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Why I Have This Account

I have to get something out in the open here: I don't paticularly like to write fanfiction, but I enjoy reading it. I also like to review the stories I read, which I cannot do if I do not have an account. I might post a few stories in the future, but for the most part I will just read. Phew, I got it off my chest :P

About Me...

I am a 15-year-old girl living in wet, western Washington. I love to read and write and I have an account on fictionpress with about 13 or so stories (http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=511148#bot). My favorite shows on right now are How I Met Your Mother, Bones, and House. My favorite canceled shows are Buffy, Angel and Firefly and my favorite movie is Serenity. I love the Harry Potter books and movies and I adore anything written by Terry Pratchett. Well there isn't mush more for me to say. Feel free to email me, I love to chat :)

Favorite Couples/Types of Fics:

For Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Anya and Xander

Willow and Oz (don't boo. I liked straight willow! Don't get me wrong, I loved Tara. I just liked Oz and Willow together more)

Xander and Cordy

Humour is always good _ Especially about anya (my FAVE character of all time) and her money obsessed offspring _

I just don't like: Spike/ anyone. I am sorry. I love Spike, but it is way too overdone...and frightening. No thank you.

For Angel:

Fred and Wes (awwww _)

Cordy and Angel

Cordy and Doyle

Humour is always great

I don't like: Spike and fred. It was kinda cute in the showwhen it was implyed a bit, but it is just gross in fanfics.

For Bones:

Just Booth and Tempe. Humour is good too.

For House:

Just humor, my preeties. I only read humour house fics. It is my rule. Don't judge me.

For Firefly:

Simon and Kaylee (awww. warm fuzzy feelings _)

Mal and Inara (aww...more fuzzy feelings)

Every now and then, some good old Wash/ Zoe

Possibly some Jayne and River (I know it is kinda gross, but some fics have actually done it justice)

I don't like: Mal/ Kaylee, Mal/ River, and for the love of all things NOT imbred, NO NONONO Simon/River (it is just wrong)!

For Harry Potter:

Hermione/Ron with just a bit or Harry/Ginny thrown in :) They are the only hp fics I dare to read besides humor.

I don't like: NO SLASH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! It is WAAAAAY to icky. At least Tara and Willow were in canon. I can't stand it when people try to put Remus and Sirius together...it's there fic...but come on! Thats just wrong!

I also don't like: Hermione and Remus fics! I mean, I get it if Hermione has a crush on him...but he wouldn't do anything you people keep saying he would do to her. Yuck.

I ALSO don't like: ANYTHING where Draco is the main character or gets paired up with any non slytherin character. Like spike, it is just too overdone and way too nasty. Why would Hermione fall for draco?

General Disclaimer and My Threats

General Disclaimer: I own NOTHING BELOW except the actual words. Meaning, I do not own the characters, settings, or anything that appears in canon, but the way I write is mine. I would prefer if you didn't steal my fics (why would you want to?), but I wouldn't chase you down and mutilate you (maybe just a bit ;), because all my fanfics stink. My stories on fictionpress though, are ALL MINE and if you steal just a bitty bit of ANY of my original stories (on fictionpress) I will sick my rabid wallaby on you and my friends will dip your grubby little hands in a vat of burning hot oil until you can no longer hold a computer mouse. K? No touchy my original stories. I love them. You can, however, read them and possibly enjoy them (if you for some bizzare reason like rambly, original, supposedly humourous stories that are often labeled as fantsay). Magically Insane and Magically Immature (the story after magically insane) are my babies. You can read the first one here. You can visit the website (yes, I actually have a website for it) here.

I Swear I Am Done Being Mean...

I apologize if I come off as a bit...picky or mean. I can be very sweet (especially in reviews. I get annoying I can be so nice) if you get on my good side. I also apologize for my bad spelling and grammar. Like Xander said, "Reading makes our speaking english good". I read LOTS of fanfics and original stories. Come to think of it, maybe thats why my spelling is so bad. Or, it might be because my friends and boyfriend (especially him...he loves chatspeak o_O) are bad influences on me (grammar goes out the window when we IM each other. I try to use proper grammar, but my brain is all dun broken up). Anyway, I hope you enjoy my fanfiction(s?) and I REALLY hope you take the time to read my original stories on my fictionpress account (DisturbedKittenWriter. Ther is one less 't'), which are soooo much better and have snagged waaaay more of my attention (hugs my favorite stories). All reviews are appreciated, even one word reviews. Hope you all have a great summer. Tah Tah for Now!

With Love,


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