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Author has written 2 stories for Blood And Chocolate, and Inuyasha.

Pen Name: Alice Carmina (thats not my real name btw)

I'm Alice and this is my profile...lol... well duh. I'm not really sure what to say, so if you want to know anything just ask, but here are some random facts about me...

Age: 18

Occupation: Senior in High school.

Living: In the middle of nowhere in the U.S.

I currently went to Italy over the summer!!

I love to write, but I always have so many ideas in my head that they always get completely jumbled up and I can't seem to finish something I've started, but don't worry my fanfictions will be finished, even if it takes me forever.


Well obviously I love to write. I have almost a million unfinished stories and about 10000 characters screaming in my head about their story. Yeah I can understand what your thinking "That girl needs to stay on her meds." I probably should. Anyways I love to have witty characters that are sarcastic, but vulnerable at the same time. I always have romance in my stories for all you readers lol. I love fluff, but I still am to embarrassed to go as far as to write a lemon, so if I were you I wouldn't expect that to come in the near future. Anyways I usually write in first person, but for projects like Silver Moonlight I write in 3rd person. All of you who have read Silver Moonlight know by now I'm not the best at writing in 3rd person or using correct grammer, but I'm working on it. Anyways heres an update on what I'm currently doing...

1.) Working on When Fate Steps In; I had chs. 1-3 done but my hardrive crashed so I have to re-write them

Silver Moonlight: My newest addition to my fan fictions. Its based on Blood and chocolate and is my version of what happens after the book. Its a Gabriel/Vivian pairing and is pretty difficult for me since I'm writing it in third person. Third person is a challenge. I have no idea why, but it is. Anyways my friend Joan never got back to me, so I lost my editor, but all is good. The funny thing is I already wrote out a chapter, but I realized I can't use it to later, so write now I'm suffering from writer's block on what to put between chapter five and the chapter I wrote. I think I have an idea, but I haven't been in the mood to write it down. I'm trying though, but I figure I'll try and finish Hidden Within Shadow while I'm brainstorming on Silver Moonlight.

A Perfect Cure For Loneliness: My first Inuyasha fan fic and my first One Shot! I've always loved the series and always wanted to write one, but was always too embarrassed to. Anyway I was reading the manga for the first time and saw chapter 494 and really loved it, but was dissapointed by the ending so I decided to re-write the ending.

When Fate Steps In: A new fan fiction I've been working on. It will be my first actual Inuyasha Alternate Universe, M fan fic. Basically it is a modern fic, but will not be posted until I get everything straight. When Kagome moves to Tokyo her past of being in a gang known as The Brotherhood starts to catch up with her and haunt her new life. With the help of her new friends she may be able to overcome this hostility and solve a mystery, not even her father, The Great Detective "Mr. Solvable", couldn't figure out.

I'm sorry it takes me so long to update. I'm really trying to move faster, its just I can only write well when I'm in a certain mood that doesn't come very often. I'm trying to improve my writing and have been skimming through different author's works like Stephenie Meyer, Meg Cabot, Ann Brashares, and some fan fiction authors that I really like, in order to see how they write. I'm currently trying to figure out what makes their writing so good, but its becoming quite difficult to interpret. Anyway I'm trying to figure out how to improve my writing style for you guys. But until then I'm afraid you all are going to have to endure my really crappy writing.

Favorite Quotes:

"I'll wait for the Musical Version." -Joan my editor

"OMG The OCD person inside my head is screaming!"

"Our Greatest Glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall."-Ghandi

"The Reason I write is the same reason I breathe, If I didn't I'd Die."-Unknown

"Yeah Any movie that has a hott scottish guy naked and singing about 'All you need is love' tends to be a favorite."

"Its pink and shiny what more do you need?"-Joan

"Jesus Christ Timmy! Don't float above me while I'm dying in the abyss!"-Dane Cook

"When you see somebody walking down the street wearing a superman t-shirt, you just want to shoot them in the chest ... when they start to bleed go, "I guess not"- Dane Cook

"If somebody calls and messes with you on the phone like that you don't become terrified, you mess back ... If somebody calls and was like "have you checked the children?" I'd be like "I killed them!""-Dane Cook

I think thats probably enough lol. I swear I just wrote a novel here...

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Silver Moonlight reviews
Vivian and Gabriel are mated, and take on their alpha roles. When the pack moves to Vermont new troubles arise and Vivian can't help but feel the pressure of being an alpha. Takes place right where Blood and Chocolate left off.
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