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News On My Fanfics and Fanfiction Account

3-16-12: I would like to apologize to all my readers. A lot of events occurred since I updated last. All I can say is that my last two years were very busy academic wise. In fact, I'm about finished with my first year in college already. It's amazing how college can make time speed up and slow down again. I won't be out of school until May 4 at least, so I'll have to put off updates a little while longer.

I did write this year, but the vast majority of it was for my classes. Plenty of my classes happened to require a bunch of writing, so whatever literature I churned out had to go straight to school.

Once summer hits, I hope to not only return to writing stories again but I also want to return to updating the fanfic I'm currently working on. I'm even seriously considering publishing a Final Fantasy VII fanfic if the writing process goes well enough (I don't plan on publishing any of it until I do a lot of planning and writing first).

7-10-11: I have some good news. I got a new laptop for college today, so writing will be easier for me. While I plan on trying to take advantage of this improvement to work on writing more, there are some complications. First off, I'm running out of time to take care of what I need for college this year. I also have to sadly admit that my writing skills have gotten rusty. If I do manage to make time to publish anything soon, please forgive my muddled writing. The chaos in my house also occasionally makes doing something productive difficult or doing it right.

If I don't update Just the Rain for some reason, I hope to at least publish more fanfics. I'll try my best to get my butt in gear.

On a related note, I hope to do some summer cleaning on my profile whenever I get the chance. For far too long it's been covered with too many spelling and grammar errors. I've also changes in interests somewhat.

3-14-11: The only reason I've updating this profile is to tell everyone I haven't abandoned Just the Rain. Again, I'm simply busy (look at the previous entry for more details for the reasons). With the exception of schoolwork, looking for scholarships and writing essays for them have taken my full attention. Basically, my free time is still limited. Doing anything creative is difficult due to the stress I'm still facing. Maybe finally finishing my online English class will give me more freedom with my time or at least give me less stress, but I can't grantee anything. Until things settle down, my writing will continue to take the backseat in my life.

10-7-10: I will admit I apologize a lot, maybe even too much in general, but I hate how long it's been taking me to update. I do honestly plan on updating Just the Rain. I really don't want to put too many details, so you'll just have to take my word for the reasons. It's not only this being my busiest school year ever that's eating me up, but I have had some health issues, both physical and emotional, minor and major financial issues in my family, some drama from one of my family members doing something very stupid, and having to prepare for college next year. In general, I have been laying off the Internet and doing terrible with spelling and grammar on my profile because of these issues, which shows how serious these problems have gotten. I appreciate whatever support the fanfic has gotten and hope to return to it whenever I get the chance.

9-18-10: For some reason, the last update I put on this profile months didn't show up, so I have to summarize some things. I haven't given up on Just the Rain. The major problem are that I have less free time this year of school then I did last year and some personal matters I rather not mentioned this profile occurred. I really, badly want to update, but my schoolwork eats up way too much time. I'll try my best to update when I can, but there can't be any guarantees.

I did start the next chapter, but I'm kind of stuck on what to put next. As I noted before, the file with what was suppose to be the next chapter was lost. I might not rewrite the next chapter exactly how it was suppose to be because I might change my mind on a few major events in the storyline. Thanks for your patiece and sorry again about all this.

5-8-10: Again, I'm trying my best to update. In case no one has checked the last news, I lost the next chapter to Just the Rain and many other files, so I still have to replace them. As of now, I'm not going to work on the fanfic until after May 28, the last day of school for me, because I'm VERY busy. I have way too many important school projects to turn in and other major things to take care of. I even had to make some original stories I've been working on take a backseat, despite them being my most focused writing project at the moment.

One more thing, I really need to change my profile. Not only is it riddled with grammer and spelling errors, my interests and attitude has changed since I last updated it.

4-8-10: I've got very bad news for Just the Rain readers. The next chapter to the story can't be saved from the computer crashing last week, neither can many other of my precious files. While I managed to save some documents to some future chapters, I will be delayed with the fanfic for a while. I will try to rewrite the next chapter, but I don't know if I can make it as good or better as the original. I don't even know if I can gain the inspiration to rewrite it for a while.

All I can say is that a delay to the fanfic will be inevitable. I can't even estimate when I'll update next, but I'll do my best. At the moment, I taking another break from writing because I'm obviously very upset about losing many files including part of a story I worked very hard on. Nothing can really be done about the problem except for me to cool down and hopefully write once it happens. I'm very sorry about all this.

3-22-10: Surprise, surprise, my laptop decided to die on me again last week. I might have some extra copies of my stories on a cd, but I'm not sure if I can work on it as often as I would want to without my laptop. Since I'm using the computer shared by the family, my Internet time is limited right now. In other words, I might have to put off my fanfics a little longer.

I also have been sick since last Sunday with the flu and still kind of have it. Most of the worst is over, but I still haven't been functioning that well because of it. What's worse if that I have to go to something important this Friday to take a test and have an important college visit I've been waiting months for. Until my laptop gets fixed and these issues are solved, my fanfics are official on hold for now.

To my readers, I'm very sorry about this.

News concerning my fanfics and deleted fanfics will most likely be on here.

I hope this will help future readers.

Progress Report

Just the Rain: I already written ahead on this project, but I rather take it a little slowly. The very reason I started writing so much at once is so I could take the pressure off myself with updates and prevent being hasty. I've also started using the spare time to take some extra care with editing the chapters and do research for them to check facts. I doubt this fanfic will take months to do or anything, but I rather at least let a week separate my updates.

I will admit my natural over-achieving tendecies gets me really anxious when it comes to writing nowadays. My screw up with one of my fanfics, being on a writer's block for a year and a half minimum, and being out of practice might have something to do with it. I suppose all I can do is put the effort into it and hope it works out.

8/21/11: Summing up all the reasons I haven't updated would take up way too much time and space. Besides, I already wrote a lot about it in the news bulletin at the top. I lost a LOT of important story material in general when my laptop messed up several months ago. What held my backups still somehow lacked a lot of files. A lot, probably enough to count as most, of Just the Rain disappered from that. Not only was I too emotionally affected to work on it for a while, a lot of personal matters kept coming up. I plan to finish it; it's just that I haven't been able to finish it on schedule. The main reason I wrote ahead on it in the first place was to prevent something like this from happening. It goes to show even working ahead doesn't always work out.

Take Back the Night: Abandoned. After looking back at some past chapters, I realized how flawed this fanfic is. I can barely read it anymore because of being so embarrassed. It was only my second fanfic and my most concerned fanfic for nearly a year, but I can't go on with it the way it is anymore. There are many grammar and spelling mistakes, there are some canon related mistakes, the plot didn't come out how I wanted, the plans for the story have crumbled, and I changed how I wanted the story so many times that I forgot where I was going with it. I honestly appreciate all the attention this fanfic got from readers and I'm honored that it got way more praise than it deserved, but it needs to be put in the grave it deserves.

Continuing this fanfic had felt too much like a chore for a while and caused me too much stress. It also doesn't help that I lost a lot of important notes on the fanfic. Quitting the fanfic feels a lot more like a need to than a want.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Birthday: Oct 7 (only six days before Vincent Valentine's!)

About my pename:I use to have an embarrassing pename, but I changed it now. Back when I was changing my pename, I wanted something short, simple, original, and easy to remember. Luckily being an inspiring scriptwriter provided me with some names of original characters I created myself. Since Kysic was one of my ultimate favorites, I chose it. I suppose that's all I can really say about the subject.

How I handle flamers:Let's get this straight. I've been apart of this site for a while now and understand how a flamer basically works. You can flame me for all I care, but you will be wasting your time more than you will be wasting mine. A reply to the flame is highly unlikely. I may block some flamers and spammers to prevent my review list from being spammed further or just let my review count be brought up.

About My fanfics: I've try to adapt into improving as much as possible, but I'm not perfect. Writing isn't really encouraged where I live, so I have to learn how to do things on my own most of the time. I'm mostly on this site to practice and to have fun, but I try to write decently.

Fanfics I Prefer to Write: What type of fanfics I write varies, though I have a soft spot for angst sometimes. I like other genres, though, like action/adventure, hurt/comfort, and drama. In the future, I hope to experiment with different things if my writing mojo hits me enough. However, I doubt I will do many humor fanfics in the future because I have to admit my humor is pretty stale. I also doubt I'll write too many romance fanfics since my experience and interest in it is limited in certain areas.

About Reviewing My Fanfics: As long as it isn't a flame or very rude criticism, I will usually take your reviews seriously. I try to respect my readers. I really appreciate reviews, and they really help motivate me. Whenever I get a comment or constructive criticism, I try to reply as soon as possible and with a good reply.

How I Review Fanfics:How I review varies from time to time, but I normally either give positive comments with a little nice constructive, plainly positive comments, or just inform an author about violating the TOS. I never flame and I do my best to avoid writing any rude criticism. I have matured a lot in reviewing since I joined this site. I hope to give meaningfull reviews to the author of the stories I review.

Favorite Pairings: I'm pretty flexible with pairings in most fandoms as long as it doesn't contain things I'm too uncomfortable with. I removed my favorite pairing list because there's too many pairings I like. There's just so many that I can't keep track of all them. I don't really have many pairings I don't like since I'm pretty flexible, but there are a couple pairings I DON'T support.

Final Fantasy VII Pairings I Don't Support

1: VincentxShelke

There are a many reasons I don't really like this pairing. First of all, I prefer seeing them as friends, nothing more. For one thing, she's too young for him physically. She may really be nineteen, but she still has the body of a child. Vincent is immortal. He should at least wait until a cure is found for her aging problem and until she grows up (for the people don't know who she is, her aging problems comes from large mako doses). After all, I doubt he'll be going anywhere.

Another thing is that their relationship seems better as friendship, a brotherly and sister bond, or even a father-daughter relationship (A Vincent birthday fic got me liking this bond, and it's on my favorite lis.t).

Also, I don't like the idea of her having Lucrecia's memories programed into her. In my opinion, it's kind of cheating to know more about Vincent in such a way, it's kind of creepy, the memories would probably screw with Vincent, and Vincent should be loving Shelke for her true self, not memories.

2: Most Yaoi or Yuri Pairings/Stories In General

I don't like these pairings most of the time. I can make exceptions, but most of these pairings seem very forced to me. However, I will admit I have found a few very good yaoi fanfics. I might make exceptions if the fanfics are well written and it interests me enough. However, I have various reasons to not like yaoi or yuri in general, but I don't want to put a rant about it here. I do, however, respect authors that write these type of stories.

3: VincentxYuffie

It took me a long time to come to a conclusion, but I now officially hate VincentxYuffie. The majority of the time, I avoid fanfics with this pairing like the plague because I can barely stand them anymore. Ever since I joined the site, I went through several phases from sort of liking this pairing to hating it. My mind is made up and I doubt I'll change my mind any time soon. I also doubt the future holds any promises of me liking this pairing either.

I will admit the pairing looks kind of cute if I look at Yuffie's side of the romance. However, when I look at Vincent's side of the fence, I don't see this pairing as working out. Before anyone tries to accuse me of being a hater to romances where "opposites attract," I do actually like a lot of these kind of pairings a lot. A lot of original stories I plan on doing even have at least one romance where "opposites attract." The problem is that for that type of pairing to work the couple needs to reach at least some common ground. It's statistically proven that most relationships like these fail with very few exceptions if they're too different. Having a healthy amount of differences is okay, but there has to be a limit. I'm not going to hate anyone just for liking this pairing or writing fanfics with it. As long as you respect my opinion and don't try to force this pairing on me, we shouldn't have a problem.

4: HojoxLucrecia

I don't like Hojo, so just about any pairing with him either scares me or doesn't interest me. I doubt Hojo even loved Lucrecia, or at least not enough to have a good relationship.

5: VincentxOC

Maybe in the future I will enjoy a fanfic with this pairing, but for now I hate nearly every fanfic with Vincent being paired with a OC. I haven't found a fanfic with this pairing that even got me to think otherwise. Out of all canon characters in Final Fantasy VII, I find Vincent the least likely to run off with a OC at the moment. Even though Cloud already has at least two women already in his interest, I find him even more likely to be paired up with a OC than Vincent. If authors decide to write about this pairing, I most likely won't make much of a big deal out of it, but don't expect me to read the fanfic.

Note on My Feelings Toward Any Pairing With Vincent Valentine: Although I like VincentxTifa more than most other existing pairings with him at the moment (I blame a few authors.), I usually prefer Vincent being single. I can see VincentxLucrecia as possible, but circumstances aren't working in either of their favor. I don't see VincentxYuffie as working out. VincentxShalua would probably work out if Shalua didn't die, but I doubt we will ever know. It's just Vincent has a lot of weight on his shoulders and pairing him off will be very difficult. Not that it isn't possible, pairing him off won't be easy. So far, any existing pairings with him are kind of forced.

Friendship can heal a broken heart just as easily, if not better, than romance, so I usually prefer him staying friends with most of the males and females in his circle of friends. Once in a while, especially if the fanfic is well written enough and enjoyable for me, I read fanfics with him being paired up, though.

Favorite Anime: Trinity Blood, Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker Than Black, Eden of the East, Death Note, Blood Plus, Case Closed, GTO, Ouran Host Club, Chrono Crusade, Clannad, and Monster.

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