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Heh, reception for my latest fic seems to have been, in a word, subdued. Still, i'll continue updating. My sequel is complete and im working on a one other project along with scratching out the last part of my main story. For those that continue to read, you have my thanks for looking at my work and as always, just hope that you enjoy the story.

June 2012

The last time i put something up on this particular page was nearly half a year ago. About time for some kind of update.

My story Farewell, My Friend is pretty much finished and i'm just going over it for errors and such. All in all, i feel pretty good about it and i feel better that i've finally started to get some of the feedback more to my writing style and characters that i've been wanting. Yeah, i'm different. I look more for the criticisms and critiques than the compliments and praises. Maybe some of that chef training reflecting on this; you can learn more about your food from your critics than your praisers.

In regard to Prerecorded History, I had a change of heart midway through writing it and took it to a different direction. The way i wrote it didn't fill 'fufill' me. It looked more like a throw-in filler to Natasha Chapel rather than a solo story showing her origins, how she came to be and glimpses to where she's going. So rather than throw something out that's not to my liking, i re-imagined the path starting with the last chapter i uploaded.

Now onto future projects. Really, i have one idea that i really want to get into after i finish Farewell, My Friend and Prerecorded History. It would be something that would happen right after Farewell, My Friend in terms of sequence. The rough draft in my head envisions a time skip since honestly, Future History, Traitorous Savior and Farewell, My Friend happen within roughly a month to 5 weeks of another. As you may have guessed from my one of my current works, one of the main characters will not be featured. Until i fully upload Farewell, My Friend, that's all i will say on that.

The only other story i can for sure tell you i'm working toward is with Lamar Vega. I've had the compulsion to write some sort of stand-alone story for him, but i haven't been able to grasp a hook that i can really put him into.

So, there you have it. As always, i hope you enjoy my stories. Leave your thoughts on them. Enjoy.


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YuGiOh!: Farewell, My Friend
The saying goes, 'A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.' This may prove to be a trial Terry cannot pass.
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