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Im far from it.

I am skinny.

Blemish free.

White teeth.


I hate it.

My only flaw.

My body looks.

Like a ghost.

Call me names.

Like vampire chick.

You will hate me.


My father.

Neglegent bastard.

Only cares about money.

My mother.

Thinks she is perfect.


Im far from it.

- Miranda Cassidy

2/7/2012 #31
Vendetta 5th

I preferd loyalest. They were interesting, but the feel like they are missing something, like they are unfinished.

2/7/2012 #32
Last Girl Standing

*coughs* they are...

2/7/2012 #33
Vendetta 5th

Then I would like to read the finished product when your done. :)

2/7/2012 #34

{wants to hear opinions on mine *cough*}

I liked loyalest, but I felt it was a little... rushed? To be honest, my favourite was 'little plastic whore' and 'Just another Callghan girl."

2/7/2012 #35

I think Loveless is one of the best ones...

2/7/2012 #36

Thanks Webbeh :DD


Out of mine or out of them all...???

2/7/2012 #37

Dem alllllll.....

2/8/2012 #38


Thanks so much! I spent like two hours on it :P Pathetic, really.

2/8/2012 #39

[alex can you give me your opinions on mine?]

2/9/2012 #40
Vendetta 5th

Imperfect Perfection.

Sally stared into the darkness of her shared dorm room, jumping slightly in the bed with every thunder clap though she now felt safe with Robins arms wrapped around her. Taking comfort from being held by her best friend and secret crush. She had crawled into bed with the older girl after the storm had started, shaking uncontrollably for the first few minutes before Robin had managed to calm her with her sweet words and protective embrace. She makes me feel so safe, like nothing can go wrong as long as she is with me. Like nothing can hurt me, like nothing else exists but us.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by another murderous explosion outside, light flashing through the rain lashed window and illuminating everything as bright as day for a split second. She resolved to mold herself against her sleeping guardian, taking in the warmth and comfort her body screamed for in her terrified state. She feared the lightening more than any Hollywood horror. More then the people back home. She thought further of the girl sleeping soundly behind her. And how she felt.

She closed her eyes and imagined Robin first. With her hair down those dark, chocolate curls that grew darker as they feel further down her shoulders seemed to frame her face perfectly despite looking almost wild, untamed. Yet also somehow planed, styled to imperfect perfection. Her heart shaped face with cheeks dusted with light freckles, tanned a light honey color from the sun with just enough baby fat to give her face an innocent edge despite what was etched on it. Those eyes that made her heart swoon everytime they found her own, the chocolate brown orbs that were filled with both happiness and great sadness. The emotions constantly swirling in silent contest, sucking the unsuspecting into their depths. Those lips that she lusted after, longed for, rough pink, chapped, the bottom larger. Swollen, yet making them so much more desirable. How much she wanted to feel their softness scared her. Her body was slim though beginning to blossom into a desirable hourglass shape, though the way she carried herself seemed to add something. That confidence revealing a beauty neither curves nor scantly clad skin could add.

She shakes complements off like nothing, she thinks shes broken goods. She seems to think nobody could want her. But I want her

She was once again pulled back to reality by another bolt of lightening, grasping Robins hand in fright. But returned to her quiet contemplation quickly, still holding on all the while.

She cares about me, she listens to me. Shes kind to me, I forgot that people could be like that. How much do I really like her?

Her mind swirled a bit at all the questions, her heart beating against her chest, slowly beating faster. What would Ulysses think? What would the School think? Would she get in trouble? Would this even be allowed?

The smell of the rain and flowers overwhelmed her suddenly. Filling her senses. They had spent the day in the garden again, thinking, planing what they would do once they arrived in Paris.

Its like a natural perfume, it smells so nice...No, she smells nice. She thought, snuggling deeper into the blankets and inhaling softly once again. Smiling to herself in the dark. Letting herself enjoy the situation for a moment. Then turning to face the sleeping girl, bighting her lip as she considered what she was about to say. The right words being borrowed from old English literature.

"Robin...I will always love you...against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that will come. You are beautiful, imperfect perfection...I just hope...You eventually love me too..." She said softly, brushing her hair away so she could plant a kiss on her forehead.

The only answer she got was a soft snore from the sleeping girl and joined her in sleeps sweet oblivion shortly after. Thoughts of Paris the last thing on her mind.

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/9/2012 #41
Darling Dai

Imperfect Perfection Review: (You wanted me to do this one, right?)

I like the story a lot. There's a few grammatical mistakes, but that's not really a big deal.

The only thing I felt I learned about Sally from this analyzation, though, was about her love for Robin. There is a bit about how Sally's worried about what other people will think about her liking a girl, but not too much. I think you could go further into that and extend this analyzation by quite a bit. If you continued to write about Sally's question about her sexuality, it would be a lot deeper.

'Tis all. It's a pretty cute story. :)

2/9/2012 #42
Vendetta 5th

yeppers. Thank you, I have a problem with producing mostly drabble for length purposes. I might edit it at a latter point in time. :)

2/9/2012 #43
Darling Dai

Dude, don't even start with me. I don't even know if I'll ever do a character analyzation, I'm so bad. D:

2/9/2012 . Edited 2/9/2012 #44

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh, that was so sweet, asldkfjlas;dfk. It'd be terrible if Robin didn't feel the same way.

Did you mean to turn from 1st POV to 3 POV back and forth, or was that just...grammar mistakes? adslkjf

2/12/2012 #45
Little Tokyo Rose

Here's me going to go write a CA about Zane...

2/12/2012 #46
Vendetta 5th

I did, the first person is her thoughts. though their are grammer mistakes. I pushed it out in an hour so I diddnt really proof read.

2/12/2012 #47
Little Tokyo Rose

Imperfection Perfection review: (I wanted to? e3e)

Yeah, there was a few grammar errors...but it was really sweet.

I could see that Sally really, really has a strong love for Robin. It was very deep and emotional in my opinion, but some parts could use a little the part that Dai mentioned, when Sally was worried what other people would think about her liking a girl. I know that you could extend that part and add more detail about it, make it deeper and such. And the way Sally described Robin in that one bit...d'awww, it made me just die e3e.

You did a really great job, better than anything I would've written. I'm not the one for stuff like this D:.

2/12/2012 . Edited 2/12/2012 #48

Imperfection review:



That was really good.

And I'm an inarticulate biatch.


Yes Matsu. Write Zane, and his angsty Brianna feelings. Because those two are cool.

2/12/2012 #49
Little Tokyo Rose

But it's hard to right that shit.

2/12/2012 #50


2/12/2012 #51
Vendetta 5th

Im a guy and I did half decent. Hell, I failed English a bunch of times

2/12/2012 #52

I can't fail English :D My teacher said that she can't fail me because I come top in poetry and narratives but I fail everywhere else.

2/12/2012 #53
Vendetta 5th

I just plain fail at that class lol. Though I do sometimes surprise them with poetry. Nobody thinks id right it.

2/12/2012 #54
Little Tokyo Rose


Not really c: if it was in japanese....crey it'd be awesome. I suck at english ;-;

2/12/2012 #55
Inga's Truth

((.... Oh... well... damn, I got bored. Anyway, this is.... basically Ziva's home life... Boredom... does... wonderous things, I suppose.))

Order. That was all the young girl knew. She knew she had to be perfect, or father would punish her again. But she was so hungry.... it felt like a knife stabbing her in the side. Hunger.... The young girl stared at the door to the kitchen, her mind debating on it. Yes? No? What if she was caught? If she was caught, she would be sent to bed without supper. A small frown on the little girls lip appeared, and there was something strange about the look in her eye. The young girl suddenly looked older.... More... mature? Prehaps. Ziva shook her head, and her short hair shook slightly. It was all she knew.... Order.

"Without order, without rules, life would be a gigantic mess. no one would live. Those who live like that now will surely perish. That is why, Ziva, you will always follow my rules without questioning it."

Order. Order. Order. Always the same. Answer 'Yes Father,' after everything I say! No slouching, no using in proper grammar, no making spelling mistakes, no Ziva, you must not push away your school work. Do not run like a lunatic. Do not laugh loudly. Use your manners. Sit up straight. Do not slurp your soup, fix it. Tuck in your shirt, walk straighter. Do not make those ungodly annoying noises Ziva. Do not hit others unless they attack you Ziva. Do not read all the time, Ziva! Do as your told Ziva! Keep your opinions to yourself, Ziva. Stay away from boys Ziva! Follow my orders Ziva! Listen to your father Ziva! Do not talk back to me Ziva!

Don't Ziva!

No, Ziva!




Every word..... Every word was an order. Every single one! The girl couldn't take it! She couldn't live life like this any more. Shaking her head, she took a step towards the kitchen. She was hungry.... She just wanted food.

"Ziva. Come. I must speak with you about your schooling."

Ziva froze a moment.... and turned, again to be burdened with orders. It was not surprising, it was always like this. Though, she turned her head back to the kitchen door.... starying longingly....Hungry, the girl thought. She was hungry, and she was going to get food!

But yet, as he mind thought that, her small body said,"Yes, Father," and forced her to follow him.

2/17/2012 #56
This isn't a story, just more about Danielle: Despitebeing quite logical, Danielle does have a daring, fun-loving side if one can bring it out. She's not afraid of asking someone to dance or yelling at someone in the hall and isn't easily embarrassed. She's actually a very fun friend if you get to know her.
3/18/2012 #57
Little Tokyo Rose

All I Want


All her life she just wanted to have friends. Friends. So easy to make. But not for her. They teased her. Teased her because she had nothing. Talent. Love. Money. Something that they all had because they were better. Yosochu Yatame, the little seven year old blonde girl you'd always see in the corner of the room crying softly to herself. The one with nothing. No talent. No love. No life. She was hated. Bullied for being different. All she wanted was to fit in.

But I couldn't.

No matter what I did. And I tried, so hard, just to fulfill everyone's wishes. Homework always had to be finished. Share. Participate in school activities. Help out. Things I didn't want to do, but was forced to. (i tried so hard)

"Did you do your chores?"

(i'm confused)

"Wh-what? You never told me to..."

(i'm scared, dissapointed)

The mother approaches me, anger in her eyes. She raises her hand up

(the one with long, red nails that have clawed at my face so many times)

and brings it down upon my face

(it hurts so much)

and all i can do is sit there and cry.

All sI wanted to do was make everyone happy. But apparently no one would let me do that.


All I've ever wanted was to feel like I was truly accepted for who I am, despite whether or not I'm an inconvenience. I did as everyone asked. I did everything. I went out to dances with guys who didn't have a date. I helped out someone with work. I did everyone's homework. And all I got was grief.

"Why are you such a kiss up?"

(but you're the one who asked me to do it!)

"Go buy me some drugs."

(what if i get seen? what then?)

"Act like nothing happened! If the teacher asks, I wasn't there."

(why do i have to lie? why not tell the truth?)

I'm not responsible for this. I got in trouble. Beaten again. And again. And again. All for the same reason. For things I didn't do.

Because I covered for all of those people that asked me to, and this is what I get? Beaten and bullied? Well, fuck off, you bastards. I'm not doing shit for you anymore!

"Buy me a drink?"

(what do you think i am? your bitch?)

"I thought you were nicer."

And they walk off like I cussed them out, and more shit starts going around.

"Oh, look at her. The girl who cussed out Aaron yesterday."

but i didn't do it. it wasn't my fault.

it wasn't me.


I wanted to be a normal person. I tried, extremely hard. And then gave up. I couldn't do it. I was different. The tall, blonde girl with big breasts and a nice ass. While all the other girls were just...not me. Boys came up to me, asked me out,

(i'm sorry, but no)

and then they got angry

(what are you doing? what the fuck!)

and they hurt me.

Broke me into tiny pieces until I was nothing but a pile of bloodied, broken glass. And my parents didn't even care. I was lucky when we finally moved out of the state and near Haven. They shipped me off there, and I thought I was safe. My hair wasn't blonde anymore when I first arrived. I had dyed it a bright green color. Hoping that if anyone from my old school came here, they couldn't recognize me.

But I was safe, and I was glad.

Then the party happened. I came out into that wretched garden, my favorite dress, and I saw him.


Wavy bronze hair, cut just above the shoulders. A slight tan. Sparkling, gray eyes. Tall. Caring. Sweet. Nice.

And all I wanted was for him to be mine.

I wanted him, so badly. Just from that one glance, I couldn't help but just...need him. It was a great time when we became friends, and then the other day came. When he kissed me. It was the best day of my life, and the want I was feeling just kept on growing. It raged wildly in my heart.

But then another someone came into my life.

Someone who I regret meeting.


Shaggy black hair. Dark blue eyes. Thick eyelashes. Tanned. Light freckles around his nose and cheeks. Slightly muscled. Perfect. Godly.

And I couldn't help but just start flirting with him. I talked. And talked. And talked. And I started feeling want for him.

(but what about lucas? what about him?)

(well, i can choose later)

He asked me to prom. He tried to molest me in the hallway. But I didn't care. All of those things just made me want him more and more, and eventually, the need for him was finally quenched. His dorm. The scent. His face as he came. All of it was too much for me to process.

He left. Straight after. Never wanted to see me again.

And I was left alone, the want still lingering inside of me.

She needed to satisfy herself.

Satisfy the hunger of the beast.

And she roamed Haven High, killing one victim at a time.




et cetera.

Six guys in total. And she still wasn't satisfied.

The lust had taken over her.

and all she could do is want.

All I Want

3/18/2012 #58
Little Tokyo Rose


3/18/2012 #59

OMG! THat totally made me feel bad for Yoyo.. :(

3/21/2012 #60
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