A Very Starship Roleplay
The crew of Starship 15-A2 have returned to Earth for planetary leave, but troubles such as a somehow-still-alive Junior and the small matter of trying to save the universe from a second Robot War has made this vacation far from relaxing.
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Aww, poor Emily. D8 To cheer us all up (although it's not a very cheerful drabble)...



"You are nothing like my boyfriend, Tootsie Noo-dells."

"Yeah, well-" Junior froze, turning to face the robot. "Wait, what?"

"I said, 'You are not half the man as my boyfriend-'" Ultrabeam Megagirl turned to face him, what remained of Junior's heart splintering into a million pieces as she slowly enunciated the next two words, "'- Tootsie Noo-dells.'"

No. No, no, nononono...

He hoped foolishly that she was lying, although he knew that robots couldn't lie.

One word- no, no, no- ran through his head as he incredulously asked her if she was serious.

She was.

Junior's facade was beginning to chip away. He put his face in his hands so she wouldn't see the pained expression on his face. He hoped she mistook his sobs for laughter. Junior had heard Tootsie's awed "Wow, she's shiny!" when he had introduced the Rangers to Megagirl, but he had thought nothing of it at the time. Junior had been an idiot; he had waited too long, he hadn't acted fast enough, and now it was too late.

Tootsie Noodles was in love. With a robot.

Junior masked his anguish as humor, and he turned to the only solution he could think of. He insulted Tootsie's relationship with Megagirl. He spat a thousand names, a thousand accusations, hoping that Megagirl would believe him and leave Tootsie (although each slander against Tootsie was like acid on Junior's soul.) Then the adorable country pumpkin from Farm Planet would go running back to Junior, back into his arms, and Junior would hold him and comfort him and heal the wounds on poor Tootsie's heart, and Tootsie would be his, his for the rest of time.

But Megagirl wouldn't listen to him. She wouldn't believe him, no matter what he said.

As he realized that his plan wasn't working, Junior's mind desperately switched to his only other option.

Junior had never liked sharing his toys, no matter how much his mother had tried to persuade him to, and Tootsie Noodles was so much more than a toy to him. He had made up his mind before he reached the the back of Megagirl's neck, his fingers closing on the inhibitor chip attached there. As he yanked it out, he prayed silently for Tootsie's forgiveness.

But if Junior couldn't have Tootsie Noodles, nobody could.

1/14/2012 #31

And now a Jarriva oneshot/drabble thing I wrote.


"So look out- it's around every corner!

There's something magical in the air!

Don't hide; you can't run or ignore there

Is beauty; beauty everywhere!

Beauty everywhere...

Beauty everywhere!"

The words had haunted Junior as he died. They had been one of the few things he had perceived through the haze of smoke and pain. Those idiotic Starship Rangers had been only a short ways away from him, merrily singing their cutesy little songs, oblivious to the sounds of his screams and the sickening, crunching noises the bug larvae were making as they ate him alive. He had fallen unconscious shortly after the final note, vaguely registering the approach of his father's backup crew- his saviours, he later (begrudgingly) admitted.

He had heard that song every night since then. He heard it in his nightmares, a mockingly, jarringly cheerful backing track to his visions of being devoured by hungry bugs. He heard it when he awoke, staying in his head even after his terrified shaking and pacing had faded away. More recently, however, it had played irritatingly in his head whenever he looked at Sarriva.

It was strange that a song he so strongly associated with death should so perfectly fit the person whom he so strongly associated with life.

Sarriva had been the one light in all of this darkness, this silly trip on a stolen starship to who-knew-where to accomplish a fool's errand. Junior had been tempted to give up several times- to just abandon them to their fate, to go on the run like an outlaw as he waited for the inevitable destruction of the universe, to maybe get it over with and simply kill himself with a drug overdose. He didn't fit in. The others, they were all knights in shining armor with noble plans and nobler intentions. Junior was not. He was a pessimist who had only gotten himself into this mess by being too bad to be good and too good to be bad. He was concerned with saving his own skin and nobody else's. He was a coward and a liar, he knew that- and he was ashamed of it.

The shame hit him like a ton of bricks whenever Up forced himself to send Taz on the most dangerous missions despite his fierce protectiveness over her, because he knew that she was their finest soldier who wouldn't have it any other way. Whenever Jay would hold ary and comfort her until her nightmares had passed away, though he suffered from his own dreams of blood and torture and familiar faces with unfamiliar minds. Whenever Tasmine saw Alex slip a shot of brandy into his morning coffee but didn't stop him, because she knew he needed it to get through the day, even though she worried that Alex was becoming increasingly dependent on it. Whenever James would talk to Tantie for hours on end about the most trivial things, because he understood that she needed to hear his voice to know that he was still alive.

A thousand little acts of kindness, of compassion, and each one alienated Junior farther and farther from the group. He knew that he couldn't do any of those little acts- not because he didn't want to, but because he didn't know how. He had been pushing away the ones he loved for eight years now, for a variety of excuses. He had grown used to cold silences, to curt words and closed doors. He had tried to starve his heart as one might a particularly stubborn weed, denying himself any affection. He had forced himself to remain distant from others, because if he loved nobody, nobody could be used to hurt him. None of them understood that mentality. None of them except Sarriva.

She understood, and she accepted him for the hateful, lying coward that he believed himself to be.

However, it seemed as though she was breaking down the barriers that he had so carefully preserved throughout the years. He found himself becoming fond of the one person who would understand if he remained distant. It was funny, he supposed, in the ironic way so favored by old-fashioned novelists.

If anyone had told Junior that he would fall in love with a Wiynr, that he would be attracted to a Wiynr, he would have asked what they were selling and how much it cost. And yet...

He found himself smiling at the things she said.

He found himself laughing at her dry, witty remarks.

He found himself missing her when she was gone.

Furthermore, he found himself watching her as she idly turned the pages of a book. Observing the way the sunlight fell upon her skin. Observing as those beautiful green eyes scanned line after line of poetry or prose. Observing the way that her soft, smooth fur was the dark gray of a stormcloud as opposed to the metallic sheen of silver. He mostly just watched her, but there were other things, too. How he allowed his hand to linger on hers for just an extra moment when he passed her a book. How a shiver went down his spine when her eyes locked onto his. How, more frequently now, he wanted to catch her face in his hands and press his lips to hers-

Junior always forced himself to cut off that thought before it could go too far.

But yes, Sarriva was certainly beautiful, on both the inside and out.

Maybe he did have one more shot at life.

Maybe he could learn to love again.

1/14/2012 #32


Dying from the squee.


1/14/2012 #33

I'm glad you liked. :D

1/14/2012 #34

It was beautiful :'D

1/14/2012 #35

:D Yaaaay!

I like the Jarriva, but the Jootsie didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. XP Ah, well.

1/14/2012 #36

Yes...poor insane Emily....muahahahahaha. I think I'll have her eventually join Lecter.

1/14/2012 #37

So, I have two possible challenges for you. Both are pairings.

1. Brown/Hupes


2/5/2012 #38

Wow.....I want to read brown hupes but I won't write it.

2/5/2012 #39

XD Lol. I'll probably try to write both of 'em sometime.

2/5/2012 #40

Carys never did and up writing the one fic....

2/5/2012 #41

Okay, so this idea was given to me from a rather interesting dream I had the other night (don't blame me, I don't control my brain when it's asleep)... Yeah. It's really weird but I think it could be really funny too.

Challenge: Write an AU story (oneshot, drabble, whatever) where Taz's body gets taken over by Tiffany from MAMD, who then tries to seduce Up.

3/27/2012 #42

Oh. My. God.

3/27/2012 #43

OMFG. Golden. This is the best.

3/27/2012 #44

You should do it Carys.

3/27/2012 #45

I would definitely do this if it weren't for the fact that I know very little about Tiffany, having never watched MAMD, and would likely get it completely wrong.

But I look forward to seeing any efforts made by others.

3/27/2012 #46

LOL Tiffany....XD

3/27/2012 #47

Also, by the time I come back (25th April), I wanna see something here. This is your mission. 'KAY BYEEEE, MISS YOU 3

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I actually have another challenge for people to pick them, should they so choose:

Write something with a pairing between the Wiynr characters, or just loving interaction. (Like Kamala/Pam mother-son fluff. Hint hint, Faye. ;D ) Could be Pam/Ren (which I would be interested to see,) Parriva, Sarriva/Ren, Astra/Ren, Astra/Pam, Ren/Kamala (O_O), etc. Preferably not Kamala/Pam or Sarriva/Astra romance, though, because that's incest and I'll admit that it's sort of squicky to me.

4/8/2012 #49

So I took on my own challenge. I was bored one night and don't even ask. It kind of just... stops at the end and that's because it's not finished, but I had no idea what to write next so this is all you get. Enjoy... I'm gonna regret this the second I post but whatever.


When Tiffany first woke up after the party at Bethany's the previous night (and a little something something with at least two more members of the football team), nothing at all seemed different or strange to her. Keeping her eyes tightly closed, she let out a small happy sigh as she curled up even further into the warm body next to her. That was when she got the first inkling that something was wrong. That something just didn't feel right.

Confused, Tiffany reluctantly peeked open an eye to see, not the member of the football team she had expected, but the bare torso of a man she had never seen before. There was no way she had been THAT drunk, she'd barely had one can of beer the guy at the liquor store kept giving her.

The strange man had slightly messy grey hair, and a moustache of the same colour. Before Tiffany began to freak out, she noticed his features looked a great deal younger than his hair made her believe him to be. There was a rather noticeable scar over his left eye, and many smaller scars all over the left side if his body. Strangely, there were barely any on the right. Scars or no scars, Tiffany noticed with delight that his body was certainly better than that football player's. But still, there was more that felt wrong.

She carefully pried his arm off from around her waist, climbing out of the bed. Taking a look around the room, she felt even more confused than before. It looked to be made mostly out of metal, and there were some scarily modern-looking objects around the room.

Biting her lip, which again just felt weird, Tiffany walked slightly unsteadily through a door leading to the room's en suite bathroom. Heading over to the basin, she was completely perplexed on why nothing felt normal. She walked in front of the mirror, and jumped as a small Hispanic woman with short dark hair and brown eyes appeared in the glass.

"W. T. Fuck?" Tiffany whispered, her eyes widening as the woman copied her every action perfectly. Even when she whispered, her voice came out with a thick accent - maybe Mexican? She felt her heart rate increase as panic began to set in.

This could not be happening. She could not be in some random room with some random guy, in some random body! She had to tell Vanessa, she would believe her, wouldn't she? It was the job of a BFF after all. Yet as Tiffany stared at the small Mexican in her reflection, she had the horrible thought that she might not see her friend ever again.

"OMG, OMG, OMG," she kept repeating to herself quietly, pacing the bathroom and trying to ignore the way 'her' accent was affecting the way she spoke. She must still be asleep. That had to be it. "I mean, like, this is totally impossible," she said to no-one, rolling her eyes and smiling. "I'm totes just dreaming!" She gleefully pinched her arm, letting out a cry of pain as she did not wake up, instead receiving a small red mark on her arm.

"Taz?" a voice called from the bedroom, male and laced with a southern accent. Tiffany froze, trying not to panic even more as she heard the name being called. Could it be... me? Tiffany wondered, looking once more at her new reflection in the mirror.

This 'Taz' person obviously had a very different style from Tiffany's. She was wearing what looked like yesterday's clothes, a plain white tank top and camouflage pants, and there even remained a hideous bulky pair of combat boots on both her feet. Tiffany was NOT liking the look of this one little bit.

"Taz?" The voice called again, sounding slightly worried. "Are you okay?"

Tiffany grimaced for a second, waving her hands around as she madly tried to think of a suitable response. She had never done very well in Drama.

"Um... I'm fine!" she called back, fully aware of how pitiful she sounded.

6/3/2012 #50

XD Nice.

6/3/2012 #51

yes good

6/3/2012 #52

I don't know why I wrote this exactly. But I did. So here. It's AU, obviously. That's about it.


Kray wasn't entirely sure what he was thinking as he perched on the second-story window of the Miami home, looking into the room and barely making out the outline of what he knew was Rebecca Thompson's bed in the darkness. He had only traveled into the future a few hours prior, and his head was still trying to handle the rush of memories that had assaulted it upon arriving his arrival in Miami nine years after his own time. He didn't know how exactly it had happened, or why, but here he was again.

Krayonder Moses was eighteen, and had just begun his training to become a Starship Ranger. He was a young man who still acted like a child, who used too much surfer lingo and who had never felt loved, not even by his family. At least, that's how he was in his own time. In the future, with his memories of the first time travel, he was Kray. He had started to mature, started to not say the word "man" every sentence, and for the first time ever he had felt like he mattered. And it was all because he could remember the one person who changed his life for the few short months they'd had together.

And after having a talk with Jamie he knew it could only last two more hours. Why it was so much shorter than when he had been fifteen Kray didn't know, but he did know that once he went back to his own time he would forget everything once more, and grow up to be Krayonder Moses, a twenty-six - now twenty-seven in this time - year old who acted like a child, used too much surfer lingo and who didn't remember the only time he ever felt truly loved.

Cautiously stepping through the window into Rebecca's room, Kray tried to be as quiet as possible so not to wake her up. There was a huge part of him that wanted to run over there , to wake her up and take her into his arms, to kiss her and to tell her over and over that he loved her, but he knew he had to control those urges. He could vividly remember the look on her face the last time she had seen him go, the tears running out of her eyes that looked so pained as he had hoarsely whispered, "Rebecca, I lo-". The thought of seeing that again in only two hours killed him.

Kray reached the foot of Rebecca's bed, and in the silent room he could hear the soft sound of her breathing, see her sleeping form underneath the covers of her bed. He couldn't help but wonder how old she would be in his own time, and after a moment of quick calculation he determined she would be seven. Only seven. Still a child, and a young one at that, when he was physically a man. It seemed so crazy to Kray, almost incomprehensible, and he had to stop thinking about it, instead refocusing on the shape on the bed that was the girl he loved.

He knew that this was wrong, that it would only cause him more pain and risk waking her up, but after a moment he simply couldn't take it anymore. Moving to the empty side of the bed, he slowly lifted the covers and climbed in, careful not to disturb Rebecca. He lay down beside her, feeling the warmth of her body next to his, and as his eyes adjusted he began to make out her face. Even in the darkness it appeared older, which was understandable as it had been a year since Kray was last in the future. But there was something else about it that made it seem older, something that made it look as though she had been through a good deal in the year he had been missing.

Before Kray could think about that for much longer, Rebecca started to move. She was still fast asleep, he could tell, but that didn't stop him from feeling like he was about to have a heart attack as she curled up to him, an arm draping over him as her head came to rest on his chest. Before he could help himself his arms were suddenly around her and holding her tightly - he had obviously had a growth spurt, she seemed shorter than he remembered - feeling her curly hair which fell well past her shoulders - she'd been growing it out - and smelling her shampoo - she'd changed from mango to strawberry - wishing he never had to let her go again. But he knew he only had so much time left.

As he planted a featherlight kiss to the top of her head Kray's eyes suddenly filled with tears, and soon they were overflowing and falling onto Rebecca's pillow. The small doubts he'd had were right. This had been a bad idea. Because although being here with Rebecca again somehow felt...right, a big part of him was wishing that he had never felt it in the first place, because now that he had he was going to lose it. But he still did not pull away from her.

That is, until his watch gave a short beep that signaled he only had five minutes before he would disappear back to his own time. He flinched, but Rebecca only made a small noise before slipping back into her sleep. Feeling a part of himself almost die as he did so, Kray carefully pried himself away from Rebecca and left the bed, frantically looking around the room for something, anything he could use to do what he wanted to do.

After a few minutes of searching Kray was beginning to panic that he would run out of time, so when he came across a tube of red lipstick that it looked like Rebecca had borrowed from her mother, he decided to go with it. Twisting it open he moved over to the clearest wall in her room, beginning to write. The vivid red stood out well on the wall, but as the seconds ticked down the visibility seemed so much less important than getting his message to her finished. He glanced down as his watched as he wrote, his handwriting becoming messier and messier as he rushed.





"Please, no."


Rebecca jerked awake at the sound of the lipstick tube hitting the floor. She rubbed her eyes, confused by the small amount of light in her room that signaled the sun had only just started to rise. What had woken her? She was just about to sit up when she noticed something seemed...strange. The covers on the other side of her bed had been thrown back, and there was a small imprint on the bed that showed someone had been there. Then there was the scent. The scent that took Rebecca a moment to recognise, but when she did she let out a small gasp. There was nobody else it could be. Even after a year with him gone she knew.

She did sit up then, looking around the room and feeling confused, and just a little bit heartbroken, to see it empty. As her eyes swept the room again she noticed something on the wall opposite her, and she quickly moved over to her light switch. The room was illuminated, and then she could clearly see the red letters on the wall, the handwriting unmistakably his.

I'm sorry I didn't wake you up. I just couldn't do it. I just miss you so much Shortie. I don't want to forget again. But I will. This is Kray if you didn't get it. I should've put that first but I'm stupid. But you love me anyway for some crazy reason. And Rebecca I lo

She walked over to the wall, bending down and picking up the lipstick. It was still warm. That meant he had been standing there just moments ago, he had lay there beside here for how long she didn't know, and now he was gone again. It seemed like dead god had decided to be cruel to her, to Kray, to them, not letting him finish saying his feelings to her for the second time. And so Rebecca fell to her knees as she felt her heart break all over again, the sobs starting as she realised that the pain of losing Kray had never really gone away. And it never would.

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(also, come talk to us, we love you. *huggles*)




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(*huggles* I tried coming on but then I saw a Doctor Who spoiler so WELP)

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(Oh, okay. *huggles* There are PMs, if you want to talk? :D Though I'm gonna be sleeping now.)

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