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Gossip, education, and everything social; these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little highschool. But Professor Dreamyy accidentally added an ingredient to the concoction: Power! This is a school roleplay. Humans and anything supernatural is accepted.
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Hey~ I'm Manga or Bianca, the forums "mom" of sorts, and the "wofe" of our dear admin (If she mentions Fast)

I will have to warn you, the people here seem to be really good at corrupting players and somehow pulling even the most pure ones into the cherry popper thread. But they won't force you, or push you for it.

I of course would never dream of doing such a thing~ I'll just try to turn any male characters of yours gay or bi XD

We're all pretty insane on here, but we're nice (However, thanks to the sudden flood of noobs, it takes us longer to really be close with new people...:P)

Anyways, welcome~

5/19/2012 #361
Roseria Sylvester

Pleased to meet you Iffy. i don't mind lurkers- one of my friends tend to do that quite well... but you should know that i am a very tolerant person so i would not jump the gun on that assumption just yet :D

5/19/2012 #362
The Unlogic

Also, please note that my plan to send all the noobs out Ol' Yeller style is still on the table.

5/19/2012 #363
The Unlogic

And I say you probably won't like me because I'm... well, I'm not going to bring it up because I promised people I wouldn't bring it up again

5/19/2012 #364

I'm still all for wifey's plan of eating them XD

No offense Rose, but some of the noobs on here aren't that great, so we're a little...wary

Or maybe it's just me...

5/19/2012 #365
Vendetta 5th

I will have to warn you, the people here seem to be really good at corrupting players and somehow pulling even the most pure ones into the cherry popper thread. But they won't force you, or push you for it.

*Sits his collection of Virgins on his mantel, with the Dai Cross on his chest for exceptional corruption going over and above the call.*

5/19/2012 #366
Roseria Sylvester

Holy cow... you guys post faster than me... pleased to meet ALL of you XD

I actually tend to be EXTREMELY stubborn about lemons- just ask Ticks and she will confirm that. Also, i prefer to play as females- but when i make a male character... he is usually bi anyway.

5/19/2012 #367


I like you already~ c:

5/19/2012 #368
Roseria Sylvester


@ Vendetta: why does this not surprise me XD good luck trying to corrupt me, several have tried- and failed poorly.

5/19/2012 #369

Welcome to the forum! :D

5/19/2012 #370

Hi I'm Clarissa. (to all the noobs I didn't welcome. )

5/19/2012 #371
Little Tokyo Rose


'Tis confusion.

5/20/2012 #372
Mr Jokie

helloo, my names Ibrahim;p, well I'm 16 years old B-), well I live in the uk, i've already enrolled;p, and if there's anything else you wanna know just ask.

6/1/2012 #373
Darling Dai

Hi there! I'm Dai! I'd like to think of myself as one of the least harmful members of this forum as I won't:

a) try to corrupt you

b) get your characters swinging for the other team

c) stick a cactus or other point object up your ass

d) yell at you (unless extremely excited)

So, hi! Welcom to Slut/Swag place. I don't remember, it's changed so much.

And hello, Rose! I'm a little late on that . . *whistles nonchalantly*

6/1/2012 #374
Little Tokyo Rose


I'm Matsu-sama, one of the crazy. . . er bitches on this forum.

I'm not a bitch, just pointing that out okay maybe sometimes.

ANYWAYS, hi. I'll probably try and rape you.

6/1/2012 #375
Mr Jokie

mhhmmmm you can try but you will not succeed with your rape attempts;p

6/1/2012 #376
The Unlogic

And I'm IFR, the one worth least on the forum, and you should just disregard my presence completely.

6/1/2012 #377

Hey there, I'm Manga/Bianca.

I'll try to do b) i.e. try to turn all your male characters gay/bi

I'm apparently the forum's "mom" and try to keep this place peaceful. So don't start a fight, or I'll have to kill ya~

Anyways, welcome~

(And let the betting begin. How long you think s/he's gonna last?)

6/1/2012 #378
Mr Jokie

hellloo there "mommy", well i'll behave myself (some of the time), and good luck with changing my characters team;p

6/1/2012 #379
Little Tokyo Rose

(Not very long, I'll probably scare 'em away in less than a month.)

6/1/2012 #380

Good boy~

And dammit, another stubborn one :P First Zero, then you...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ALL THE YAOI LOVERS ON HERE?! ;-;

(I doubt he'll even last that long once he meets Samar...)

6/1/2012 #381
Mr Jokie

Hmmm I'll take that as a challenge then, prepare to lose in a month;p

6/1/2012 #382
Darling Dai

(What's the point of parenthesis? xD)

6/1/2012 #383

You haven't met wifey :3

(So s/he won't here us. Shhhhh)

6/1/2012 #384
Mr Jokie

Well I'll keep my stubbornness and hope for the best;p, I'll take that as a challenge tooB-), and i would be able to answer your question if i knew what parenthesis is.

6/1/2012 #385
Little Tokyo Rose


KLSDSKJLDHSKJDJ i need to go to the bathroom again

6/1/2012 #386
Darling Dai

() Those are parenthesis. :)

(OHHH. Cool. So it's like whispering? :3)

6/1/2012 #387

(Exactly c:)

6/1/2012 #388
Mr Jokie

ohhhh (i knew that)

6/1/2012 #389
Iron's Grasp

Top of the morn... er... evening.

I'm Iron's Grasp, or Iron if you're feeling like cutting down on the typing. I suppose I should say that I'm new here.

6/1/2012 #390
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