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Power Rangers Unity Force by Thewhatzupwriter26 reviews
When the evil Queen Omitrix is coming to Earth, the Guardian of the Unity Crystals named Avalon must summon human teenagers to defeat Queen Omitrix. Avalon also needs help from the first red ranger of Earth to become a mentor with her.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 40 - Words: 150,535 - Reviews: 152 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 13 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 4/22 - Jason L. S., OC
The Impossible Boy by Peter Smith reviews
Chapter 9 updated! With Tim sleeping safely inside the Phoenix zord, the Rangers demorph and celebrate New Year's Eve. But they soon discover that Chronopolis's Lord Chancellor was hiding a big secret, and four of the Rangers make a desperate plan to uncover the truth! What horrible secret will they learn? And with time running out, will this help save Tim? Feedback welcomed!
Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 35,468 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 5h - Published: 6/7 - Billy C., Jason L. S., Kim H., Zack T.
Power Rangers Tarra Force by Ranger Red 2.0
Long Ago a Warlord set out to rule the world, his name became feared to half the world till Five Skill Warrior's oppose his rule. the Fight last for a long time the five use all there Power to Seal the Evil away A Big Flash of Light want. when the light Clear the Feared Warlord was now a Stone Statue along with his Army the world was at peace for a 1,000 Years.
Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,098 - Published: 6h
A Defender's Legacy by littlepatriot reviews
The Magna Defender was once a noble warrior. However, the death of his son caused him to turn his back on his noble ways and begin a campaign of vengeance that lasted many years. Unbeknownst to him, two very familiar individuals would fill the void he'd left, becoming heroes in their own right, aiding those who helped others. One day, their fates will intersect. Mainly Lost Galaxy
Rated: T - English - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 44,690 - Reviews: 8 - Updated: 8h - Published: 5/21 - Magna Defender, OC
Just Another Snowflake by Fluttershy Smile reviews
Morgen's life is going to change when. Her and her family move to the town of Harwood Country but Morgen is not your normal teenage girl she a power ranger with a magical secret. But will she fall in love with a curtain ranger will she's trust the rest of the Megaforce rangers with her secret. Join her in this storys full of love, sweat and tears.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 31 - Words: 34,844 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 10h - Published: 8/15/2014 - Troy B., OC
Power Rangers Elemental Core by Pie12345 reviews
When the Ion Hand Organisation attack earth it is up to five teenagers, chosen with elemental powers to step up and save the world, can they do it i guess you will have to see.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,120 - Reviews: 19 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 11h - Published: 6/20
NewSeries by ICrzy reviews
New series of rangers coming out mid July or early August. Please read rules before posting your OC bio. (BEING REMOVED IN 24 HOURS *EASTERN STANDARD PACIFIC TIME* DUE TO RULES ABOUT POSTING OC CONTESTS THAT I WAS NOT AWARE OF)
Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 948 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 13h - OC
These Walls by AvalonBay reviews
[Sequel to Made of Glass]. Avalon is happier than ever now that her past is behind her with a bright future ahead. However the balance of her life seems to be crumbling down and the walls she put up are coming down with them. Balancing their personal lives and their ranger duties becomes even more difficult for the rangers; they're growing up. Trigger Warning: Eating Disorder
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 43 - Words: 240,361 - Reviews: 370 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 15h - Published: 11/7/2014 - [Billy C., OC] [Tommy O., Kim H.]
Power Rangers Elemental Masters by GiLaw reviews
Long ago, the Elemental Masters balanced the five elements together in harmony. Then one day, they were attacked by mysterious forces, their powers stolen and used for destruction. Now it's up to five chosen teenagers to become the Elemental Rangers and restore balance before it's too late
Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,933 - Reviews: 20 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 15h - Published: 10/6/2014
Power Rangers Tarra Force by Ranger Red 2.0 reviews
Long Ago a Warlord set out to rule the world, his name became feared to half the world till Five Skill Warrior's oppose his rule. the Fight last for a long time the five use all there Power to Seal the Evil away A Big Flash of Light want. when the light C
Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,515 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 19h - Zhang Fei
When Sparks Fly by 1980sjfk reviews
Kimberly and Jason had always been best friends. But when their minds speak, will everything change between them? What happens when sparks fly too high for them to reach?
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,007 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 20h - Published: 6/25 - Jason L. S., Kim H.
Like Parent Like Child by sweetredranger
Ten years after the Rangers defeated Master X. The rangers are enjoying a normal live raising their families, The only thing they didn't count on is Octoroo coming back for revenge. Now they have to ask their kids to give up their normal lives to fight this new threat. Will the kids give up their normal lives to become rangers? (On temporary hiatus)
Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 8 - Words: 11,122 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 20h - Published: 6/8/2014
Turbo Rangers Happily Ever After by misspinkyfoxx reviews
Tommy Adam Tanya and Katherine finally get their happy ending after passing the torch to the new Rangers.
Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 3,492 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 5/18 - Adam P., Tanya S., Tommy O., Katherine M./Kat - Complete
Power Rangers: Spirit Warriors by Thewhatzupwriter26 reviews
When Zack came across a mysterious woman that have him the Warrior Spheres, he finds himself becoming a mentor of a new team of teenage Power Rangers. They will have to defend the earth from Controdez send his evil army.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,679 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 6/29 - Zack T., OC
Love is for Psychos by Shadowjumper D-Con
Playing the OC, Sasha, the Mystic Ranger, is my dear friend on FB, Gianna Tilay Reed, co-writer of this new story. Neji Burū and his team have a plan to bring the rangers down for good!...But will Sasha realize this plan and be able to stop it BEFORE its even put in motion? Can a living machine truly comprehend emotions that arent in the programming? FIND OUT NOW
Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,134 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 4/9
Power Rangers Ninja Storm: The Raven's Cry by Nyraxx reviews
Malice Thorn is your average 16 year old girl with terrible luck, on each of her birthdays something terrible happens. When she finally arrives in Blue Bay Harbor -something stirs, and an ancient power rises once again. Thanks to a friend for the picture.
Rated: T - English - Chapters: 21 - Words: 64,217 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 11/24/2014
PowerII by guardianranger reviews
Christine heads back to KO-35 at the moment. She leaves everyone behind, don't worry shall come back in a couple years. This is a sequel to PowerI. Oh! Another thing she shall have new cadets to trained.
Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 31 - Words: 11,600 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 4/5/2010 - Andros, Mack H., OC
A-Squad-B-Squad and C-Squad: by guardianranger reviews
Meet the kids of the former rangers. Charlotte is keeping a dark secret from the samurai rangers. Amber is trying hard to fit in.
Rated: K+ - English - Family - Chapters: 60 - Words: 37,678 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6/30 - Published: 2/19/2013 - Jayden, Andros, Jason L. S., OC
Purple Rangers:Next Generations by guardianranger reviews
This is a contest! So please read and review the first 3 chapters. I already have Nicole,Riley and Charlotte down for now. Girls go to the year 2001 to year 2020-see their parents past-selves. Note: They are purple rangers/silver and gold-from different seasons. Read the first two chapters. Thanks
Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 6,216 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 11/3/2013 - Jason L. S., Casey R., Jayden
Invisible Scars by JustJustine014 reviews
Emma is still struggling with everything that has happened to her. Her physical wounds were healing, but what about the wounds that you can't see? What about the emotional scars that her father left? How can you deal with such a dangerous invisible scar?
Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,215 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 6/29 - Emma G., Gia M. - Complete
Power Rangers: Vanguard by Sir Perfluous reviews
After millennia of imprisonment, the evil Cambion demons are bent on enslaving humanity. The only thing standing in their way are 5 college students and the powers of their angelic Keyrunes. Together, the Vanguard Rangers will fight to defend the world and reclaim the lost legacy of an ancient celestial race.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,846 - Reviews: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/29 - OC
Power Rangers Dino Omega by Seiryu.001 reviews
Después de que los PR Furia Dragon derrotaran del malvado Ivan Ooze, hubo una gran paz en todo el universo, pero en la tierra la paz no duro para siempre, ya que un nuevo mal esta por llegar y un joven de 17 años pariente del Ranger Legendario deberá reunir a un grupo de chicos de su edad para así formar un nuevo grupo de Rangers y defender a la humanidad y al planeta tierra.
Rated: K - Spanish - Chapters: 16 - Words: 89,936 - Reviews: 30 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 1/1 - Gosei, Tensou
Power Rangers: Awaken The Beast by ICrzy reviews
SUMMARY: Everything in the nature lived together in harmony, until it and the world was threaten by an evil force. Now teenagers are recruited with the power of the legendary beast will team up with there new powers to save the world.
Rated: T - English - Suspense/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 98,670 - Reviews: 211 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 3/21 - OC
Power Rangers Furia Legendaria by Dragon Espectral reviews
Tras la derrota de Ivan Ooze, los rangers han vivido tranquilamente por todo un año, sin recurrir a sus poderes de rangers, justo cuando pensaron que la vida volvería a ser pacífica, una nueva amenaza llega desde el espacio, una que tiene un rostro familiar y viene armada con un poderoso ejercito, el poder de los dragones no será suficiente, se deberá invocar el poder Legendario
Rated: K+ - Spanish - Chapters: 35 - Words: 160,236 - Reviews: 584 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 4/22 - Karone, Tommy O., Elsa, OC
Dino Thunder: Reunion by Brittany Bauer reviews
It's been 3 years since Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent had graduated from Reefside High School. Each one of their dreams have come true, except for Trent's which he is still working on. But, when a new evil comes to Reefside, it's up to the former Dino Power Rangers to reform and take back their city. Will they succeed or fail? (Somewhat a Sailor Moon crossover)
Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 16,393 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 6/29 - Published: 12/16/2014 - [Trent F., OC] [Tommy O., Kim H.]
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