Twilight: the next generation
The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Alexa Skywalker

Jacob: *fake pouts* Don't you feel the same about me.

2/24/2013 #301

Stephen*not answeing*

Ronny: you're Jared's right. He'll support you

2/24/2013 #302

Nessie kisses his cheek, "Of course I do."

Claire standing outside his door.

Kim:Yeah, I know he will, he'd be fine with me quitting my job and never going to work again.

2/24/2013 #303
Alexa Skywalker

(sorry. g2g continue tomorrow?))

2/24/2013 #304

stephe *Not saying anythign working*

Ronny: i would take that one

2/24/2013 #305

(Sure bye!)

Claire leans against his door just to be stubborn

Kim: Most people would. I don't want him to be the only one working though.

2/24/2013 #306

Ronny: I get that but waht about kids, when they are little

stephen working

2/24/2013 #307

Kim: Then I'll probably stop working, at least for a little while. I'll have to talk to Jared when it comes to that

Claire still being stubborn

2/24/2013 . Edited 2/24/2013 #308

Ronny: did you get married yet?

2/24/2013 #309

Kim: No, we will be getting married sometime soon though.

2/24/2013 #310

Ronny: have you picked out your dress yet?

2/24/2013 #311

Kim: Yeah I have, it's one of the only things I've actually done.

2/24/2013 #312

ronny: what's it look like?

2/24/2013 #313

Kim: It's kind of plain, with a little detailing on the chest, and the bottom, with a red sash I guess you could say at the waist. I'm not very good at describing things, sorry.

2/24/2013 #314

Ronny: I can picture it some what i am I desginer I speak clothes

2/24/2013 #315

Kim: Really?

(I've gotta go, bye Prez!)

2/24/2013 #316

( Hello?)

2/24/2013 #317


2/25/2013 #318


Derek: *laying in bed*

Chole: *in LA making out with Jason at Nicks house*

Nick: *keeping his distance from them*

Lucas: *playing with his cars*

Chase: *in his room*

Embry: *at the beach, sitting in the sand*

2/25/2013 #319

Ronny calling Nick

Pandora setting Dakota on the bed stroking Derek's face "Can I get you anything?"

Ronny2 sitting by embry burring his legs in the sand

2/25/2013 #320

Nick: *answering* Hello?

Derek: No

Embry: Hey

2/25/2013 #321

Pandora: I am going to leave her here for 20 minutes will you be alright?

Ronny: I think I am the next vrigin mary

Ronny: Nicky

2/25/2013 #322

Derek: What about the kids?

Embry: Youre pregnant?

Nick: Whats up?

2/25/2013 #323

ronny: no but i am late and i don't like it

ronny: sorry abou ditching you

Pandora: I am going to check on the other two

dakota giggling hopping her bunny on derek

2/25/2013 #324

Embry: But its not possible for you to be pregnant

Nick: Dont worry about it, my couch has been taken over by the lovebirds

Derek: You know I cant watch Kota

2/25/2013 #325
Alexa Skywalker

(Hey people!)

2/25/2013 #326

Ronny: why not kick them out? But I am bored up here when are you coming back

Ronny: i know which means I could be going into early menopause

Pandora: just make sure she doesn't fall off the bed and I'll be back

Dakota pulling on his ear wanting his attention

2/25/2013 #327

(Hey, pick anyone)

Nick: Once Vince is back and Chole leaves and its Dereks sister I have to keep an eye on her

Embry: Or youre stressed

Derek: I gotta make sure I dont fall off, Kota, play with your rabbit

2/25/2013 #328
Alexa Skywalker

(ok thanks)



2/25/2013 #329

ronny: but what am i stressed over besides the normal

ronny: that seems like it is going to take forever

dakota whinning wanting him to pay attention to her

Pandora: please micheal i will be back as soon as i know lucas and hunt are good. i know you won't let anything happen to her even in the state your in


2/25/2013 #330
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