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The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Faith walks into the kitchen and starts to make mac and cheese with some vegetables and breaths leaning onto the counter.

2/20/2013 #1,951
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

(hey guys)

2/20/2013 #1,952

Nick: I thought you and the guys didnt get along

Derek: But its also me

2/20/2013 #1,953


Chase: *coming out of his room when he smells dinner*

2/20/2013 #1,954

pandora: so she is his mother i don't care if she doesn't like you that is her kid I would want to see him every chance I got

Ronny: we are getting along better after your talk with them now what is the reason?

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2/20/2013 #1,956
Gomez Addams of Addams Family


Carlisle: *plays southhampton from Titanic*

2/20/2013 #1,957

Derek: I dont know Panda

Nick: Why do you care?

2/20/2013 #1,958

Faith turns and smiles bending down to wipe his eyes " Hey my big man." says to him softly

2/20/2013 #1,959

pandora: what else do you have going on?

ronny: i want to know

2/20/2013 #1,960

ronny near carlise

2/20/2013 #1,961

Chase: *hugs her*

Derek: *shrugs* Work, making sure Lucas gets his attention, trying to figure out Chole, trying to decide if youre still going to make me be a wolf

Nick: Whys it matter?

2/20/2013 #1,962

Faith rubs his back softly and kisses his check pulling back " Now wipe those tears away my little man and let's get some dinner into you."

2/20/2013 #1,963

Chase: *nods, rubbing his eyes*

2/20/2013 #1,964
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

(hey Prez Jesse how are you guys)

Carlisle: *plays*hey Ronny

2/20/2013 #1,965

(Pretty good, you?)

2/20/2013 #1,966

pandora: unless a situation comes up i won't make you

ronny: nik come on

ronny: hry there

2/20/2013 #1,967

Faith picks him up and sets him in the chair with a plate in front of him " After you finish dinner straight to bed mister since I'm taking you to school tomorrow."

2/20/2013 #1,968

Chase: O-ay Mama

Derek: Really?

Nick: It doesnt matter

2/20/2013 #1,969

Faith sighs and looks to Chase " Daddy loves you very much Chase and I know it seems like he doesn't and that he hates you and that he hates me but he doesn't. Daddy is going through a hard time right now but he'll get better soon and then he'll be his normal daddy self. Just know that daddy and I love you very much Chase and nothing can change that."

2/20/2013 #1,970

Chase: Daddy scary

2/20/2013 #1,971
Gomez Addams of Addams Family

Carlisle; how are you Ronny*ask as he sets his violin down*

((i am doing good guys))

2/20/2013 #1,972

" I know he is right now but once he gets happy again and figures out what's going on then he'll be the happy awesome daddy you love." Faith says to him softly eating the food.

2/20/2013 #1,973

Chase: *Eating* Why he no feed me?

2/20/2013 #1,974

" Because daddy wasn't feeling good and so it made his head all icky and he just didn't know what to do so he just couldn't at the time." Faith says to him softly

2/20/2013 #1,975

Chase: But he mean

(GTG, bye guys)

2/20/2013 #1,976


2/21/2013 #1,977

Ronny: why won't you tell me

pandora: yes really

stephen: at work trying to find gene

chris: in new york

2/21/2013 #1,978

Derek: Good

Nick: It doesnt matter

Chole: *packing*

2/21/2013 #1,979

Pandora: I want you happy

ronny: then you can tell me if it doesn't matter

2/21/2013 #1,980
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