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~Anime/Anime movies/Manga: Naruto, R.O.D (Read or die, Read or dream), Angel Sanctuary, Akira, Spirited away, Whisper of the heart, Princess Mononoke, Escaflowne, Grave of the fireflies, Azumanga Daioh, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, Immortal Rain, Gad Gaurd, Chrono Crusade, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, Le Portrait De Petite Cossette, Samurai Champloo, Evangelion, Saikano, Yu Yu Hakusho, Love Hina, Othello (To any other Gothic Lolita lovers, you'll love this manga), Planet Ladder, Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade, Gunslinger Girl, Crescent Moon, Chobits, Bleach, Fooly Cooly, Serial Experiments Lain, Paranoia Agent, Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basket, Ummmmmm... (Ish thinking too hard X_X)

~Favorite Characters:

Naruto: Gaara, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Temari, Neji, Anko, Kiba, Kimimaru, Itachi, (SOMETIMES) Hinata.

Fruits Basket: Yuki (Orgasm!), Kyo, Momiji (He's so adorable! I love his english voice!), Hana, Hatori, Shigure (Sigh) He's just soooo perverted...)

R.O.D: Nenene, Anita, Junior, Yomico

Inuyasha: (Even if I'm a bit tired of this anime...) Sesshomaru, Sango

Wolf's Rain: KIBA(!) , blue,Toiboi

Othello: Yaya when she turns in to Nana, Moriyama. (Soooo hot) Saikano: Tetsu, Shuji, Take, Atsuji, Akemi

Gad Gaurd: Katana, Arashi, Sayuri

Immortal Rain: Yuca

Fooly Cooly: Mamimi, Ta-kun, Haruko

(Either the rest I can't choose, or I haven't gotten far enough in the anime/manga to be able to choose who I like best)

~I'm currently, COMPLETELY obsessed with Naruto. I have seen all of the episodes that are out... I can't wait to see more!

~About me: I have one (Yes, one) best friend, Sara. I'm very anti-social, and horrible at speaking my mind and making friends. I'll be a total bitch to you if I don't know you. I'm learning Marital Arts, Tekwando. I personally think I'm not doing very well. I'm very jealous of my best friend, and I tend to feel horrible about myself half the time I'm around her. She's amazing at her Martial arts, she's beautiful, she's funny, she has a great relationship with her mother... I wish I had a mother like hers. AND SHE ALWAYS HAS BETTER COMEBACKS THAN ME!

I do have a boyfriend, and I'm very much in love with him. I'm so glad I can atleast feel that kind of love. But at times, I wonder if I really do or not. I tend to get a lot of looks from... older men. I really hate it. It really embarresses me and it makes me feel so awkward. I'm only 14, but I guess I'm just... well developed for my age. I actually think I'm fat... and ugly. X_X Sara-chan calls me ''the walking blob." Or a whale, or a pimple-head, (Shall I go on?) -_-' I'm even surprised that I can deal with her. I'm 5'1", long red hair, hazel eyes, very pale skin. I'm so obsessed with the Japanese style, Gothic Lolita. I love morbid settings, and I like to collect anything Japanese. (Like my friend) I say "meow" a lot. I'm not really sure why. I tend to say it when I feel stupid, awkward, or when I have nothing else better to do. I hate it when people look at me. It dosen't matter how they're looking at me, I just hate that kind of attention. I hide my eyes behind black because I don't want them to see my eyes. It's not because I think they're ugly. I guess my eyes, to me, are just a way of understanding me. And I apparently don't want that. I feel as though I can only show my true self around Sara. It's like I'm a completely different person. I'm so thankfull to have her. People think she's so innocent, and I'm the evil one. Just today, I had a couple of little brats calling me ''evil eyes.'' (I hate children) But I am cruel to some for a reason. Around sara, that changes most of the time. I'm the innocent (and stupid -.-') one, and shes the ''evil'' one... I guess you could say. Our sense of humor may be a bit too morbid for our own good. (Sweat drop) Got to stop laughing on those dying scenes...

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