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Drake S. Hellion

Mission Briefing

Location: Afghanistan

Time: 11:23 PM

Contractors: Trinity Foster and Samuel Johnson.

Mission details: T.W.O operatives are to be dropped along the gorge way several klicks down of the bridge, they are to make their way towards the objective and destroy the bridge, use of deadly force is authorized AND encouraged during the Operation if any enemy forces attempt to interfere with the mission.


Samuel listened to the rotors of the Helicopter transporting them roar over the gusts of wind in this wasteland, he never liked Afghanistan, this country was beyond saving and he sure as hell didn't want to die in it. Like his old buddies who served here when he was with SSC, but, the pay was decent enough considering the demand for contractors was high and work was scarce nowadays.

And then, there was his partner for the operation, Trinity Foster, Samuel could just feel the gears in her head were a little loose, but, as long as she didn't deep fry him, he was okay with her. Their operator on the other hand...

"Sam, Trin, you both there?" the abnoxious business man tone grated Sam's nerves. "Your thirty seconds to the LZ, any questions?"

"None from me for the tenth time, thanks," Sam grunted boredly. checking over his G36C before he loaded a round into the chamber, then he looked over his newly acquired 92FS 9mm pistol, he attached the equally new suppressor and nodded in approval.

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The Counter-Point Man

Trinity Foster, better known as Trin, felt the powerful, thumping rotors of their transport helicopter rumble onward through the inky black, virgin night sky over the rugged wilderness of Afghanistan's Helmand province, humming along to the disjointed hiccups, sputters, and uproars of the turboshaft engines serenely. Her intimidating combat mask resting in her lap, the female mercenary was fiddling with the tight, stylish bun of her short, strawberry blonde hair, her face soft and preoccupied - the face of a housewife scrubbing the dishes, not that of a merciless soldier of fortune with a penchant for a hard meanstreak and insatiable bloodlust.

Beside her was her modified Heckler and Koch G36C, safely locked and fully loaded, which she had been inspecting fervently well before she had been styling her hairdo. Everything marked and 'membered, as a forgettable Mel Gibson movie once said.

At the obnoxious sound of one monotonous civilian businessman's droning tonality, Trin smiled sweetly before fastening her mask back over her face, obscuring her feminine features, save for the pink decorations about her person and dainty bun poking from the back of her head. "I'm all set too, sir!" she replied, her lively voice not unfamiliar of the pep and spirit of a high school cheerleader. "Locked, loaded, all that stuff."

11/1/2011 #2
Drake S. Hellion

"Alright, good," the operator said with approval. "Now, masks on and be ready, i'm told resistence will be light, but, better safe then sorry, right?"

Samuel clicked his weapon's safety off and watched as the ground began to draw nearer as the chopper descended, he turned to Trinity, he didn't know much about sides a name and they were both with T.W.O, and he liked it that way. "Alright, watch my back, and I will watch yours." he said simply, then cracked his neck then placed his mask on, the HUD lit up and the choppers ski landed on the ground with a cloud of dust.

Samuel stepped off in a crouch, scanning the darkened area with his weapon when the operator's voice came through the com again. the barely visible shapes of rocks, dust and deep falls.

"Remember you two, your masks are equipped with night vision, real handy stuff in the night if you think a flashlight is a bit obvious."

The cotractor briefly wondered if the operator was psychic as he activated his mask's night vision, the eyes glowing a soft green as the area lit up for several dozen feet.

11/1/2011 #3
The Counter-Point Man

Already at Samuel's side, Trin had promptly followed suit with a curt nod, flicking the safety to her G36C off and quietly taking her companion's opposite flank, setting her mask's optics to night vision with that cute p-chew! sound that unconsciously made her giggle. She felt the dust and sand and dry, dead grass below her booted feet, surveying her surroundings with gradual and educated precision. Her assault rifle held at the ready, the former USN officer nodded at Samuel's expectations and replied with a "Right back at'cha".

11/1/2011 #4
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel moved forward as the chopper lifted up and sped off the way it had come, leaving the area for safety.

He watched the illuminated area with cautious eyes, the shadows shifted and his night vision made them appear alive, it was a bit creepy to be honest, but he didn't pay too much attention to them. He stopped short of a uprising and went prone onto his belly, slowly he moved up to the top and peaked over it, hearing the unmistakable sound of voices. Down the path was a patrol of four men, all armed.

"AKs and grenades, radios," Samuel whispered into the com to Trinity. "They don't have night vision like us, and the moon is covered, we can go around them... or through them, your choice." he said, waiting as he switched his G36C for the 92FS suppressed.

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The Counter-Point Man

As the helicopter disappeared back into the night, out of the reach of her glancing peripheral vision, Trin followed at Samuel's six o'clock, close enough to keep him properly and sufficiently covered and marked, but far enough away to avoid bunching, in case a stray frag grenade or mortar round decided to come their way. Her steps were dead silent; not even the crunching of dead grass or graveled rocks echoed under her boots.

With her communicator crackling to life with the less than whispered voice of Samuel, Trin smiled sweetly beneath her emotionless mask at the prospect of shedding the blood of other living beings.

"Perfect," she murmured back. "Letting them go will only pose as a liability to our objectives later on. If you can waste the two on the right, I have a little serrated-edged surprise waiting for the two on the left . . ."

That being said, Trin was already pulling the sharp combat knife from its sheath by an ammunition pouch on her left thigh, held tight and low to avoid the glimmer or glare in the eyes of their soon-to-be prey.

11/1/2011 #6
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel lowered his head a bit in a half nod before he took aim with his pistol, the suppressor would do good here. it was low grade, but it would do to keep the louder of his shots down, he aimed at one of the men on the right as his targets spoke, they lazily walked away from the pair of T.W.O contractors, they clearly didn't expect anyone out here in the middle of the night. And that is exactly why they were going to die, with a steady breathe Samuel waited for Trin to make her ow move before he shot anyone.

11/1/2011 #7
The Counter-Point Man

Trin's smile only widened at her partner's confirmation, her professional instinct alone suppressing a malevolent snicker. With exaggerated slowness and silence, she crept away into the shadows, her knife gripped tightly and dexterously in her hand.

Then, it all came as a flash. With animalistic fury and agility, Trin wedged herself between two of the chatting patrolmen on the left of the road. Her serrated blade raised for the killing stroke, the mercenary woman cut through the trachea of the target nearest the ditch, severing both the larynx and jugular with a clean, deep slice. The armed man made a muffled choking sound as he crumpled to the ground in a convulsing, violent death dance.

Even before her first target had fallen, Trin was already on the move, disabling the second soldier with one fluid motion that had run off the attack on his companion, striking the rifle out of his hands with a dull clatter and grabbing him tightly from behind, suffocating pressure on his throat from both the choke hold and the bloodied knife allowing not one noise to escape from her victim's mouth. This second quarry now served two purposes: not only was he to be her second kill of the night, but he also posed as useful source of sufficient meatshielding if his bewildered squad companions were to open fire on the two contractors.

Now, it was Samuel's time to shine, with his silenced pistol at the ready to quickly dispatch the two remaining hostiles.

11/1/2011 #8
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel watched with approving eyes as Trinity dispatched the two guardsmen while making it look easy, when the body dropped and the gun clattered he noticed the other two turning sharply. the sound breaking their conversation as they raised their AK assault rifles at Trinity, one opened his mouth to shout something before a 9mm round pierced his neck with a spurt of blood and choking gurgles the man fell, his weapon forgotten as he clutched his neck to stem the bleeding.

The other raised his weapon and then doubled over when two rounds buried themselves into his stomach, then another in the back of his unarmored head when he hit the ground. In his death his finger clutched and the gun in his hand fired wildly, the shots echoing loudly across the area, making Samuel wince.

He waited and waited, then when it sounded like nothing was up he sighed softly in relief.

11/1/2011 #9
The Counter-Point Man

The added dose of carnage, despite the close call with the elimination of the final two soldiers and discharged rounds from the last (one such bullet pierced the right kneecap of her captive prey, much to her enjoyment), was a definite morale and disposition booster for Trin, who ended the wounded and whimpering gunman's misery with a brutal knife to the throat - this one shoved directly through the trachea and ripped out the side. Letting the body drop with a sickly thud in a widening pool of blood, she proceeded to wipe the life essence from the blade of her knife with her index finger and thumb, the residue staining the top portion of her trigger finger.

Sighing in pleasure and relief, Trin silently took to rummaging through the downed soldier's corpses for anything useful - she saw no shame in it, dead was dead - which included an extra fragmentation grenade, a pair of M84 flashbang grenades, and a handheld radio, all of which she pocketed and pouched.

"After you," she said to Samuel, allowing him to take the lead to go back on the move.

11/1/2011 #10
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel raised a brow at Trinity, yeah, she was a bit on the crazy side and now he had idea how much. He nodded anyway and turned, raising his pistol he again took the lead moving up the path towards the objective, which when he turned the corner a few feet ahead he saw, a single metal and wood bridge connecting two side of a canyon, raging waters below a roughly five story drop and at each end was a guard tower and jeeps with mounted machine guns.

He whistled lowly and said. "Well, light resistance lost its meaning," he muttered, that didn't look light, or minimal. that was a heavily defended bridge. Still, the job was clear on the objective. "Ops, we need some more info, resistance is higher, much higher, then expected." he reported.

"Understood, wait..." there was a pause of static. "Ohh, that's why, the terrorist cell has a high value target moving through the bridge in twenty, take him out and you two will earn a bonus fifteen hundred to each, capiche? so, you can wait for the target to pass over and take the bridge down, or... take it out now."

Samuel looked to Trinity, the rocket she had would be good.

11/1/2011 #11
The Counter-Point Man

Trin's smile was already becoming more and more determined as she gazed over the bridge at the important-looking convoy speeding their way. "I'm way ahead of you, boys . . ." she muttered, now in the process of assembling her RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher behind the cover of a grouping of rocks and shrubbery. The anti-tank missile launcher was configured in its commonly sold paratrooper variant, a smaller and easier to handle version of the infamous weapon used throughout the world.

Locking the rocket into proper place, Trin rummaged through her extra ammo pouches and tossed her fellow soldier of fortune an M84 she had claimed from the corpses of their earlier victims. The other flashbang rested weightily in her opposite hand.

"On my signal, we take them all out, one swift strike," Beneath her mask, her smile was beaming. "You'll know it when you see it."

11/2/2011 #12
Drake S. Hellion

Sam caught the grenade, clipped it to one of his empty holsters and nodded his thanks to Trinity, he looked over at the bridge then said. "Understood," he said simply, readying his own gear, checking then recheking his G63, M9 and M21, when he was done he stretched, found a nice piece of dirt and went belly down onto it it. bringing his rifle out he checked the sights of his scope, when he certain they were good enough he whispered into the com. "Set"

And then, he waited.

11/2/2011 #13
The Counter-Point Man

Two armored and machine gun-mounted Humvees began crossing the bridge warily, their gunners at their exposed posts with stoic stillness and their drivers checking each mirror every couple of seconds. Trin had already marked both of her targets, her supplies laid out in front of her, prepared for what was to be done.

She came up from the bushes in a crouch, plucked the pin from her flashbang grenade, and lobbed it with a well-aimed baseball toss toward the truck still crossing the oaken bridge. She bit her bottom lip in anticipation as thoughts raced through her head at a mile a minute - would her throw be exact enough? What would be the price of failure?

She didn't have much time to think such things, however, as the faintest sound of a light plunk impacted against the humvee, presumably falling through into the steel bed within its armored exterior. Trin was already hoisting her RPG-7 over her shoulder, putting the nearest humvee in between her sights - soon it would be over the bridge, and too risky to fire upon. The mercenary held her breath, counted to five Mississippi, and fired her rocket launcher.

The rocket-propelled grenade impacted through the windshield of the vehicle, the clean sound of shattering glass ever so hinted before a monstrous plume of fire and acrid black smoke erupted from where the humvee once was, a deafening explosion rocking the earth and shaking Trin to the roots of her teeth.

By then, the M84's had already detonated, giving off an abrupt surprise in the form of a blinding white flash and overlapping sound that debilitated the targets within. Outcries of pain and confusion could be heard within the cab of the flashbanged humvee.

Trin gave Samuel a nod, before slinging her assault rifle up and moving in for the kill on the blinded militiamen inside, flames from the first vehicle licking up at her feet.

11/2/2011 #14
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel watched the show, he sighed softly then gently squeezed the trigger. His rifle sounded off and guards on the opposite end of the bridge fell back into cover when the guard on the watchtower fell from his perch, they fired at the sight of his muzzle flash, rounds peppering the dirt around his area. He ignored them, a shot pinged off his Ballistic mask, making him grunt and roll to the side.

they were still blind in the night, the other guards fired into the darkness, one of the mounted fifty cals from the other side turned and tried to use the spotlight.

"Take out that fifty!" Samuel shouted when the white light landed on him, his eyes widened, then he bolted as the heavy mounted gun fired at him, the dirt exploding as the rounds impacted after him.

11/2/2011 #15
The Counter-Point Man

After finishing off the remaining hostile targets in the vehicle she had flashbanged with precise, single shots from her rifle - head, torso, head, torso, head, torso - Trin turned her attention to the fifty caliber machine gun nest avidly trained on Samuel.

Aiming down her dot sight, Trin centered the machine gunner in the dead center of her pink dot, and with a short squeeze of the trigger, popped a burst of three rounds from her G36C. In the distance, the machine gunner clenched his bleeding torso and fell from his post, obscured from view.

11/3/2011 #16
Drake S. Hellion

When the fifty stopped firing, the other soldiers scrambled for cover, returning inaccurate fire across the bridge at Trin's and Sam's last known positions, with a growl the T.W.O Operative glared at the opposition across the bridge. "We've taken the optional target out! transfer the money, now..." he closed the com and opened it to Trin. "If you have a rocket left, lets destroy this bridge and get out of here!"

He ducked low when a shot fired over his head, he raised his own G36C and fired into the muzzle flashes, whether he killed anyone or not was his to guess. Crouched he moved over to a rock, using it for cover, this wasn't how he hoped the op would go.

11/3/2011 #17
The Counter-Point Man

Already in the process of scaling down the steep, rocky face of the dry, gulchy ravine that the old bridge traversed, Trin ducked down below the enemy's line of fire to shout an affirmative "I'm on it!" through her com set. Likely in stark realization of what she was trying to do, the organized insurgents began concentrating their scattered fire upon the lone female mercenary, automatic gunfire roaring and sputtering over the abrupt bursts of singular semi-automatics, shots peppering the rocks and sand and flora around her. Trin, ever steadfast in her machine-like determination, worked through the increasing pressure weighing on her surroundings, body, and mind, fastening another rocket into her RPG-7 with automated efficiency and resolve.

Trin felt a precise bullet hit the chestplate of her light armor, knocking the wind out of her with a low grunt. She had to catch herself from falling into a controlled tumble down the remainder of the inclined ravine, her RPG aimed off-kilter as she steadied herself still with her opposite hand. She took a pained breath, looked down the sights of her rocket launcher, and pulled the trigger.

The rocket-propelled grenade round fired from it's source and hit the bottom base of the wooden section of the bridge, blowing a vast, wide hole through its pathway and splitting it in half, as jagged as a splintered 2x4 board. The resounding explosion, followed by a shower of dust and shrapnel, made the soreness in her chest feel all the sweeter. However, her work was not done - not yet.

The second humvee, the one she had flashbanged with the recently deceased bodies of an insurgent squad draped within it's cab, teetered precariously over the newly-established end of the bridge, it's front end mangled and left smoldering by the blast and subsequent storm of shrapnel. Anymore force toward the back, and it would be sent careening down into the gulch below. Force applied in the opposite direction, on the other hand (specifically, by way of high-powered, rocket-propelled incendiary explosive ordinance), could easily turn the opposite end of the bridge into an inferno of wreckage and undying ash.

Even as another bullet pierced her armor - this one a luckier shot, passing through her upper left bicep in a painful graze - Trin was on the move, loading yet another round into her rocket launcher to satisfactorily finish her work. Through the pain in her arm as she extended and contracted the muscle and bleeding tissues, Trin took aim at the last humvee and fired.


11/5/2011 #18
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel saw that the bridge was almost there, it would have to do because he and Trin weren'[t equipped for this kind of combat. "We're leaving! i'm moving to you!" he said, closing the channel as he looked over his cover and took a breath, he broke from the rock and sprinted towards Trinity, two tangos took notice and fired at his direction, rounds zipping past and peppering the dirt at his feet. A shot tore his shoulder and he spun around onto the ground, gritting his teeth before he stood and moved forward again.

Sliding onto the ground beside Trin he raised his assault rifle and said. "We're getting out of here! pack up and move, I will cover!" he said quickly, firing at two tangos, who went down with his precise shots, he also tried to ignore the pain in his shoulder, two more rounds impacted his vest, sending him back with a hiss. "Fuuuck..." he groaned, gasping to regain his breath while holding his trigger down.

11/5/2011 #19
The Counter-Point Man

Trin had yet to become as frantic as her notably more professional ally, channeling out the throbbing pain in her wounds to focus on the innate pleasure she could derived from the sudden rush of adrenaline. As Samuel regrouped to her position - and was subsequently peppered with bullets as well - Trin seemed to begin dismantling her empty RPG-7, before giving up with an indignant growl and throwing it farther down the rocky ravine.

"Fuck this!" she hissed, making her way down the less steep sections of the cliff face, half dragging Samuel behind her. Hastily yet just as sluggishly unholstering her HK P30 pistol, Trin popped off a few rounds in the vicinity of their assailants, mostly to distract their attention from her equally wounded teammate.

Gradually descending the dry canyon at a staggering pace, Trin tucked Samuel and herself into a thick patch of dead trees and wild grass, crouching tactically as she tried to catch her breath.

"That extraction chopper coming in anytime soon?" she asked between heaving breaths.

11/9/2011 #20
Drake S. Hellion

"Anytime," Samuel grunted, catching his breath and forcing himself up, the AK rounds had almost penetrated his vest. Almost, he could feel them pricking at his ribcage.

the whirring of rotor blades in the sky softly begin to make themselves known as the Apache style attack chopper moved towards the combat ground, the T.W.O chopper looked at the streaking rounds through the night, the pilot smirked beneath his helmet. "Target in sight, firing..." two missiles released and flew at the enemies firing at Sam and Trin, forcing them to look to the sky as the chopper swooped over them.

"I have their attention, withdraw our ducks..."

A bigger, heavier chopper moved over and up from the ravine, flying low as it moved towards the mercenaries. stopping just short of them it turned and presented its open hatch, stopping low to the ground. "Hop in you two, rides home... good work."

Samuel staggered onto the ramp, sighed and said. "I'm on."

11/9/2011 #21
The Counter-Point Man

Trin was all too eager to follow suit, boarding the transport helicopter as fast as her throbbing injuries could support her. At one point, she came close to stumbling backward from the loading ramp, but with a tight grip on the hatch and determination to get the hell out of Afghanistan, the female mercenary threw herself down upon the seat of the chopper, signalling her safety confirmation.

11/13/2011 #22
Drake S. Hellion

Samuel felt the chopper ascend to the sky and take them away from the hotzone, he sat up and looked to Trin and then with a plain sigh he said. "Mission complete."

Mission done.

11/15/2011 #23
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