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I'm a fanfiction reader, not a writer...yet

I'm a 16 year old girl from Indonesia (u know where it is:P).Despite the image of my country is "tropical laid back ricefield village village beach surf Bali paradise land",Japanese comics are so popular, esp with highschool students in big cities like me.

Fav Mangas : Nodame Cantabile (why is this awesome manga so unpopular?)

One Piece


W Juliet

Beyond the Blindfold

Ragnarok (does the author wants to at least publish no 11?)

Fav Characters :

Tashigi from One Piece : because she really looks like me. (exept she has blue hair and mine is black).she's a really mature character from inside and out. How she talks and her choices of words. I love swords too but not using it as a weapon. Despite most of Oda's female characters (no mean to offense) which are : in a negative way 2.Wears too shameless clothing 3. doesn't have faith or dreams as strong as male ones, Tashigi is different. She is self-respectful, wears adequate clothing, has a strong faith in justice and a strong character which impressed me a lot. plus, she's as thin as I am-LOL!

Rock Lee from Naruto : Aaah, this boy is SO COOL! He is so determined! Tenacious in pusuing his dreams, never uncertain of what the world of shinobi is waiting for him.Such a gentlemen unlike other typical manga characters. Never before I ever imagined someone this MANLY! yeah! Many people seem to mock him just because of his appearance, but inside he's way better than everyone else.

Kiyora Miki from Nodame : I just love her character.The way she plays her violin... aaaaah Plus she lives in Vienna...ah, Vienna ...drools

Assassin Cross Loki from Ragnarok : He's sort of cute. sort of. I love men with black hair.

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece : Same with Lee, Great determination. Ambition. Ego. Bravery. Swords. Three swords. eyes. Not to mention his appearence. But I sort of hated his green hair.

Fav Pairings :

Tashigi x Zoro from one piece: while Oda-san has other character's pairings open, this one is simply obvious.

Luffy x Nami from one piece: this one is kinda obvious too

Robin x Ace from one piece: Because Robin is too old to pair with any of the SH crew, I think she looks great by Ace's side

Ussop x Kaya from one piece: Brave warrior of the sea and pretty doctor? nice

Chiaki x Kiyora from nodame: This one is actually lovely, but it'll never happen

Loki x Lidya from ragnarok : Strange pairing, but cute anyways

Things I love (that has relations to ) : "Mature style" stories, Ficts about Tashigi, Ficts about Tashigi x Zoro, Ficts that has VERY little ooc-ness inside, Ficts about Lee, people who hate marysues

Things I hate (that has relations to ) : Mary sues...mary sues...MARY SUES...(bashes marysues everywhere), and yaoi stories

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