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Okie.. First off, I wanna say that I AM NOT FUNNY. If you think I'm funny (which I'm not) then I have just BRAINWASHED you into thinking that I am, but really, I'm not. BWAHAHA! Now, since I said that, I must've reversed the whole brainwashy thingamahjigger, so here I must do it again. PSYCHOBABE313 IS HALLAARRRIIOUUUSSS!! YOU LAUGH AT HER JOKES!!! SHE IS THE FUNNIEST PERSON YOU HAVE EVER MEEETTTTT... YOU MUST READ AND REVIEW HER STOORRRIIIEEESSSS...

Good. That's settled now.

Psst... Hey, guess what? MOO!

Sorry.. Moment of randomness there.

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OFFER!!!

If you review to ANY one of my stories, you will get a FREE STICK! That's right, you heard me! A FREE STICK!

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And now for:

Stuff you don't really want to know about me, but I'm going to tell you anways!

Name: I'm not authorized to give out that information, at this point in time.


SN: Wouldn't YOU like to know???

Birthday: Janfebmarrilmayunely 8920, 40012- in the country Zawoogala, on the planet JX-33-YN

Hobbies: Talking to the voices in my head, obsessing over fictional characters, scaring innocent children, running away from the police because- oh wait, thats confidential information, getting kicked out of the asylum, and singing very, very, very badly (trust me on this one)

Location: Under a rock. It crushed my head.

Occupation: Making my mom mad at me... It's a full time job, people!

Siblings: One. I won't say anything else about her, just in case she might be reading this...

Favorite Fictional Characters And The Books They Live In: (This will take up a lot of space...)

Draco-- Harry Potter

Jake-- ArrowHeart (Book me and my friend are writing...)

Toby Hemingway- Okay, well he's a real person, so I guess he doesn't count... But who cares?

Spike- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (so it's a TV show... sue me.)

Edward-- Twilight

Jesse-- The Mediator Series

Rob-- 1800-Where-Are-You

And there's more... But you probably don't care...

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The Missing Ryder by StArZiLL reviews
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A Whole New Meaning Of Schizophrenia reviews
There’s a bunch of different kinds of Harrys out there. There’s druggie!Harry, gay!Harry, emo!Harry, gansta!Harry, evil!Harry. Heck, they even have girl!Harry! So what happens when all these Harrys appear in one fic? Mass destruction. Lots of OOCness!
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