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iWriter88's NEWS (got this idea from The Phoenix King)

December 3rd: It has been a long time since Legacy was started. 2 years. Unfortunately, the last update came practically 2 years ago. I cannot promise you guys (and girls, can't be too sexist here! xD) that there will be an update, but I am considering it. I appreciate all the feedback and apologize profusely for my delayed story. However, I am beginning edits of my story. In the past two years, my writing style has definitely matured to the point where I think it is distinct from my old style (tbh, my old style kinda was ramble...too formulaic imo). So, in short, edits -> possible update. Keep your swords up!

May 4th: OMG it's been a while. Yeah. Well, not going to update til summer begins (June something), but I do want to draw your attention to iWriter77, who loves writing funny stuff. "Hey, why is his/her name so similar to yours?!" Good question! And I'm afraid I don't have an answer. It's something you guys can all speculate about. Lol. But yeah, I can assure you that he/she will update very soon. That being said, apologize for the story, I can totally understand it if like 90 of my former reviewers just don't care/hate the story now. But yeah, just decided to update my profile. Cya ppls!

November 25th: I'll be back into the writing scene by the end of the week. Sorry, I kind of have no excuse this time...ok well sophomore year ended up being a lot more intense than I expected.

September 6th: Update posted. I hadn't updated in two weeks!! Yeah, I was preoccupied with my birthday, school, and sports. So there...I kind of had an excuse.

P.S. Also, this chap. update shud've been here yesterday...you can blame FF.Net for that lol. I finished it two days ago and spent yesterday reviewing. When I tried to post, I got an error message...so I pmed Support, and they got it fixed. :)

August 20th: I know I shouldn't be complaining, but why is it that many of the early reviewers never reviewed ch. 5? I mean, I kinda made it longer at their request...Well, I'll give it two more days to see if I can get any more reviews, and then I'll work on my nxt chapter. Well, I already worked on a bit of it, so it shouldn't take me too long. Review ppls!

August 18th: Ch. 5 was undoubtedly a success. For only 43 hits for ch. 5, I received 5 new reviews. (by new, i mean he/she hasn't reviewed before) I fully expect ch. 5 to get over 10 by the time some people check their emails, so wh00t! Nice to know that the cliffhanger worked some wonders.

August 6th: I'm still currently at work on ch. 3. It will start with a POV of a soldier, and end with Arya climbing on to Saphira as they head for Gil'ead. If all goes well, you should see the chapter up tomorrow. Thanks for all the reviews! Also, it looks as if I've lost the attention of a few early reviewers...:(...mind telling me why? Lol.

Why the Inheritance Trilogy Needs Work

"I'm not your typical Eragon basher. I find the professional Eragon detractors tiringly obsessive, and every time someone clogs up a message board with another hey-this-is kinda-like-Star Wars post he's SURE is pure unprecedented genius insight, I'm certain an angel loses his wings.

Unfortunately, the series is growing into the complaints. Paolini does have talent, but his sales figures and incredible life story have seemingly allowed his manuscripts to go unchecked, and his writing flaws are getting worse, not better.

Three major problems with "Brisingr":

1) It's way too violent. It opens on a group of fanatics who slice off their own limbs to prove their faith, whose rituals we observe in loving detail. (The head priest has lopped himself down to just a torso.) We soon continue to a torture victim whose eyes have been pecked - eaten - out of his face. "Gore" is Paolini's favorite word, particularly when it is "smeared" on something, and we get endless graphic depictions of Roran's hammer smashing an enemy soldier's skull/throat/arm/spine, its owner rejoicing in the carnage. I don't expect war to be bowlderized, but the book revels in charnel for its own sake and is too bloody for readers under thirteen.

2) Eragon has become a bit of a sociopath. A reunion with one of his childhood bullies - who's just been through horrific torture - becomes a control-and-humiliate fantasy that's disturbing. When the typically closed Arya touchingly recounts her love's recent death and how it stole all joy from her world, Eragon's heart is unmoved; he feels only irritation and jealousy, fuming that he will "not be discouraged in his suit". (Has he been reading "The Game"?) The book's ruminations on the morality of killing reach only the uninspired conclusion that it's unavoidable in war, and we're thus meant to take a certain satisfaction when Eragon joyfully dispatches even those ordinary men forced into service by Galbatorix. I guess the debate was meant only to free us from our nagging moral reservations.

As in "Eldest", Eragon's praised to high heaven by every single soul, given credit for every achievement. At points, the book seems to have other characters only so that they can sing of their inferiority to its shining star.

3) As nearly every other ranter has noted, it's too bloated, with deadly pacing. Galbatorix's nightmarish Ra'zac servants are dealt with early, leaving Eragon to dither with rebel leader Nasuada and go off on a few preparatory errands for about 600 pages. (A 200-page detour into dwarf politics is particularly deadening.) We keep waiting for the meat to arrive, for some crisis or confrontation, and (save for a quick and inconsequential early battle with Murtagh) it never comes. There is no real climax, save for the easily-accomplished sacking of one city and a death we all long saw coming, albeit not in such meaningless circumstances.

The lack of individual voices in the story makes things drag all the more; every character has an identical manner of speaking, all bloviation and overexplanation in high-fantasy Olde Englishe. Paolini too often substitutes scads of meaningless proper names for the little moments that make bring a fantasy world to life.

A few of those moments slip through, though, like the dotty old man who roosts in the majestic ruins of a half-toppled, tree-like tower, harvesting peas. Or when Arya, on a whim, braids a miniature ship from wild grasses and breathes into it magic that will allow it fly for perpetuity; Eragon wonders what stories people will tell of it in the years to come. I laugh at the self-important magicians' society Du Vrangr Gata, whose study of the ancient language is not as complete as they think and whose name therefore translates into the Alagaesian equivalent of Engrish. I like the atypically crusty elven smith, intolerant of how "too polite, too refined, too precious" her Tolkien-influenced race has become, or the touches of culture (family totems, bedtime stories) Paolini has given his orc race. For those who like dragons, Saphira's a sparkling specimen.

And there are dwarf ninjas. That's gotta count for something, with someone.

My point is that the books need less Gary Stu carnage and more gems like these. Show us why this world is worth fighting (and fighting and fighting) for.

And we need some actual change to come out of all these pages. Roran's love soothes his anxiety over his battlefield casualities by opining that he'd be evil only if he actually enjoyed killing. Later - whaddaya know - Roran DOES come to love killing, quite enthusiastically, but the book forgets to look at him any differently. Eragon makes a few crucial mistakes in dwarfland due to arrogance and petulance, but he is still lavishly praised from here to Valinor. Nasuada endures a (naturally) bloody duel for leadership of the rebel faction, yet she is viewed no differently by her people afterward. Murtagh's horrific tragedy, the king who hosts the rebel Varden yet resents being pushed to the sidelines in his own country, the new hot elf guardsman who's really a lion-type furry and whose musk gets all the females...er, in heat - nothing comes of any of it. (The waste of Murtagh, who now apparently exists only to be ruthlessly dispatched, is particularly criminal.) C'mon, Rowling introduced and destroyed seven whole Horcruxes in the same space! Pick a story and develop it!

Also, are we gonna SEE Galbatorix before this series ends? There is an evil EMPEROR in this evil empire, correct?

Enough sarcasm, though. Again, it's senseless to waste your life hating these books as some do, all anti-Shur'tugal; better simply to move on to other stories. Myself, I just wish someone would guide Paolini - edit him down, focus him - so the rest of us got more out of his talent."

Sums up my newfound distaste for Eldest/Brisingr in a nutshell. :(

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