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My name is A. L. Anderson. No jokes, no tales about false alter egos, that is who I am. I live in a small village called Whitefrost, which is as the name implies very cold and distant from the outside world.

Do not try to find it on any map, you won't. We have no town hall, no records are kept. We are simply a small place in the world that wants to be left alone, most of us anyways.

You are just itching to know now arn't you?

To the unknown reader I should make some points to help them understand my writing better. First, I am not as normal a human as I would like to be, that probably lends me the reason to why I write. I believe in a God, that there is someone out there who sees the fabric of the universe as clearly as a fine woven cloth. So many religions believe in the same sort of entity, it is hard not to find a connection. I do not however, believe that he or she or whatever 'it' is has a complete direct impact on the average life of the human creature. Free will is in our blood and it will not be leaving anytime soon.

I have one sister and two brothers, one of which is a slight embarassment to the family but we're all hoping he'll grow out of that. My mother and father are suffice it to say, not on speaking terms and havn't been since my little sister was born. Mom lets us live with her in the village, and Dad's in the city doing what Dad does. We've got far more cats than is healthy and one live-in escaped tarantula named Igor that turns up every now and again. Nasty little bugger.

So without further ado I leave you with my maddening musings and rantillect.

-Nothing worth having in life is ever easy to get.

Current Project: Small Gods.

Status: In-Progress.

Facts: I have no grudges against any of the Naruto characters. I will not cater to the wishes of readers, my writing is my own and that is how it will stay. There will be hardly any pairings made in this story, it is and action/adventure genre, not romance. There will be no Sasunaru. I do not write lemons, limes, citrus of any kind, not even a cherry. As for plot spoiling...no I don't give out hints...most of the time. But if you look carefully at the content you will find clues to future events. The title of the story is one of those, and that is one of the only freebies I'm giving.

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Destiny stalks the tales of man like a shadow on his trail. The battles he fights, the trials he endures, all he was destined to win or to lose. Yet the irony remains thus, Only he who wars against his destiny will be remembered in the end, until the End.
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