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I have LEFT this account!

I merged the decent stories here onto my other Fanfiction.Net account, The Gemini Sage. Having two accounts is too much trouble, so together they go. This account is now dormant. If you see any of my work that you think has been copied, then it hasn't been! (Unless the author is someone other than The Gemini Sage.) If you are looking for any of my work that appears missing, please check The Gemini Sage! If it's not there, contact me.

Thanks to everyone for all your reading and reviews. I love everyone who ever commented. Seriously. Thank you all so much, for commenting on my good writing and bad writing and everything in-between, for subscribing and reading all that junk I wrote. If you would be so kind, please take yourself on over to The Gemini Sage and see what I have to offer. If you're having trouble, try looking the favorite stories and authors of this username.

You can also find me on deviantART and YouTube.

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