Twilight: the next generation
The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Chole2: Hes good...hes having me go back to school...again

12/17/2012 #1,981

Ronny: why?

Stephen kisses her forhead

Pandora: step on the phone book

12/17/2012 #1,982

Leon: And that's bad?

12/17/2012 #1,983

Chole2: Im not very good at school

Embry: Its all crashing down

Chole: *smiles, hugs him* Why do you have to work so much?

Derek: What am I going to do with the phone book? Call every number?

12/17/2012 #1,984

Stephen: I am a bord member I work directly with the ceo

Ronny: Come over embry and leave the bottle at home and walk

Pandora: look up courtney aarons you have to start small and simple

12/17/2012 #1,985

Leon: *chuckles* Do you need a tutor?

12/17/2012 #1,986

Chole2: I think Stephen and Derek have that covered

Chole: I miss you

Embry: Okay Ron

Derek: If somebody just took her Panda, they would have changed her name so she couldnt be found

12/17/2012 #1,987

Pandora: probably but you have to start simple and work your way up derek

Ronny sighs hanging up

Stephen: you can come to my work

12/17/2012 #1,988

Leon: *laughs and nods* If you say so.

12/17/2012 #1,989

Derek: ....You just called me Derek

Embry: *on his way over*

Chole: Wont I be disrupting you?

12/17/2012 #1,990

Chole2: If they get too busy Ill come to you though

12/17/2012 #1,991

Pandora: So what?

Stephen: yes point?

Ronny: in the kitchen with her cat

12/17/2012 #1,992

Derek: You never call me that unless you are trying to get me back from one of the others

Chole: Dont you need to focus?

Embry: *stumbles into her house*

12/17/2012 #1,993

Leon: *smiles and nods* Okay. I can deal with that.

12/17/2012 #1,994

Ronny: Embry *going over to him*

Stephen: I have people for that

Pandora: I call you derek around people *shrugs* it is your name I swtich between micheal and Derek

12/17/2012 #1,995

Chole2: *smiles* Thanks

Embry: ron

Chole: What do you mean?

Derek: No you dont

12/17/2012 #1,996

Ronny: embry I am going to drop you if you call me ron one more time

Stephen: I have people to help me with my work I am a boss I make bank chole

Pandora: whatever Micheal *going into the house* I have an ultrasound do you want to come?

12/17/2012 #1,997

brb laundry is calling me

12/17/2012 #1,998

Embry: *confused* You arent holding me, you cant drop me

Chole: So you want me to just show up?

Derek: Sure

12/17/2012 #1,999

Ronny: don't be literal

Stephen: you can if you want to

Pandora handing him the keys getting in the car

RP 39

12/17/2012 . Edited 12/17/2012 #2,000

Leon: *nods* Of course.

12/17/2012 #2,001
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