Twilight: the next generation
The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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New Rule with Kids

Kids can be played by the roleplayer that is assinged to them and can also be played by the roleplayers that play the parents, but the roleplayers that play the parents would have to pm the roleplyer that is offically assigned to the kid what has happened while they were away.


I am taking characters if you are not on enough and you have not told me so check the master list slos check to make sure your name is by your character(s)

Suggestion: don't have just one species so you aren't stuck when people come on and one has wolves and one has vampires

Don't keep charaters you don't use


Need to be approved


Are allowed but need to be approved

Check In

Unless you are a mod, checking in is important!! If you don't check in, you may lose your character

Roleplay Time

One Role Play (around 10 days) would be 2 months in the RP. 6 RPs one year.


Do not ignore people. You can split charaters if you need to so everyone is included in the RP

If someone post their characters open, the other roleplayer chooses from their list.

Do not post your characters open in return (this is in the rules you all agreed to)

Tips - Post where and what your characters are doning, post in bold, don't post at the end of a pagE

11/29/2012 #1
Shy girl 23
(are we supposed to post in here now?)
11/29/2012 #2

Cammie shrugs. "Not a whole lot. How 'bout yourself?"

Brady smiles. "So what does that mean for me Seth?"

11/29/2012 #3

( I Think so ? )

11/29/2012 #4

Seth " Well I need some work done around my place since it a bit run down " looking over at Brady .

11/29/2012 #5

Ronny: tired hate the gym

(yes guys it isn't that complicated)

11/29/2012 #6

"I can help with that." Brady offered.

Cammie laughed. "I love it."

11/29/2012 #7

Seth : good because if I gonna have Chloe come over I want it to look nice .

11/29/2012 #8

Brady: *laughs and nods* Of course.

11/29/2012 #9

(Gotta go. night!)

11/29/2012 #10
Powered By Pandas

(Anyone Here?:) Xx)

11/30/2012 #11


11/30/2012 #12
Alexa Skywalker

(anybody on?)

11/30/2012 #13

( i am)

11/30/2012 #14
Alexa Skywalker


11/30/2012 #15


11/30/2012 #16
Alexa Skywalker

(who do you rp?)

11/30/2012 #17

(Ty James Sarcreto. you?)

11/30/2012 #18
Alexa Skywalker

(Jacob and Quil)

11/30/2012 #19


11/30/2012 #20

(hey. want to rp?)

11/30/2012 #21
Alexa Skywalker

(Hey. Jake and Quil are both open)

11/30/2012 #22

(you can start i gotta do something for a few minutes)

11/30/2012 #23

(hey, sure(: )


Claire sees Quil.

11/30/2012 #24

Bella: *open*

11/30/2012 #25
Alexa Skywalker

Quil: Hey Claire! *picks her up and spins her around*

(hey! Jake's open to rp with bell if you want)

11/30/2012 #26

ty: *out on a run through the forrest*

11/30/2012 #27

Bella@Jacob: Hey Jake.

11/30/2012 #28


Claire: Quily! *giggles*

Nessie sees Ty

11/30/2012 #29

ty: *takes a second to catch his breath after crossing a small stream and a fallen tree*

11/30/2012 #30
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