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Author has written 6 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, and Cartoon X-overs.

Name: Can’t be said or else they’ll find me… >>
Age: I wish I was 16 but I’m not
Living quarters: In Australia, were everything is poisonous including the octopuses…
My Family: VERY Dangerous. It is filled with Greeks, Spaniards and Australians. My Dad’s side is Spanish and my Mum’s Greek.
The Aussies married the Greeks so that is how they ended up in my family.
Pets: An annoying but well loved dog by the name of Pip. It can drool you to death. Times he has escaped: 3
Music: Hinder, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Good Charlotte, Wolfmother, The Veronicas, The Living End, Pink, Jet, Missy Elliot, Hilltop Hoods and many, many more.
Movies: Pirates of The Caribbean, Spider-man, Love Actually (best chic-flick of all time), Hannibal and there is more but it would literally take half the page!

I would like… Tickets to go anywhere in the world… Japan… California…Hawaii…(Faints), Jack Spicer to be real and the world to be inhabited by heroes so it wouldn’t be boring all the time… and maybe an infinite amount of candy and chocolate… (Drools) And Xiaolin Showdown to start again.

I would like dead… Raimundo (SO FULL OF HIMSELF!!!), Wuya, Raikim couples, Paris Hilton, evil teachers and Billy. They are all idiots.

Shows I love:
Xiaolin Showdown
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
My Name Is Earl
How I Met Your Mother
Family Guy
The Simpsons

Xiaolin Showdown
Jack x Chase (chack)
Jack x Kimiko (Jamiko)
Rai x Clay (I have no idea why I like this couple. I mean I hate Rai to death)

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Grim x Mandy
Junior x Billy (Where the hell did this come from?!)

Naruto x Sakura (SQUEEE!)

Fruits basket
Yuki x Kyo
Yuki x Haru
Momiji x Tohru
Kyo x Tohru

Family Guy
Brian x Stewie


Jack and Jill: The one shot based on the nursery rhyme. But beware I may continue it one day…

In Process:
New York Mayhem: The story in which Xiaolin Showdown meets Marvel! So far Jack has landed in New York after his house is burnt down by the Xiaolin Warriors. He accidentally wanders into a cemetery and trips over a grave. That kicked off the events, leading Doc Ock to kidnapping Jack. After a Xiaolin Showdown takes place, it leaves them with a connection that allows each to feel each other’s pain as well as unique powers, Jack able to hear Doc Ock’s cumbersome tentacles and in return Doc Ock’s able to see the dead, Jack’s hidden power. Soon they realise they must work together if they want to live after they are involved with the disappearance of a shen gun wu and are hunted down by many foes. A mixture of magic, science and adventure, this not for the faint hearted. This is also going to be a comic, so keep your eyes peeled for the web address were you can see them.

Kill Kimiko: Two girls, sent to the Underworld for major crimes, are sent back up to the real world for a holiday. Their names are Jodi and Alex, hell bent on finding a boy even if it’s only for a week. Along follows their friend Sabre who has got a plan up his sleeve but ends up wreaked when the Xiaolin Warriors come to the scene, trying to reclaim Jack and Chase whom Jodi and Alex have fallen in love with.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl: The cartoonized version of the film featuring Jack Spicer as the charming Captain Jack Sparrow, Nergal Junior as the handsome Will Turner and Mandy as the feisty Elizabeth Swann. It is a story for the whole family to enjoy, because we all know no one can mess with pirates.


Jodi: This OC has been featured in Kill Kimiko and has made a small cameo part in New York Mayhem as well as Jackie Jackie Spicey’s story “The Young And The Hopeless”.
LOOK: She has long, blue hair (yes I know its not a natural colour so shut up) and blue eyes. She wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a white and blue leather biker jacket as well as sneakers. She can also wear a Japanese school uniform at times.
CHARACTER: She is a feisty girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, provided it’s appropriate. She has no unique powers but can wield a massive hammer or when the hammer isn’t around, a frying pan. She quite naïve at times and doesn’t always gets it. But she can give you a good bitchin’ if you make her mad enough. At times she doesn’t care about other people’s feelings but usually tries to help when she does.
FAMILY: She does have a family but it’s roughly based upon my own.

Sabre: Has been featured in Kill Kimiko.
LOOK: He is a shadow beast in the form of a sabre tooth tiger. He has brown fur and amber eyes. He can change his form at will and has nine lives.
CHARACTER: This phat cat is all that! He is streetwise and ain’t afraid of any foes as long as they are playing a game of poker. When alone, he prefers to hide in the shadows rather than fight. He may protect his friends to SOME extent as long as it’s nothing dangerous. He prefers to sing Green Day and get down to the beats of the Black Eyed Peas. He is sensitive to people’s needs and feels extreme guilt if he can’t help his friends if they are in the line of death. He was created by Grim when he was an adolescent so his main weakness is his tail. He has messed with Dojo a couple of times earning him another weakness which is his male genitals.

Tobio: Featured in New York Mayhem. He isn’t exactly an OC because I thought of him when watching Astro Boy. He is supposed to be Tenma’s dead son. So I may be breaching copyright laws here…
LOOK: His look isn’t like Astro Boy’s though. He has black hair that hangs over his face and has grey eyes that are always happy. He wears a black and white t-shirt with black, baggy trousers.
CHARACTER: He is always happy but by no means naïve. He tries to help out with everything especially his bigger brother Jack. He is also the Dragon of Metal but keeps it a secret from everyone. He is like metal itself and is extremely stubborn but will deter if he sees he obviously can’t do it. If someone is able to bait him and gets through his thick shell, he is easily hurt especially when the people he has trusted all his life turn on him. Strangely enough he is doted upon from his father even if he is an accident, unlike Jack who the father doesn’t like.
FAMILY: His brother is Jack Spicer and since they both don’t have a father I’ve used one of my OC as their parent called Henry Spicer. His uncle is Otto Octavius.

Henry Spicer: Featured in New York Mayhem
LOOK: He has spiky black hair like his son and has brown eyes that are always cold. He is not very athletic unlike the other OC. He always wears a business suit.
CHARACTER: He is the bad guy. He favours Tobio more than Jack because his wife became too attached to Jack and loved Jack more than him. He is a secretive guy who is immersed in his job than spend time with his sons. He has handed the company over to Tobio because he believes that he is able to look after it even though it specialises in artificial intelligence and robots in which Jack has excelled. Even though he hates Jack he does care for him at times and warms up to him. He hates his brother though because he got everything he ever wanted. When they grew up, Henry cast Otto away from the Spicer family and put him under the name Octavius.
FAMILY: Father of Jack and Tobio and brother of Otto Octavius.



I also have a deviant art account under the name of saburu91. If you want to see it just go to

I love collecting quotes! One of my favourites is “Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can see its warmth.” If you have a good quote send it in!

When one of my stories is done, I use Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance to close the story. So that little one shot up there might not be quite finished…

I’m quite happy to draw something for you! If you want something drawn, just email me and tell me what you want drawn and it will be done. Then you can go admire it on the deviant art account.

I’m crap with electronic equipment. So far my computer has blown up, a vacuum cleaner won’t suck and my hair straightener has caught on fire by just holding it… and I accidentally melted my iPod.

I can’t help but do crossovers. I pretty much love them. What better thing is there than Jack Spicer meddling with the Green Goblin, Chase Young learning the evil ways from Davy Jones and Voldemort, Mandy confronting Gaz or Raimundo being pummelled by Stewie?

I also like to read books (duh)

I’m legally blind in one eye. I can still see but everything is so blurry that its impossible for me to function without my glasses.

Congratulations! You made it through!!!

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