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Hello, Im about to take you on a guided tour of me. Prepare for dispair...

Real name: Nick. Mi tag and nickname are xion. thats NOT a capitol x...Im a penguin who is the son of a cat who think shes a dog who is owned by my sons sister who is a squirell and banned from mtn dew, and also his wife who he cheats on and now she has adopted me because Frizbee, mi mom, is abusive so yeah. and im onli 16...LMFAO...

I live in Fairyland. thats Maryland for ppl who dont kno.I moved here from Massachusetts in 5th grade and i hate it. IT not its ppls...

Current grade:Im in 10th! woot, i made it to being a softmore...but supposedly anyone fighting at our skool this year is gona be im probably not gona make it through this year...lmao

B-Day: November 30 1990, I kno i should be in 11 but they wouldnt let me start because i was 4 when it started even though i was only like 3 months too young, and, WOOT! i can go take the test and get permit when ever i want now..

Likes:Ive been writing poety recently. Just Dark stuff mostly. About suicide. Oh well.

Music:All kinds, except country. I like video game themes alot. Like Sanctuary from KH2, Dirdge Of Cerburus' Redemption. AWESOME song even though me n Rayney (mi elemental sis) cant find it in english...

Books:The kinda books that mesh Adventure, The Magicks, Drama, and Action, all into one.

T.V.:Sci Fi, Military Channel, that kinda stuff.

Skool:Im in Army JROTC, which is like ROTC for high school (Sergeant Dong) I dont really like foregin language.

Food/Drink:MOUNTAIN DEW RULES! any way, obviously i 3 Mntin Dew, umm, I like Sherly Temples, Smirnoff Black Ice (shhhhh), oh yeah, the Buffalo Wings from Friendlys, w/ a Chocolate/Strawberry fribble is the BEST combination of food ever. A fribble is like a milkshake. Oh, and Bawls...they're like, for ppl who understand this, SUPER CHARGED Moutian Dew, almost alchoholic, but not quite...

My Mind:My mind is like, well, see i cant even explain it. but i have a couple of vocies, who dosent, and some thoughts thats scare me...but anyway.

Elements:Dark and Moon

The Vocies:

Joe:A God. Creates all the ideas that scare me.

Hair: Black w/ metallic blue streaks. Knee length

Clothing: not really sure, he always has a long black trench coat, like you could get from Hot Topic.

Wendy:Vampire. Keeps Joe at bay (sometimes) Based on my real friend Wendi, who i met when i was like 5 or 6

Hair: Black w/ silver and metalic red streaks. Chin Length

Clothing: tight black leather pants, silver combat boots, and a red trecnh, buttoned only at the top. (dn it)

Ariana:Specis uknown. (assumed demon) She is the dark, gothic side. I get my elements form her. She meditates most of the time, but when she stops, is usually when I get dark/evil.

Hair: Silver w/ black streaks. shoulder length. usually. sometimes when she meditates it blows up around her like being in a wind, and gets longer.

Clothing: loose black robes

Me: (in mi head) Elemental. I argue w/ Joe most of the time. Mi element is gravity. I harness earth and the moons gravity to change things to mi advantage.

Hair: Black w/ silver and white streaks. Chin length

Clothing: we're not going to go there...

(Always new ppls)

xion: Mi alter ego.

Hes basically all of us (the other parts of me) rolled into one.

Hair: Black. Full body length.

Clothing: He wears shadows. They form up around him in something of a robe shawl looks kool, but isnt affected by wind or motion...His boots go from toe to thigh, and are PURE white. they never get dirty which is awesome.

Cathrine: She is someone else's voice. Ariana stole her one day while she meditated. so um yeah...Elemental. kinda 3s Joe...even though she'll deny it. Her element is Flame. She never beats me though. I just quntuple (X5) the gravity and she cant move to attack

Hair: Long Blonde. about shoulderblade lengh. purple streaks.

Clothing: Red leather pants, very loose black tee-shirt, Converse Hightops.

Mecronancer-Um, not really sure. I think Cathrine created her. So she could have a friend. Shes a necromancer, but again, cant beat me. She shares most of Cathrine's feelings, so she 3s Joe as well.

Hair: Elbow length. Blue with orange streaks.

Clothing: Black leather pants. very loose red tee, Converses'

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