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The Forum had a good run about 2 and a half years but it slowed down and I didn't have time for it to keep it active. I hope others continue the world of Twilight and you are welcome to use ideas from my forum for yours. Peace Love Twilight *Closed*
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Hey Ya'll this the rp where everything mover 20 years into the future.

If you do not want to participate you do not have to you can just do regular rp all you have to do is ask or you can split and have one scene in the future and one scene in the normal rp. Just like the high school rp was.

For this rp you can have your characters be married, have kids, have their dream job, but be realistic don't have them win the lottery 3 times or have 20 kids. This is where you see your characters in 20 years.

If you do things to your characters that affect other characters make sure you make sure you guys are on the same page like married, kids, etc.

If you want your character to have a kid then you have to play then or have someone that is willing to play them for this rp.

This RP will be between 10-20

When this rp is done is you want continue anything you have crazy days

any other questions about the forward ask me

5/7/2013 #1


And whoever else you want

5/7/2013 #2

normal ronny and ty still

Court draging vince to the mall for a graduation dress

Dakota in the kitchen of their apartment

hunter at his paresents house with emersin (year/girl)

5/7/2013 #3

Ty: You did before?

Vince: Why didnt you have your mom do this?

Chase: *coming in, kissing her neck* Hey

Derek: Hey guys (Year? Huh?)

5/7/2013 #4

Dakota giggling, "Hey there. You know I am doing the dishes" turning to face him

Court: mom owns a clothing store she would go off and get ideas then raymond when be here and grandma would be on the phone and I would be walking across the stage naked cause my dress would still be getting made

Ronny: the first night I meet you

Hunter: hey dad where are the boys

Emersin: grandpop *emersin is a girl and she is 1)

5/7/2013 #5

Chase:I know, you want any help?

vince: Dont most girls go with their friends?

Ty: You thought I was cute?

Derek: With your mom *picking up Emersin* Hey cutie *looking back at Hunter* Lucas might stop by later

5/7/2013 #6

Ronny: daddy

Dakota: i am just about done *kissing him* give me 3 minutes?

ronny: i think it was the light and it was dark

Emersin simles, "andy?"

Hunter: she already had some. Is he bringing over his latest fling again?

5/7/2013 #7

Vince: What?

Chase: Sure

Ty: *laughs* Whatever you say

Derek: No clue, do you know if it would be the same girl as last time or has he moved on? *looks at Emersin* Daddy said no

5/7/2013 #8

Hunter: we went out for drinks last weekend and it was a different girl

Court: stop being a party pooper and just have fun you know I am going to college in 100 days?

Dakota going over to chase after she is done straddling his lap "hey there?"

Emersin: you no daddy you grandpop

ronny: you ever think of getting a real girl friend?

5/7/2013 #9

Derek: How was that one? I know Emmy but Im listening to your daddy

Vince: *sighs* I know

Chase: *smiles wrapping his arms around her* Hey

Ty: Nope

5/7/2013 #10

Dakota: so I think we should go to vegas this weekend

court kissing his cheek "thank you daddy." looking at short dresses

hunter: this one at least knows the color purple is a movie but not much better

Emersin: no tell daddy

ronny: why? do't want it give it up *trailing her hand up the outside of his thigh before going to pay*

5/7/2013 #11

Chase: *raises an eyebrow* Vegas?

Vince: I dont think so Court

Derek: *sighs* How does he find these girls? And Daddys right there Emmy, I cant hide it from him

Ty: *follows her* And what exactly is the it you are talking about?

5/7/2013 #12

Hunter: dad...*raising an eye brow*

Emersin covers her eyes "like this"

Court: why not?

Dakota: then we don't have to tell my dad *playing with the ring*

ronny: I think you know what it is *tyler biting on the leash* you guys have a thing in common you both don't like to be tied to someone

5/7/2013 #13

Derek: What?

Vince: Nothing that short

Chase: *touches her cheek softly* He has to find out eventually

Ty: *rolling his eyes*

5/7/2013 #14


5/7/2013 #15

Dakota: he can find out when we have our first

Ronny laughs going back to vince's "don't you have somewhere to be" *walking in*

Court: it isn't that short

Hunter: mom told us about you in LA....

Logan and Liam and DJ running in whiping each other with their towels laughing

Pandora: boys up stairs and in the showers now

Liam: come on mom

Panodra: shower

Logan/DJ: Dad help.

5/7/2013 #16

Chase: Dakota...

Ty: When do I ever have somewhere to be?

Vince: *raising an eyebrow at Tyler, seeing that Tys holding the leash* You got a puppy?

Ty: Actually, you did

Vince: Youre the one who picked me to come, I say its too short

Derek: She did what? Boys, go shower I need to talk to your mother

5/7/2013 #17

Ronny: When you have a girl willing to sleep with you *smilign at Vince* meet Tyler

Dakota: ok fine we can go there for dinner *kissing his neck* after I forget about it for awhile

Hunter: come on Emmy I think I just got grandma in trouble *picking up emersin*

DJ Logan and Liam running up stairs

Pandora putting her stuff in her office "What do you need to talk to me about micheal?"

5/7/2013 . Edited 5/7/2013 #18

Ty: The night is still young

Vince: Uh...

Chase: *tilting his head back slightly* Sounds like a plan

Derek: Why did you tell the kids about LA?

5/7/2013 #19

Ronny: you aren't *teasing* *looking at Vince* come on he is cute

Dakota smiles kissng uphis chin to his mouth

Pandora: Hunter was letting his grades spil spending to much time with his frat and dakota was becoming the girl lucas drinking every night now look Hunter did it the right way has Ashley and Emersin with a degree Dakota is graduating with honors and is living with chase and Lucas I am trying as much as he'll let me. this happened years ago they treat you no different

court: fime what is long enough?

5/7/2013 . Edited 5/7/2013 #20

Ty: Yes I am

Vince: Hes a puppy

Chase: *kissing her back*

Derek: Why would you do that Pandora? You know Ive always tried my best to keep my life in LA seperate. Why didnt you at least tell me?

Vince: Anything longer than that

5/7/2013 #21

Court: fine *going to try one on* this ok?

Pandora: cause I knew you didn't want me to do it it was over 6 years ago Derek I'm sorry but it worked

dakota pulling off his shirt

Ronny: so? he won't be for long

5/7/2013 #22

Vince: No way

Derek: And you never once thought to tell me? You waited for my son to tell me...Do they all know or just the older ones?

chase: *sliding his hands under her shirt*

Vince: You got a puppy for the city

Ty: Well I think Im just going to go...

5/7/2013 #23

Pandora: he wan't spoused to. and just the ones out of the house

dakota shivering leaning into his hands

Court: Dad!!

vince: you have a backyard and we ae going back to forks. Bye Ty. Tyler is going to miss you.

5/7/2013 #24

Derek: And the other 3? Are you going to tell them once they move out?

Chase: 8kissing her, takes her shirt off*

Vince: No way Court

Vince: Dont you think we should have talked about this before? How did you even afford a puppy?

Ty: *scoffs* Yeah right Ronny *leaves*

5/7/2013 #25

I don't kno what to do.. D: I don't know what I see in 20 years

Scarlett: *open??*

5/7/2013 #26

Pandora: if they are starting to go the way you were I will think about it but I will talk to you ok I am sorry i didn't tell you

Dakota laying down on the couch *timeskip*

Court growls stomping back into the dressing room

Ronny: used my business credit card and he was on sale. you can't say no to his little face

5/7/2013 #27

(Abbi, Ill do regular with you if you would rather)

Derek: I just dont get it Panda

Chase: Do we have to go to dinner?

Vince: *calling after her* Watch the attitude

Vince: *sighs* You have to train him

5/7/2013 #28

Ronny: I know *kissing him* I love you

Court mumbbling coming out in another one "maybe I should just wear a omish dress"

Pandora sitting on her desk, "You see how lucas is don't you? You remember how you were before me? You sleep with everyone you would 'date' a girl for a week until you got bored I know it was mike but still now lucas is doing excatly what you did. He has a kid and he always has a new girl we are trying to help him but he is just liek you and dakota was following him as she has done since she was little and hunter was even starting to slip at college and I didn't want they to be like you so i told them and look where they are now. I told Lucas but I was to late to really work. Do you see why I did it do you want them becomig like you

Dakota: if I don't do it now I am going to countine to hide it

5/7/2013 #29

Vince: *kissing back* I love you too

Vince: Court, you know Im not trying to make you look bad

Chase: But your dad scares me, I fee l like he can sense what we just did when we see him

Derek: Is that how you told them? That you didnt want them becoming like their dad, because I was never like I was in LA around them and you know that. You make me sound like a terrible person, i was a stupid teenager Panda

5/7/2013 #30
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