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The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Derek: *shakes his head* I cant

Chole: What?

(brb, like 20 minutes, have to go get my package)

11/29/2012 #1,891

Seth felt very proctrive & picked Chloe up in his arms " There a park across we can go over there & talk Ok ?

11/29/2012 #1,892

Ronny: why not? I am not talking about seruzing beating him just a couple swats on the butt

Pandora: I am pregant again

11/29/2012 #1,893
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Aria nodded, "There is fine"

(I have to go in a couple of minutes :'( Im uk, and its 10.00pm for me x)

11/29/2012 #1,894
Shy girl 23
(we can pick it up later Charlotte :)) Chloe laughed lightly as he picked her up. "Thank you for agreeing. Both of you." She nodded at Aria.
11/29/2012 #1,895

( So do you want the whole thing to be put on parse until you can be on again ? )

11/29/2012 #1,896
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(Its up to you, I'm not bothered, Seth can explain about vamps and wolves hating eachother)

She nodded and they walked to the park.

11/29/2012 #1,897

Seth smiled at Chole " You got a nice laugh Chloe . It suits you ".

11/29/2012 #1,898
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(I have to go, so be safe guys, and have fun Rp'ing :) x)

11/29/2012 #1,899

Seth looke over at Aria " You lucky i so easy -going ".

( Sounds like a good idea . Thanks )

11/29/2012 #1,900
Shy girl 23
(Later!!! See you next time!!! And thanks we will see you) Chloe blushed and smiled at Seth. "Thank you. So to the park?"
11/29/2012 #1,901

Derek: I just cant Ronny, please just drop it

Chole: Nice, do you know what it is yet?

11/29/2012 #1,902

Ronny puts her hands up "Chill I was just putting it out there"

Pandora: no I am only in my second month

11/29/2012 #1,903

Seth carried her over to the park & injoying the other 2 women sat down with her still on her lap ' Why do you keep rubbing your ribs Chloe ? " he said with a concered tone in his voice.

11/29/2012 #1,904
Shy girl 23
Chloe giggled again as he walked them to the park carrying her. She sat on hislap and gazed in his eyes. "Its just a habit Seth. I guess I do it when I'm nervous." She shrugged. "So are you going to explain?" She didn't lookat the women, just Seth.
11/29/2012 #1,905

Derek: Sorry...

Chole: Oh

11/29/2012 #1,906

Ronny: it is fine but raymond is coming tomorrow and I have to show him something so I'll see you later

Pandora: yea your brother is being strict with me

11/29/2012 #1,907

Derek: Okay, bye

Chole: What do you mean?

11/29/2012 #1,908

Pandora: he is making me follow all the rules of being pregant even thouhg nothing is going to happen

Ronny: later *going home*

11/29/2012 #1,909

Chole: What do you mean nothing is going to happen?

Derek: *bringing Lucas home*

11/29/2012 #1,910

Pandora: I want to drink a glass of wine and he won't let me and I drank when I was pregant with Hunt and he is normal he even called me Pandora

Ronny picking up a pain brush painting Embry's arm "doing good"

11/29/2012 #1,911

chole: You got lucky with Hunt, dont take the chance again

11/29/2012 #1,912

Embry: *laughs* thanks

11/29/2012 #1,913

Pandora: It will be one glass not the whole bar

Ronny: your wlecome *Kissing his cheek* let's go out

11/29/2012 #1,914

Chole: Im with him on this one Panda

Embry: Sure

11/29/2012 #1,915

Pandora: party poopers

Ronny: come on take me out *smiling

11/29/2012 #1,916

gtg bye

11/29/2012 #1,917

(Im back...anyone?)

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11/29/2012 #1,919


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