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The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Derek: And I am

Nick: Theres no point of telling you if it doesnt matter

2/21/2013 #1,981

ronny: you're annoying

pandora: good

dakota crying

2/21/2013 #1,982

Nick: Whatever you say Ronny

Derek: *sighs, getting up* Ill be back *going to Dakota, picking her up* Hey there baby girl

2/21/2013 #1,983

Pandora going back to staring at the celling

dakota crying chewing on her rabbit's ear

2/21/2013 #1,984

Derek: You hungry baby girl?

2/21/2013 #1,985

ronny: fine *getting up*

dakota crying chewing on the ear

2/21/2013 #1,986

Derek: *bringing her to the kitchen to get a bottle*

Nick: Where are you going?

2/21/2013 #1,987

Dakota crying pulling on his shirt

ronny: it's not important

2/21/2013 #1,988

Derek: Holding the bottle to her mouth*

Nick: Are you leaving?

2/21/2013 #1,989

ronny: it isn't important so you don't need to know

dakota doesn't want it chewing on her rabbit's ear crying

2/21/2013 #1,990

Nick: Yes or no, Ronny, are you leaving?

Derek: *puts it down* Whats wrong Kota? *checking her diaper*

2/21/2013 #1,991

Dakota crying chewing on her rabit

ronny: what you going to do about it?

2/21/2013 #1,992

Nick: Stay

Derek: You want to see Mama?

2/21/2013 #1,993

( Hey everyone :D)

Faith and Natalia open

2/21/2013 #1,994

Dakota crying

ronny: no thanks *packing*

2/21/2013 #1,995

Chase: *with his mama* (hey bri)

Derek: *brings her to Panda*

Nick: Please

2/21/2013 #1,996
Alexa Skywalker

(hey! Jake and Quil open)

2/21/2013 #1,997

Faith walking with Chase to the Park and sees Jacob and smiles waving to him softly telling Chase to go play.

2/21/2013 #1,998

Pandora: I thought you had it? *taking dakota trying to get her to calm down*

ronny: why? you know where vince is you know where he lives i am sure you can pay some to speak better italin than me you don't need me here

2/21/2013 #1,999

(hi guys)

2/21/2013 #2,000

Chase: No, I tay wif Mama *stay with*

Nick: No, I dont need you here, but I want you here

2/21/2013 #2,001

Ronny: and i want my own bed

2/21/2013 #2,002

Derek: Well Daddy lost his magic touch

Nick: Fine, leave

2/21/2013 #2,003
Alexa Skywalker

Jacob: *comes over* hey.

2/21/2013 #2,004

ronny: have fun with your friends *walking out of the house*

pandora putting her finger in dakota's mouth "cause daddy missed the obvious, can me get me a cup of ice and put the teething toys in the freezer"

2/21/2013 #2,005

Faith nods her head to Chase and ruffles his hair and looks up to Jacob " Hey Jake." says softly and looks down at Chase " This is my son Chase, Chase this is Auntie Emily's friend and mine Jacob."

2/21/2013 #2,006

Chase: *hugging Faith's leg, looking up at Jacob*

Nick: *sighs*

Derek: Sure *leaving the room*

2/21/2013 #2,007
Alexa Skywalker

Jacob: *smiles* Nice to meet you Chase.

2/21/2013 #2,008

pandora rubbing dakota's gums quiting her down a little

ronny walking back in "I need to call a cab first"

2/21/2013 #2,009

Chase: *says quietly* Hi

Derek: *coming back with the ice*

Nick: *smiles softly* Go ahead *getting a cigarette out*

2/21/2013 #2,010
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