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The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Claire: He wouldn't believe me if I told that I was. Ill just act like I normally do.

2/18/2013 #1,711

Stephen: It is a holiday get the he!! out.

Pandora: Chole?

Ronny: or he was killed and dragged out in bags *looking through the phone*

2/18/2013 #1,712

Chole: *nods* Okay

Derek: Im not going anywhere, you hurt my sister

Chole: Yeah?

Jason: So why are you going through his phone instead of looking out back? *smirking slightly*

2/18/2013 #1,713

Claire: What're the chances of him talking to me

2/18/2013 #1,714

Stephen: breaks up happen get over it and we both know i would win in a fight

Pandora: you ok?

Ronny: if i killed someone i woulded leave the body on the property smarts and there might be messages on where he went

2/18/2013 #1,715

Chole: Not much

Derek: Yeah they happen but usually the person doesnt stay worried

Chole: Not really

Jason: So you arent happy with breaking and entering but going through his personal stuff is totally fine?

Phone: *calls from Italian numbers*

2/18/2013 #1,716

Claire sighs, "Of course..."

2/18/2013 #1,717

RonnY: yes becasue that is why were sent here, you know these numbers?

Pandora: want to talk about it?

Stephen: your sister is a sepcail case no leave me alone

2/18/2013 #1,718

Chole: But you never know, maybe he likes you more

2/18/2013 #1,719

Claire: I doubt that.

2/18/2013 #1,720

Jason: No but I can google them, find out whose they are *taking out his phone*

Chole: I just screwed up again

Derek: * losing his anger* Stephen, please, just talk to her, youre the only one shell listen to

2/18/2013 #1,721

Chole: I dont

2/18/2013 #1,722

Claire: Why?

2/18/2013 #1,723

Pandora: why do you think that?

Stephen: I want to be left alone

Ronny: why not call them *pressing send*

2/18/2013 #1,724

Chole: We barely talked to each other

Chole2: I shouldnt have pushed him

Derek: And what am I supposed to tell your sister when she comes to me worried about you? That youve become a hermit like Embry used to be just youre at your office instead of your house? that you keep people locked out whereas Embry at least let people in who came looking for him? I get it if you dont love my sister anymore, feelings change, but you will never stop loving your own sister, are you really going to hurt her like this? She has too much going on, she sure as h*ll doesnt need to add you to the list

Jason: Because you shouldn't leave proof when you go through someones house?

Person: Bounjorno

2/18/2013 #1,725

Claire: I only see him occassionally.

(I've gotta go bbl(:)

2/18/2013 #1,726

bye google

2/18/2013 #1,727

Pandora: my brother?

Stephen: she sees me almost everyday and as long as i look fine she'll give me my space as should you

Ronny shrugs, "ciao, parli francese?"

2/18/2013 #1,728

Chole: *nods*

Derek: You affect 2 of the most important girls in my life, Im not going anywhere until you give me answers

Person: Non parlo francese, chi e?

2/18/2013 #1,729

Pandora: It is something with gene and that is all he'll tell me, but other than living at work he seems fine

Stephen: It is none of your business and I am done talking

Ronny: Il mio nome รจ ronny e cerco vince (I am Ronny and I am looking for Vince)

2/18/2013 #1,730

Chole: He didnt shut me out before when it was about her

Derek: It is my sister Stephen, it is my business

Person: Vince? Perche? *why*

2/18/2013 #1,731

Ronny: um smarrito...

2/18/2013 #1,732

Stephen: no taliking

Pandora: that is all he told me

2/18/2013 #1,733

Person: Vince? Smarrito? Non, lui e ecco *no he is here*

Derek: Shes my sister Stephen, she was finally starting to do something with her life because of you and now shes not because of you

Chole: Its my fault, I was never there for him like I should have been

2/18/2013 #1,734

Ronny: Vince parlare?

Stephen; not talking

Pandora: it isn't your falut it is gene's don't blame your self

2/18/2013 #1,735

Person: Perche? *why*

Derek: Stephen, please, you dont have to talk to me just talk to her

Chole: Ive made him go through it alone

2/18/2013 #1,736

Stephen: not answering

Pandora: there is really nothing you could have done chole his head is a dark place

ronny: um domande a vince

2/18/2013 #1,737

Derek: You dont have to see her, just call her

Chole: I shouldnt have pushed him

Person: Non domande *no questions*

2/18/2013 #1,738

Stephen: Fine I will call her tomorrow now go home

Pandora: Chole stop blaming your self

ronny: quando si vince spedetta agli stati

2/18/2013 #1,739

Derek: You better

Chole: I cant

Person: Alla fine *eventually*

2/18/2013 #1,740
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