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Lets start. Im a rocker girl from Romania (innerchii: Who cares? ),Im 15 and my name is Madalina (innerchii: Neko-chan or Mady-chan, but i am CHII-CHAN ). What I like: I like oranges (innerchii: u can say that again drools), i like watching anime and reading manga (innerchii: who doesnt?) I like music (innerchii: again, Who doesnt??), i loveTokio Hotel (innerchii: uuhuuu ), i like photography (innerchii: same here), i like to take photos (innerchii: isnt that kinda the same thing as the one before?),i like my mobile phone (innerchii: -.- Get a life), i like to shout " Im NUTS!!!" out the window, after midnight,(innerchii: well, actually you like to hear the neighbors yell at you that you are nuts because youre screaming in the middle of the night...) I like talking to my friends, especially Yuki, Lari and my craaazzyyy twin big brother, Comy (innerchii: Stupid Big Brother, and his dumb inner self), I like TV and Computer (innerchii: get out, get some aaaiirr)I like Rollerblades and skateboards (innerchii:Actually, you like Roller Boys and Skater Boys . ) I like chocolate,I like chocolate and orange ice cream,I like Pizza, Pepsi and Coke and lollipops.(innerchii: FOOD) I like to annoy my classmates, I like to read Vampire Books (innerchii: Really, you HAVE to read The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice), I like my new classmates (innerchii: she just entered ...Junior High? We dont really know how high school is in America...Were in the 9th grade)And were 25 girls and 4 boys in ONE CLASSROOM O.o (innerchii: poor boys...) I like the music channels, and the MTV-EMA show.(innerchii: MUSIC dances ) I like Linkin Park (innerchii: Chester and Mike whistles) I like to sing, even though i suck at it, I like to write fan fictions and notes in classes, (innerchii: but she doesnt publish them...Shes too scared) I like to remember the look on my English teachers face when i wrote a story about GRAVITATION- the gay anime...And the one about Tokio Hotel, bringing my whole collection(innerchii: you guys CANT imagine how scared he looked) I like it when it rains, i like it when it snows, i like to have snow fights, i like to go to the pool and get tanned(innerchii: she likes every season, except autumn) I like to rub the mint (innerchii: very interesting expression in Romania...Usually people take it as : Im bored or Im not doing anything...But the REAL meaning is, im rubbing..IT you know...the kinky thing,) I like to watch horror movies, or vampire movies (innerchii: Vampire movies ARE horror movies...Except "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" ) I like playing basketball (innerchii: although you suck at it...) I like to copy at tests (innerchii: its your no. 1 talent)

OK, now what i dont like: I dont like when people tell me im too feminine (innerchii:ewwww . ) I dont like it when my bro annoys me, bites me or tries to RAPE me (innerchii: he knows what im talkin about..) I hate being back talked! If you have something to tell me, say it in my face, dont let me find out from others (innerchii: Thats MEAN and it makes you a BITCH)I hate whipped cream+strawberry (innerchii: ) I hate that i cant swim (innerchii: oh well, if youre about to drown, therell always be a guy to save you) I hate it when i get carsick, (innerchii: dizzy ) I hate it when people stick their nose where they shouldn'tt (innerchii: Maybe im on drugs and i dont want you to find out!!!) I hate discos (innerchii: all those lights and music makes me dizzy) I hate it when people tell me that im "fat" (innerchii: Im skinny, SO WHAT???? I rather be a stick rather than a fat girl that cant even go through the door!)

I would like to: learn to sing the guitar (innerchii: go to your brother! So what if hell rape you?) I would like to learn how to play basket, CORRECTLY (innerchii: u have to learn HOW to play first, then how to respect the rules) to be a pro skater and roller(innerchii: thats something you can learn) I want to learn to speak German and Japanese (innerchii: start learning!), I would like to live in Japan (innerchii: In TOKYO, to be exact) I want my best friend Larisa to be in the same city as me, so we could fool around all day long (innerchii: that would be scary...) I want that my hair would STAY dark-blue FOREVER (innerchii: hair obsessed...) I want Santa Claus to be real, i want a park for the rollers, skaters and bikers (innerchii: go ask that big fat guy with lots of money to make one ) I want more rollers, skaters, bikers and emo kids in my city(innerchii: start making kids!!!) I want my parents to leave me home alone for a month so that Marya can move over (innerchii: if that would happen, we would get second of sleep for a few days...uh...night...We would become OWLS!) I would like that those slutty girls from my classroom to ZIP IT! (innerchii: dumb bitches) I want the other girls from my classroom to stop crying from the most stupidest reasons...YOURE KILLING THE NATURE!!! (innerchii: in case you dont understand: they cry, so they use napkins, so they use Paper, so they kill trees, and we DONT recycle, soooo...). I want the cable guys to show only anime on TV (innerchii: then you would REALLY learn Japanese) I want to start everything all over again, so i wouldnt make the same mistake i did in the 7th grade (innerchii: IM SORRY LORI!!! I REALLY AM!!) I want to NEVER grow up (innerchii: you aint giving signs that youre gonna start thinking soon, either) And the most important... I WANT TO BE A BOY!!

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