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Introduce yourself (if you want), so we can sort of get to know each other a bit!

You can leave out any fields you don't feel like telling, and your name definitely doesn't have to be your real one. Use a nickname or your pen-name if you want.





Favourite Character(s):

Favourite Ship(s):

Least Favourite Ship(s):


How you became a fan of GoT:


So here's my intro form filled out as an example:

Name: Rosawyn

Age: Getting older all the time.

Location: Canada

Favourite Character(s): Jon Snow

Favourite Ship(s): Ned/Cate, Robb/Theon, Jon/Sam, Daenerys/Drogo, Jorah/Daenerys

Least Favourite Ship(s): Jaime/Cersei, Cersei/Lancel, Robb/Jon, Jon/ yeah, basically any and all incest pairings you could ever think of. And Ned/Cersei; because I just hate the very idea of them EVER being together in any way, shape, or form.

Gender: F

How you became a fan of GoT: My youngest brother mentioned he was looking for some new "manly" show to watch and that Game of Thrones looked like it fit the bill. I did a quick Google and came to the conclusion that it looked like exactly the sort of thing I love. Seriously, there are no where near enough shows (or even movies) like this!

11/1/2011 . Edited 11/2/2011 #1

Name: Gabbi

Age: 24

Location: Right here.

Favourite Character(s): Robb Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, basically every member of the Stark family, Daenerys

Favourite Ship(s): Not sure if I have a favorite. I do enjoy the Robb/OC, Jon/OC stories in this fandom. From the show, I'd have to say that my favorite couple would be Drogo/Dany, mainly because they're the romance that really stands out.

Least Favourite Ship(s): Any incest/slash pairings... just not my cup of tea.

Gender: F

How you became a fan of GoT: My cousin recommended it to me. Got hooked from the first episode onwards.

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #2

Hi, Gabbi! Welcome! :)

My cousin recommended it to me. Got hooked from the first episode onwards.

:) Kind of like how my brother sort of recommended it to me (well, actually, he wasn't sure I'd like it and warned me about all the graphic violence and sex, but he was the one who drew my attention to it's existence).

Anyway, again, let me say welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for things that could make the forum better.

11/3/2011 #3

Name: Call me Shahz or Zadi, or any new nickname you feel compelled to make up for me ;)

Age: I'm a minor as of yet

Location: USA

Favorite characters: Robb Stark, Jon Snow (omg I love Jon 3) Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister (duh), Bran and Arya.

Favorite ship(s): I am so early in this fandom that I have yet to decide... I like and agree with all the canon ships in the show thus far.

Least favorite ships(s): It's too early for me to know :/

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: My first love (and I love them still) were the Yorks and the Lancasters, the competing houses in the English Wars of the Roses during the fifteenth century. I got into that mostly through Philippa Gregory's books, which I believe are an epic compilation of that tumultuous time period. Through Google and net-surfing I discovered that George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fireseries based the house of Stark and the house of Lannister on that of York and Lancaster, and that the power struggles imbued throughout his novels were inspired by the ones that occurred in real history. I recently got a Tumblr and many of the blogs I followed posted these amazing and gorgeous .gifs from Game of Thrones, the TV show. I found the show online and started watching. And now, it has taken over my life. I'm sure you all can relate.

I have not read the books yet, which is a travesty and makes me feel ashamed of myself. But as soon as I get myself to a bookstore, I'm sure GoT will doubly take over my life.

11/9/2011 #4

Name: The Lost Pages

Age: Young enough that none of my friends read this awesome series

Location: Canada

Favourite Character(s): Arya, Jon, Robb, Sam, Tyrion, and Jaime

Favourite Ship(s): Jon/Sam (friendship), Ned/Catelyn, and I like the friendships that Tyrion seems to fall into

Least Favourite Ship(s): Daenerys/Khal Drogo, Robert Tully and his creepy mom (I know it's a mother/ son relationship, but it's pretty bad)

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: I'm an avid reader and adore both Narnia and Lord of the Rings. So, I was browsing through my local library and found that the GOT books had over like 100 holds for only 5 copies. Right then I knew that the series was right for me. Plus, Boromir is in it!

11/29/2011 #5

Hullo all.

Name: Bobadoo

Age: 21

Location: Currently Kuwait but normally Minnesota, USA.

Favorite Character: Jon Snow hands down.

Favorite Ship: Jon/OC (mostly because I'm trying to write one of my own lol) Ned/Cat, Drogo/Dany

Least Favorite: Cersei/Jamie

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: Well, at first I was interested in the show because I'm a huge Sean Bean fan and it was practically Boromir reincarnate but before I watched it, I wanted to read the book. Now I'm making my way through book one while watching the show as I go. Fantastic work both of these. I'm quite surprised I didn't catch them before.

12/20/2011 #6
with the monsters

Hi guys :) Rosawyn pointed me in this direction for which I am very grateful!

Name: Ellie

Age: eighteen

Location: England, but I'm moving to Paris on January 1st

Favourite Character(s): Sansa Stark, Robb Stark

Favourite Ship(s): Robb/Danaerys, Sansa/Theon, Loras/Renly, Ned/Catelyn, Cersei/Jaime, Robb/Theon, Robert/Lyanna. (idk I think I like really unpopular pairings.)

Least Favourite Ship(s): Sansa/Tyrion, Sansa/Sandor, Jon/Danaerys, Ned/Cersei, Sansa/Joffrey.

Gender: female

How you became a fan of GoT: I started reading the books a couple of months ago because they'd been recommended to me and I was stuck au pairing in France without a lot to do during the day with a new Kindle, so I wanted a long series to read - which it certainly is! And then I started watching the TV series because I thought the cast was so flawless and now I'm completely hooked.

12/27/2011 #7

Hi and welcome, everyone! :) Please feel free to jump into any of the games or discussions. I know things aren't extremely lively, but that can change with more people participating, so don't be shy! :)

I would very much like it if any of you have any ideas for fanfiction challenges; I have a thread where I post daily (sort of a lie; I don't usually get around to updating it every day) prompts, but I'd love to see some full-fledged challenges. I'd start my own, but I can't think of anything at the moment...

12/31/2011 #8

Name: April :3

Age: 16

Location: England

Favourite Character(s): Urgh! Hard. I love Tyrion, Arya and Jon Snow.

Favourite Ship(s): Don't really have a favourite ship. But it would have to be either: Daenerys/Drogo

Least Favourite Ship(s): None. Although, Cersei/Jamie is a little weird, but I can do it:3

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: Tumblr made me a fan because it popped up all over my dash one time and wanted to find out what it was. My dad had the first book, but he got bored and he's not really a book reader so I read it and became addicted and then bought the rest of the books;) I still yet to watch the T.V season. I'm waiting for that to arrive on boxset so I can finally have it in my hands:3

2/17/2012 #9

Name: Rachel

Age: One minute longer than a minute ago

Location: Glasgow

Favourite Character(s): Arya Stark and Daenerys

Favourite Ship(s): Not really into ships but most of the canons.

Least Favourite Ship(s): SLASH

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: I was browsing on the internet last month and discovered that Game of Thrones, Series 2 was starting on April 1st. Then, I went on YouTube and watched some clips and fanvids, and started watching all the episodes. Am now eagerly awaiting the next (hopefully) amazing books. :)

3/7/2012 #10

Name: Breea

Age: Old...I think it's in my profile

Location: Midwest

Favourite Character(s): Robb, Jon, Arya

Favourite Ship(s): I like to write about my OCs so usually those. Can't think of a ship that I'd write about that isn't in the show.

Least Favourite Ship(s): Any slash. Jaime/Cersi weirds me out in the book/show.

Gender: F

How you became a fan of GoT: Someone linked the preview on facebook. Looked like it was right up my alley and I love anything with Sean Bean. By the time I started watching the show it was 4 or 5 episodes in- I watched each episode 3 times in that week. When I love a TV show or a book 9 times out of 10 I'll have a story in my head about it. I was actually one of the first 3 people to post a story on for the GOT tv show fandom. A cooworker let me borrow the first 2 books- currently I have them all on my Kindle and I'm 40% of the way through the 5th book. They are fantastic reads.

I am super geeked for season 2. I can almost guarantee we'll have an influx of stories the beginning of April after the season begins. The 2nd book was my favorite so this season should be very cool. Look forward to reading some of your good works while hopefully contributing some of my own.

3/15/2012 #11

Hi new people! Welcome. Sorry the forum hasn't been very active. I personally have been enjoying a multi-fandom forum: The Reviews Lounge, Too. You might want to check it out too.

4/3/2012 #12

Name: Anissa

Age: 23

Location: France

Favorite Character: Robb, Arya, Ned, Jon, Jaime

Favorite Ship(s): None on the show. However, I do like some Robb/OC, Jon/OC and Jaime/OC.

Least Favourite Ship(s): Jaime/Cercei

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: I remember a lot of people talking about it online and I told myself I should see it sometime. One day, I read a tweet from Bethany Joy Lenz who mentioned something about Dany and Drogo's love and then I decided to watch the show for real. I was completely confused at first, then frustrated and then hooked, ha.

4/4/2012 #13

Welcome Anissa! :)

4/7/2012 #14

Name: Lilgenious

Age: 20

Location: France

Favourite Characters: Jon, Eddard Stark, Arya

How I became a fan of GoT: I just read the second book but I plan on watching the first season when I next have a chance. I am rather interested in the TV show and cannot wait to see how good it is.

Sorry this is so boring! I read the books but sadly have not watched the shows yet. That will change soon.

4/11/2012 #15
Luna Elen

Name: Luna

Age: 17

Location: United States

Favourite Character(s): Tyrion, Jon Snow, and Daenerys

Favourite Ship(s): Daenerys/Drogo, Daenerys/Ser Jorah, Tyrion/Shay.

Least Favourite Ship(s): Cersei/Ned, Daenerys/Jon, Joffery/Sansa

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: My friends recommended that I read the books, and I caved in! So glad I did :D I'm going to write a Game of Thrones fanfiction soon.

7/22/2012 #16
Warrior- airbender

Name: I am called warrior airbender

Age: I whether not say....

Location: Washington State (USA)

Favorite Character(s): Jon snow and much more to come.

Favorite Ship(s): Daenerys, Sansa, and Tyrion.

Least Favorite Ship(s): None

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: I was bored one day and was looking to find something to watch until Game of thrones caught my interest. Since then I gotten hooked and was surprised that it was based from the books. I hadn't read any of the books, but one day I will. When I have the money to buy the book collection once the books are complete.

11/12/2012 . Edited 11/13/2012 #17
Bess Woodville
Name: Diana Bucura Age: 14 in 3 days! Location: Bucharest, Romania Favourite Character(s): Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister. Favourite Ship(s): Visarrianne; Viserys/Arrianne (OTP), Jaime/Cersei, Sansa/Harry the heir, Theon/Asha, Sansa/Joffrey/Margaery and Daenerys/Daario. Least Favourite Ship(s): Daenerys/Khal Drogo cause they killed Vissie!, Sansan(Sansa and Sandor), Gendrya (Gendry/Arya) Gender: Female How you became a fan of GoT: I was recommended them by my history teacher.
12/12/2012 #18
Lady Fountainhead

Hullo all!


Age: 22

Location: I'm always traveling

Favourite Character(s): Sansa & Catelyn Stark, Jaime & Tyrion Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Samwell Tarly, & Jon Snow (occasionally)

Favourite Ship(s): Brienne/Jaime, Catelyn/Ned, Jon/Daenerys, Tyrion/Tysha

Least Favourite Ship(s): Theon/Robb, Theon/Jon, Theon/Sansa, Catelyn/Jaime, Tyrion/Sansa


How you became a fan of GoT: My mum handed me the book. No turning back. Then she handed me the DVD's. Life was complete.

1/10/2013 #19

Name: Ashlee

Age: Old enough

Location: Australia

Favourite Character(s): Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo

Favourite Ship(s): Dany x Drogo

Least Favourite Ship(s): Any incest ones mainly..., I really cant stand it

Gender: F

How you became a fan of GoT: It came on TV one day and I saw a Dany and Drogo moment and had to watch from the very beginning.

2/27/2013 #20

Name: Ecogirl11

Location: USA

Favourite Character(s): jeez this is hard, prob. Tyrion, Arya, Jon Snow, Daenerys

Favourite Ship(s): I have an obsesion with Jonerys (Daenerys and Jon). I ship them so much! Also, Renly and Loras, Robb and Talisa (ik she's not in the book, but I like her more then Jeyne), and Jaime and Brienne

Least Favourite Ship(s): Sansa Sandor, Dany Jorah, the insest ones


How you became a fan of GoT: My dad and sister both watched it and I thought I'd give it a try. By the end of episode 1 I was hooked! I've now read the first three books, am writing a fan fiction (pls check it out), and am a HUGE GoT geek!

3/24/2013 #21



Location: Canada

Favourite Character(s): Varys, Daenerys, and Sansa (I know *gasp*)

Favourite Ship(s): Sansa/Jaime, Ned/Catelyn, Daenerys/Drogo

Least Favourite Ship(s):Petyr/Sansa (ick)


How you became a fan of GoT: Saw the first season and absolutely fell in love with the world. Have not read the books, but love the show.

4/25/2013 #22
Name: Jenna Age: I have seen many winters Location: The United Lands of America Favorite characters: Tyrion, Sansa, Sandor, Arya, Ned, Bronn, Daenerys, Jorah, Jon Snow Favorite ships: Sansa/Sandor (OTP), Tyrion/Shae, Tyrion/Bronn (BroTP), Daenerys/Jorah, Arya/Gendry, Jaime/Brienne Least favorite ships: Joffrey/Sansa, Littlefinger/Sansa, all the incest ships (I ship incest in a couple other fandoms but definitely not this one) Gender: Female How you became a fan of GoT: I had heard a lot of great things about the books/show and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I read the first book in a week and then started the show and I am thoroughly obsessed. I'm almost done with A Clash of Kings and can't wait to read the other books! :)
4/28/2013 #23

Name: FiveExclamations

Age: Me and Sandor Clegane, 'bout the same age.

Location: UK

Favourite Character(s): Sandor Clegane, Arya, Brienne.

Favourite Ship(s): Sandor/Sansa is interesting, possibly Brienne/Jaime, I'm a sucker for good woman redeems villain I'm only just starting to read GOT fic so I may have more to add later.

Least Favourite Ship(s): None so far (see above).

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: Saw the first book on the shop shelf, read the back, it was on special offer and the rest is history.

5/9/2013 #24

Name: Sloan :)

Age: 15

Location: Pft, you wish you knew.

Favourite Character(s): Tyrion, Eddard. Nuff said.

Favourite Ship(s): Too early in the fandom to decide. :/

Least Favourite Ship(s):

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: You, Rosa.


5/29/2013 #25
Tempest Rulz

Name(s): Telcontar Rulz and Aulendil (We're a joint sister and brother team)

Location: Somewhere in Westeros.

Age: 20

Favourite characters: Telcontar likes Robb, Jon, Arya, Jaime, and Tyrion and Aulendil isn't here to speak for himself.

Favourite ships: Telcontar is obsessed with Robb/Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries or Robb/Elena Gilbert, also from the Vampire Diaries.

Least favourite: Not a big fan of slash pairings in general.

6/3/2013 #26
Lady Eleanor Boleyn


Name: Eleanor, though I've gone by many a variation of Eleanor in the past, take your pick!

Age: 19

Favourite characters: Danerys, Sansa, Robb, Bran. Catelyn too, I suppose. Jon Snow. Margaery in the show.

Favourite Pairings: Dany/Robb, Jon/Ygritte...Robb/Talisa

Least favourite: Don't really have one :)

How I became a fan: A friend on the Tudors forum recommended them :)

4/22/2014 . Edited 4/22/2014 #27

Name: DarylDixon'sgirl1985 (you can call me DD for short if you like)

Age: I'm not dead yet.

Location: PA

Favourite Character(s): Tyrion, Robb, Jon, Jaime, Ned, Arya, and Sansa

Favourite Ship(s): Tyrion/Sansa, Jaime/Arya, Jaime/Sansa, and Ned/Catelyn

Least Favourite Ship(s): Cersei/Jaime

Gender: Female

How you became a fan of GoT: I was flipping through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch and just happened to land on Game of Thrones. I found it quite interesting and have become a big fan ever since.

4/22/2014 #28
Captain Autora
Name: call me Cap or Autora, I'm good with anything really. Age: I'm an upcoming senior in high school. Do the math. Location: le USA Favorite Characters: Daenerys, Tyrion and Jorah. Favorite ships: Margaery/Sansa, Dany/Doreah (before she betrayed Dany and all) slightly Dany/Jorah and Dany/Drogo Least Favorite Ships: Daario/Dany. That's all honestly. Gender: Female How you became a fan of GoT: I heard a lot about it and grabbed the first book during the summer. Finished it in four days and went on to the next book. I then caught on with the series and have loved it ever since.
5/26/2014 #29

Name: Ash888


Location: UK

Favourite Character(s): Arya, Jon and Tyrion

Favourite Ship(s):

Least Favourite Ship(s):


How you became a fan of GoT: Saw the trailer for season 1 before it all started, have since read the books too

8/22/2014 #30
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