Twilight: the next generation
The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Check In

Unless you are a mod, checking in is important!! If you don't check in, you may lose your character

Roleplay Time

One Role Play (around 10 days) would be 2 months in the RP. 6 RPs one year.


Do not ignore people. You can split charaters if you need to so everyone is included in the RP

If someone post their characters open, the other roleplayer chooses from their list.

Do not post your characters open in return (this is in the rules you all agreed to)

Tips - Post where and what your characters are doning, post in bold, don't post at the end of a page

2/20/2013 #1

" How was school Chase?" Faith asks him setting him on the swing and pushes him

2/21/2013 #2

Pandora: god gave you hands *moaning softly* what if I am to 'tired'

2/21/2013 #3

Chase: It was o-ay

Derek: Dont put me through that again Panda, you know its better with 2 people and you can wake up *kissing her neck, massaging her breasts*

2/21/2013 #4

" Well what did you do?" Faith asks him softly and continues to push him.

2/21/2013 #5

Chase: Nuffin *nothing*

2/21/2013 #6

Pandora: i know but I am atucally tired *trying not to respond to his stimulation* what about moring sex? *titling his head back so she can look at him*

2/21/2013 #7

Faith looks at Chase and stops the swinging " Chase I know you did stuff today. Did you learn about numbers or colors or did you play with the other kids or what?"

2/21/2013 #8

Derek: What about both?

Chase: I ever see Daddy gain?

2/21/2013 #9

Pandora smiles slightly "I love you still want me but please can we go to sleep. Wake me up before the kids get up and i'll do anything you want"

ronny calling embry

2/21/2013 #10

Faith sighs softly looking to him " How about I call him and talk with him and see when you can talk with him again. Would you like that?"

2/21/2013 #11

Chase: He be old Daddy gain?

Embry: Hello?

Derek: *sighs* Okay

2/21/2013 #12

Ronny: Hey Embry

Pandora kisses his nose "Love you" rolling over getting under the covers

2/21/2013 #13

" I don't know we'll check when I call him." Faith says ruffling his hair " Do you want to go home now?"

2/21/2013 #14

Chase: *nods*

Embry: Ronny?

Derek: Love you too *staring at the ceiling*

2/21/2013 #15

pandora: your mad?

ronny: yea

2/21/2013 #16

Faith smiles and takes his hand softly and starts walking " How does grilled cheese sound tonight?"

2/21/2013 #17

Chase: Good

Derek: No, just bored

Embry: Are you okay?

2/21/2013 #18

ronny: yea just don't want to be alone

pandora: ok *going to sleep*

2/21/2013 #19

Faith nods her head softly and smiles opening her door " How about you go put your pj's on while mama get's dinner ready."

2/21/2013 #20

Chase: O-ay Mama

Embry: So you want me to come over?

Derek: *staring at the ceiling*

2/21/2013 #21

Pandora passed out on his chest

ronny: you don't have to if it'll be werid or anything i just don't have antone else to call

2/21/2013 #22

Faith smiles and pats his head and pulls out her phone calling Chris.

2/21/2013 #23

chris answering background loud "what?"

2/21/2013 #24

Derek: *arms wrapped around her*

Embry: Its fine Ronny, Ill come

2/21/2013 #25

ronny: thanks emmy the door is open when you get here

pandora sleeping

dakota waking up standing up in her crib making noise

2/21/2013 #26

Embry: Okay, Ill be right there

Derek: *slips away from Panda, going to Dakota* Hey baby girl

2/21/2013 #27

dakota smiling reaching for him "hadasafaea"

ronny: thanks *hanging up*

2/21/2013 #28

" Did you mean what you said last night?" Faith asks him straight forward " Because your son wants to know."

2/21/2013 #29

Chris: pretty much, I am done i'll send you money bye

2/21/2013 #30
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