either.

"Get out of my house, you bastard. There's nothing left for you anymore - we don't want you, y'hear? No one here loves you."

That's not right either. Mommy said she loved Daddy only...

How long ago was it?

When you're four, two days seems so long.

She said she loved him - you heard her!


It mustn't last a very long time.

You know everything is only temporary. You're fourteen - not four.

Love included. It doesn't last.

So you know you should be weary when you meet him - blond hair, blue eyes, notepad, and a pencil sketching the big green eyes you know belong to you.

Don't get in too deep. Love isn't meant to last.

"You're so beautiful."

Your cheeks turn crimson.

(They say the first kiss is always the sweetest,

and that the first blow is always the deepest.)

"You're so distant. You're always preoccupied with something else. Go away. I don't want you. I don't love you."

Its all to familiar.

"Did you hear me? I. Don't. Love. You."


It mustn't ever work out.

"Brianna. You really shouldn't fight me."

You don't stop hitting. You don't stop pushing, stop hitting.


His hands slide over your body, and there's nothing more in the world you want to do than scream. Than cry out.

"Stop, Brianna. Stop this."

He's supposed to treat you like a new step-father should - caring but hesitant. But as he lifts your shirt over your head, you know its never going to happen.

"You have to understand; I really do love your mother. There are just some things she can't give me."


Don't talk to me about love.

"This will help us having a... deeper connection."

You push against him one more time - but you're defeated. He's too strong.

"Stop fighting me. Stop. Brianna. Stop. How do you expect me to ever love you if you keep blocking me out?"


It mustn't be true or honest.

You feel so small, so futile, like such a nobody in a swarm of teenagers.

But you don't care.

You're glad to get away.

"Whoo, check her out."

You hear the whistles. You wink, blow a kiss, call out flirty remarks you don't really mean.

You're only looking for a fun time.

"It was a great ride - but I'm really not feeling it."

Its code for - we're getting too close. I'm feeling to much. I can't have you in my life.

So you smile. You grin. You laugh.

And they all want you.

But you never let them have you.


"I've never met a Brianna before. Make a lasting impression, if you would do the honours."

... then there's him. Just another boy, right?

(Oh, sweetie, no.)

And god, he's so smart and funny and cute and sweet and all he wants is you.

You've never wanted anything so perfect and whole in your life.

But you can't have him. You can't let yourself. You can't have another heartbreak.

So you rebuff him. You ignore your thumping heart. You shove him away.

"You're acting like a bitch right now. Why do you keep giving me mixed signals?"

And you push away that tiny little voice in your head that screams out those three dangerous little words you know you can never use.

"I love you."


It mustn't exist.

love |ləv|


1 an intense feeling of deep affection

2 deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone

You can't never truly feel or show love.


It will only end in a broken heart.

You must remain...


2/7/2012 #23
Vendetta 5th

Interesting. Sad, but disturbingly accurate.

2/7/2012 #24

Which one?

2/7/2012 #25
Vendetta 5th

The third, though the second is my favorite. Makes me want to write something similar.

2/7/2012 #26

Third overall or third of mine or second overall or second of mine...??

2/7/2012 #27
Vendetta 5th

You know everything is only temporary. You're fourteen - not four.

Love included. It doesn't last.

So you know you should be weary when you meet him - blond hair, blue eyes, notepad, and a pencil sketching the big green eyes you know belong to you.

Don't get in too deep. Love isn't meant to last.

being third and

"I don't love you anymore!" Your ears burn and scream. "You fucking shit! You think I love you?" This isn't right. This is wrong.

Being the 2nd, and my favorite of the bunch. not sure why though

2/7/2012 #28

Ahhh... I see :DD

Yep. These things are really useful because everyone kind of views Brianna as a slut on this fandom and I guess this gives her.. deeper meaning, I guess?

2/7/2012 #29
Vendetta 5th

Its unfortunate, my OC havent been able to meet her yet. And yea, this does sort of aid character development. though cutting down on like three pages of back story lol

2/7/2012 #30
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