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This is meant to be fun and preferably very funny. The first person posts the first part of a sentence, the the second person completes that sentence and then posts the first part of the next one.

For example:

Coming around a corner unexpectedly, Ned saw...

Jamie making sweet love to a kraken.


Please keep the forum rules in mind. Other than that, pretty much anything goes; feel free to kill characters, put them in twisted sexual situations, etc, the funnier and more random, the better.


So I'll start things off...

When Joffrey got his hand stuck in the cookie jar...

10/30/2011 #1

...he began to cry and call out, "Mommy!"

When Tyrion heard his repulsive nephew cry for his mommy...

11/2/2011 #2

...he stuck a horse's heart inside Joffrey's mouth and placed a scorpion in the cookie jar. (Oh wait... that's what I would do.)

When one of Daenerys' dragons went missing...

(Question... is there supposed to be some form of continuity in this thing?)

11/3/2011 #3

(Question... is there supposed to be some form of continuity in this thing?)

There can be, but there doesn't have to be. Sometimes it's fun to sort of write a bit of an ongoing story, but don't feel like you have to.


...Jorah finally found it in a cookie jar on the beach with the remains of a scorpion's tail and one of Joffrey's finger bones. (I have no idea how they knew it was Joffrey's finger bone, and I do apologize for my lack of creative ideas.)

Jorah recognized the finger bone as Joffrey's, because...

11/3/2011 #4

...the nails were painted a bright shade of pink. (Sorry. Implausible... but dang... he's such a girl.)

A strange wind blew and Drogo's ashes gathered together, making him whole again, before one magical breath brought him back to life, because...

11/7/2011 #5

...the sun had risen in the west that morning and was now setting in the east.

Walking around a corner in the palace, Littlefinger was surprised to see...

11/8/2011 #6

...a dragon, a lion, a stag and a direwolf playing poker.

Littlefinger scratches his head, his mouth agape. He thinks to himself...

11/15/2011 . Edited 11/15/2011 #7

..."Seven Hells! I can't believe Westeros has come to this sad state... The beasts are playing a Game of Poker and I'm not in it?"

He quirks an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side when he realizes...

11/15/2011 #8

The lion is cheating. The stag is too drunk to function. The dragon has hiccups and keeps breathing fire on his cards. The direwolf doesn't know how to play poker.

Littlefinger decides to...

11/15/2011 #9

...make like the Mad King and scream, "Kill Them All!!!"

The Kingsguard overhears Littlefinger and...

11/15/2011 #10
Bess Woodville
... And Varys cradling their baby. [b] Then Viserys held up a... [/b]
12/13/2012 #11

...Joffrey's painted finger bone, and desides to get his fingers painted like that. Dany wants to paint them because...

3/24/2013 #12
...let's face it, Viserys is more of a girl than she is. Joffrey confined himself to his room because...
4/28/2013 #13
...let's face it, Viserys is more of a girl than she is. Joffrey confined himself to his room because...
4/28/2013 #14

He wanted to cry over lost finger and his now damaged manicure. They cost a lot in Westros don't you know.

Cersei heard her son crying and

5/27/2014 #15
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