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Alright, I finally have a little time to do this.

I'm 21 years old, and a college student. I enjoy writing, and finally decided to put a thing or two up. I'm going into psychology, and if there's one thing I enjoy doing more than writing, it's reading. I've read a lot of fan fiction, (though I've had an annoying habit of just bookmarking the stories instead of favoriting them here. I'll be changing that, now that I finally have a little free time to do so. I'll also be catching up on my reviews).

That's about it really. I'll try to update when I can, as soon as I can without making it seem forced. Hope you all enjoy what you read.

Current Works:
Harry Potter and the Grey Society: This is post OOP, but AU since HBP came out. Greatly injured, Harry runs away from the Dursleys. Free from his father, Draco has decided that he's not dark or light, but a nice gray. What happens when Draco and Hary reach an understanding? How will Ron and Hermione, now dating, take it? Not Harry/Draco Slash.

Author's Comments:

For this story, I'm trying to keep myself down to five pages-ish per chapter. This is for a few different reasons: One, five pages is long enough so I can say what I need to say to my satisfaction. Two, it is short enough that I don't put all of my ideas down into one chapter. That way, as I progress with the story, I, hopefully, won't get completely hung up on it. Another thing that should be taken into account is the fact that I'm American. So they'll talk like Americans. I admit it, and that's just fine.

A side note on Chapters 3 and 4: They're necissary and important. Draco and Harry would not be friends after hating each other for so long without something like this. Draco always thought Harry was the Golden Boy, favored and doted on by the entire wizarding world, while he is stuck between his own wishes and Voldemort. Harry is part of Gryffindor, the most acclaimed house, while he is a part of the 'evil' house of Slytherin. Three quarters of the school hates him, while Harry, despite not really knowing it, is pretty popular. Harry seems to beat him at every turn, as well as not losing a chance to laugh at him and humiliate him. This, in my mind, is why Draco is so nasty to Harry, you need to put it into perspective. We all know how Harry sees Draco - a spoiled pure blood rich kid who's in league with Voldemort, and does his best to humiliate Harry all the time. But what neither side do is look at it from the other person's view. So now they're going to.

Another note on the story: I'm writing this one 'cause I'm very sick of seeing the only Slytherin-friendly Harry stories being the ones where Draco and Harry are lovers. There may or may not be homosexual relationships in here, I haven't decided yet. But Harry and Draco are both happily straight.

This story is currently put on hold. I'm not getting much in the way of support or encouragement for it, whereas I'm getting a lot for WNaWC. So I'm going to focus on that one for now, and come back to this one later.

When Ninja and Wizards Collide: When Voldemort looks east for allies, the east decides to send guards for Harry Potter. What happens when Chakra meets magic? And what happens when someone that knows both comes into the picture?

Author's Comments:

This just sort of occurred to me one night more than anything. I'm a few chapters ahead in writing this at the moment, and I'll post them probably around the same time I post for GS. There ARE a few details that seem unnecissary in this one, but they will be necissary in the other version I'm posting. Basically, I had originally intended for this to be a two sided huge story. There will be bits and pieces posted from the Gryffindor perspective in this, but not tons of details. This isn't because I hate the Gryffindors, it's because there's pretty much two story lines that are going to merge together at a few points, including the end. Basically I'm going to write this one for a while, turn around, and write the next one for a while, and so on and so forth. A few chapters where they end up running together will just end up being reposted over again in each story, but other than that it's been rather enjoyable to write thus far. Hopefully it'll be enjoyable to read as well.

In Progress.

Look for Chapter 12 and 13 to be up soon!

When Ninja and Wizards Collide One Shots:

The Picnic: When Ron and Hermione get into a fight that leaves Hermione in tears, it's Kiba to the rescue. And what better way to try and make Hermione feel better than with a picnic? COMPLETE!

Party Time: Hermione turns 17, and Kiba finds out that they've never bothered throwing her a birthday party. Now that won't do! How does Hermione react to a surprise party? And how does Ron react when he not only finds out about the party, but finds out that he wasn't invited? IN PROGRESS.

Romeo and Juliet Tryouts: Part of Dumbledore's plan to increase inter-house unity consists of putting on a muggle play. This attracts the good, the bad, and the stupid. How do the try outs go? Find out here! WAITING TO BEGIN

Team Hogwarts: In order to play against the Japanese Team, Hogwarts is holding tryouts for an interhouse Quiddich Team. Who does good? Who does bad? What happens? This one shot will tell you. WAITING TO BEGIN

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When Ninja and Wizards Collide reviews
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Post OOP, AU. Greatly injured, Harry runs away from the Dursleys. Free from his father, Draco has decided that he’s not dark or light, but grey. What happens when Draco and Harry reach an understanding? How will his friends take it? NOT HPDM SLASH!
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