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To my favourite liar, to my favourite scar:

I could have died with you

Name: Loser Anthem, Modern Alice

Age: Old enough to know that there is no such thing as a Fairy tale ending, and young enough to hope you make your own destiny that brings a little happiness.

Occupation: I have taken ayear out to work before i brave the world of the University student.

Nationality: British

Random bits of info

My real name is Sarah. I am approxiamtely female, with gender inappropriate behaviour. I am very fond of changing my hair colour and obsessed with brightly coloured nail varnish. I think labret and lip piercings are the bomb, spiffy coloured knee-high socks are sexy and spend obscene amounts of hard earned money on jelly bracelets, wrist bands and music.

I support slash.

Yes, that's right, i support homosexual pairings. I like to read and hopefully one day write about boys kissing other boys. Boys loving other boys. Boys shoving other boys up against the wall and doing what the hell they like. Because i'm a pervert and a believer that love isn't wrong, no matter their gender. Fear me. If you don't like it, if you think i'm disgusting or immoral or offensive, well you can take a dose of real life and piss off. It's out there little kiddies, and it won't go away because your too close minded and a general pussy. Slash will take over the world.

Likes: writing, reading, watching tv and films, rock and heavy metal, tattoos, piercings, odd hats, sexual innuendo/double meanings, sun rises, friends, suprises, concerts, riding the bus, shopping, geeks, emo boys, eye liner

Dislikes: homophobes, badly written fanfic, creepy old men, bosses, back stabbing, not knowing, know it alls, people who drag everybody down, death, angst,

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