Twilight: the next generation
The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Derek: *kisses her back*

Derek2: Well right now you are driving...

9/9/2012 #4,981

Nick: *picks her up and brings her to the kitchen* What do you want?

9/9/2012 #4,982

Pandora: you haven't kissed me for months *raising an eye brow*

9/9/2012 #4,983

Stephen: he said you should know where he is

9/9/2012 #4,984

" I'm not trying to kill myself I'm trying to make the pain go away." Faith whimpers out and curls up in a ball crying " Chris you need to call your mom and ask to stay with her, you need to take Chase and just go to New York, you can do your job from there and you'll be fine and everything will be fine and you'll have Chase and you can call me while I'm in the hospital and everything will be good." she yells out to him standing up going over to the bed.

9/9/2012 #4,985

Chris: I a not going to new york I live here

9/9/2012 #4,986

Elena sighs, "People yawn all the time." she says, looking away. "I can't sleep."

9/9/2012 #4,987

Jada: Mac an cheese!

9/9/2012 #4,988

Derek2: Im sorry Panda, Ive had a lot on my mind

9/9/2012 #4,989

Stephen: why not?

9/9/2012 #4,990

Nick: Lets go find mommy then

9/9/2012 #4,991

Faith2 wraps her arms around him pulling him close

9/9/2012 #4,992

Pandora: chole and nick were fine months ago and you still didn't kiss me *pulling up to the hospital*

9/9/2012 #4,993

Kim: Apparently I should know a lot of things then. I have no idea where he is.

9/9/2012 #4,994

Stephen shakes his head "he will be back so it is all good I hope"

9/9/2012 #4,995

Jada: Okay dada!

9/9/2012 #4,996

Derek: Im sorry Panda, but they arent the only things on my mind

9/9/2012 #4,997

Elena bites her lip, shrugging slightly. "Nightmares."

9/9/2012 #4,998

" Then ask your mom to come here, to help you while I'm gone." Faith says looking around for something.

9/9/2012 #4,999

Derek: *rests his forehead against hers*

Nick: Where should we look first?

9/9/2012 #5,000
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