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Hi What's Up. If this is in the wrong place, forgive me... I was having a Loser Moment.

I have officially gone through a whole personality change. I am now more sarcastic, and jaded. Right now I'm writing some more stories, I got a new computer so you have to wait for the already uploaded stories. I have decided to not continue with any of the previously started fics, unless people really want me to continue. With the exception of Made of Ice, and A Simple Twist On Reality, which I'm going to completely revamp. The story just doesn't go anywhere. The first chapters will still probably be the same but the third and maybe second will be redone. I am planning on finishing Twisted Relations, and it will be Troyella because thats what I said it would be. I am however going to completely revamp it and make it a troypay. We're talking major remodeling.

I have changed my name to Jaded Stargazer because LoserPower101 seemed childish compared to the person I am now. I believe that I am more mature and should get a new pen name. The links below are no longer in use but if you wish to go and see them, go right ahead.

I'm also in need of a beta because I am in the works of a Digimon story (Takari) and i need someone to help. Please anyone!!!

-This is my Live Journal for my A Simple Twist on Reality

- This is my unknown journal. Details there.

I'm a guy, even though I write like a girl (I've been told..repeatedly). I like to write Tragedy, Romance (Toned down with sick, weird twists that makes everybody mad at me), Angst, Humor (I suck at it), some Action/Adventure, and I love Parody. I'm told I have a really weird, sick, twisted, sense of humor. Just contact me so I can explain it if you don't get it.

My Top Five Favorite Characters:

1. Xander Harris (Buffy)-He is cool, probably my favorite, although I haven't written a story about him because I can't just get the character right. But he is my number one favorite character, from anything

2.Takeru Takashi (Digimon) - He just always been my fav.

3. Paige Matthews (Charmed)-She is sooooo hot. She's also funny, my favorite from Charmed.

4. Cordelia Chase ( Buffy/Angel)-She is so bitchy, that why I like her.

5. Veronica Mars (DUH)-She's cool and sarcastic, she's dope!

So people...I have many favorite everythings, here are a few...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Digimon, Anita Blake (although they no longer have fiction on this website), Scrubs, Harry Potter, sometimes South Park, and during moods, HSM.

Favorite couples

Harry Potter

Harry/Hermione-They make a nice couple

Hermione/Anyone that is not Ron!

Lily/Sirius-I don't know why

Sirius/Hermione-Yeah! Cause I'm creepy like that!


I have no favorite couples, i just like Sharpay as the Queen Bee. Cuz she is that, and gabby better step off as her little sweet-bitch thing cuz it aint gunna cut it!!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tara/Xander-Weird, but fun

Dawn/Xander-Its just cool!

Anita Blake







Takeru/Yolie (Miyako)

Matt (Yamato)/Mimi

I love Takeru Dark fics, but i cant find any!!! If you know one, please tell me!

Message me if you want something in my stories, or if you have a good idea. If it's Buffy, I don't do couples that are..




Riley/Buffy - Only when its Riley-bashing!

Oh yeah, I love Xander dark fics. If you know any good ones, let me know.

Bottom Line

Canon Sucks. Big time. But since I have no imagination I follow it UNTIL a certain point. In which then its MY world! They're just living in it

I will make small changes, though.

Remember In my fiction, It's MY World, they're all just living in it!

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There are a new set of twins in East High. David, and Rose. David with skill that rivals Troy, and Rose with a passion for Drama that knocks Sharpay out of the running.
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This story is really stupid. It has a lot of characters that you haven't even heard of. It's funny, and dramatic. IT WILL PROBABLY NOT MAKE SENSE, DON'T TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT.
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Dollanganger Saga - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 281 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3/11/2006
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