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Hello There,

Now that i am back in the swing of things more fanfics will be posted just be patient

Well see ya. (read my stories)

11/13/17:Sorry it has been so long: For the last several years I have been quite ill dealing with health issues and family tragedies. But now I am finally getting better and will finally be getting back to my two main fan fictions, which I hope to get around to updating by the end of the year. Until then enjoy the random Sonic the Hedgehog oneshot.

6/29/14:I have not forgotten you: I am so sorry, it has been six months since I have had any sort of update but I have had my reasons. I have been looking for someone to beta the next few chapters of A World but have had very little luck with that. I now have 5 chapters waiting in the wings but until I can get chapter 10 looked at I did not want to post. But things have changed and I have been sitting on this chapter for too long now. I will be posting hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I hope people like lemon.

12/25/13: Merry Kurrissumassu: So after two years a new Shnarky is up. All written by my hubby and posted for your morning crack amusement. Has it really been two years since we got one of these out? Oh well.

10/17/13: Too long- Uhg... I finally got a beta reader but something has come up so that beta reader has not started reading A World yet. I give up. I have a bunch of chapters waiting to posted and so help I will post one today. She will just have to play catch up. That said, sorry if it is not as polished as it should be I am working on it.

7/31/13: Married- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I am now a married woman. But don't you think for a second that it means I have stopped writing. Actually it has given me some tools to help me write more. That said I still don't have BETA Readers, so yeah... maybe it is time to bite the bullet and check out the Beta section. I hope that means I will get someone to read a few chapter that I already for A World... We shall see. Later lovelies. Okay so scratch that... The Beta section is scary for a newcomer... A new chapter of A World will be up without getting checked then. oh well.

6/24/13: Well here we are- So it has come to this. I am here to tell that... I REALLY NEED BETA READERS! As I mentioned in A World I have much I want to write and much that I have written, many of which I am not happy with the results of. Also I am getting married at the end of next month... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! So my brain is doing strange things to me. Like HPTD will likely be getting another chapter soon and Mewtwo should be getting another one by the end of the week. Also I may be working on story that connects to HPTD that is a stand alone One Shot. Also I plan on writing a funny little story that would be a one shot crossover. I will not tell you exactly what two things will be getting crossed over but I will hint that one of them is brand new while the other you have sort of seen before. So Yeah... get excited. NANOWRIMO Camp part 2 is happening in July and this time I plan on joining a cabin with my friends. Let's hope this works. Till the next time I type here.

5/9/13: Whoops- so my plans for camp failed. Oh well. At least it got me rolling again. BTW I am really surprised, in a happy way, that people seem to like A World so much. Though I'll be honest I feel like I need to ask a favor of you guys. I need a beta reader. I am not happy with what I think I have for chapter five of that story. And yes I have written already two chapter ahead of what I have posted. That way I can post something as soon as I have ideas and I know that there will be more ideas to be had. I had tried to that with HPTD but that book went missing and Mewtwo got lost on my old lap top. So here we are. Mewtwo should hopefully be up soon, but I need to finish this chapter that refuses to be written and I honestly I do not know to say about HPTD right now. I have ideas but getting them onto the computer is not easy. Sorry. Well, in that case, I will be off for the night. Tah!

4/9/13: Why yes I did just three chapters in one evening- Strange right? Well there you have it. I think another short story is in order. Say who is interested in HPTD relevant short story? I have one in mind but I have not really gotten around to finishing it yet. What a pain. Oh well. More HPTD, Mewtwo and A World to come up soon. Night everyone.

4/3/13: Happy Camp NANOWRIMO- Yeah so I have been posting something for the last two days, adding new things to my profiles seemed like the logical next step. As camp has only just begun I think I am off to a pretty good start. I have gotten one short story, a chapter of Mewtwo up and a new Fan fic, which I have a few chapter already written of. I want to get HPTD up next, I have definitely been neglecting it. Heck I might finally get out my Harry potter short story out too. OOOOH won't that be fun. Well till later.

3/31/13: Happy end of March- For many of you, today would be Easter, but for me, this is Passover. So I am here to wish you a happy end of March because tomorrow will be the start of April and the beginning of Camp NANOWRIMO. I have a new Fic I am writing based on Pokemon Black and White that is going to be my first M rated story. Mewtwo and HPTD will hopefully get more updates and I will likely get up a few oneshots. April seems to be the month to write because I am chock full of ideas and I want to share them all with you. With Love!

3/25/13:I must be crazy- Two updates in two days for two different stories. Wow, my brain must be on overdrive or something. It was good to get back to my two biggest stories. My epics as it were. Now I am ready for the next grand adventure. Mewtwo and HPTD with will hopefully get more updates soon. I plan on working really hard on both now. Camp NANOWRIMO is in April and maybe a chapter a day for each story may end up being part of my writing thing. Who knows. ;)

3/24/13:Long time no see- Hey everyone. I know it has been a while since I was on here updating. I have not been feeling very story writing lately (yes I know that does not make sense, shut up. :P) There was also the problem that I still did not Mewtwo or Terror stuff off of my old laptop. So I just said, to hell with that old stuff, and have pretty much picked it up where I left it off from here. So that is my story, Mewtwo will be up short with a new chapter and Terror will likely be up in a few days, I hope. TTYL

5/30/12:Where has the time gone- It seems like only yesterday I was here. But looking around it seems in fact I have not updated this page in 6 months. Life has changed a lot for me. My mom passed away earlier this month, leaving me at the age 21 without a mother. At the same time I got engaged to the guy who I have been Shnarky with. Another friend of mine and I have been RPing a Harry Potter universe story that I will shortly be posting as a Fan Fic here. It will be called, Of Ice and Light. This story is in part based on an older RP that we where both part of until I was forced to leave it. Still I am looking forward to posting this new tale soon. I am also likely to post another ToukoxN Fan Fic one shot, but the story is has been done a dosen and a half times and I want to seem truly original. Oh and before I forget, as I almost did, a new Shnarky is in fact in the works, as odd as that may sound. Well my lovely, lovely readers that is all for now. I will talk to you more soon.

12/20/11: Continue- so I got one Shnarky up today... another one will be up shortly. Stay lovely people!

12/20/11: Where did my year go?- So as you can tell nothing happened over the year. I said stuff was going to happen but it didn't. HPTD is kinda on permeant Hiatus right now... if you want more PM me, otherwise something may happen in the future but I do not know. Mewtwo on the other hand was a story that I really liked and do plan on continuing. Shnarky too, but I have to work that one out with my Boy before a new story comes out. Besides that I have an idea for a new fic, but you will not see unless I finish it completely before I post it. That is all for right now, talk to later, my lovely people.

05/06/11: A new favorite story idea- FerrisWheel shipping if you do not know what it is, check out my brand new story, Anywhere. Also my Boyfriend and I do plan on continuing Shnarky, in case you care to know. Also Mewtwo and HPTD will continue over the summer when I finally move those files onto my now almost one year old laptop. That is all for now. Latter lovelies.

10/31/10: So much to say so little time- There is a new story that I am working with my Boyfriend called Shnarky King of the Eevees. It will be updated tonight. I also plan on working HPTD and Mewtwo this month. Thank you NaNoWriMo. More updates to come soon.

08/25/10: second worse summer ever- Got Hospitalized twice but I now have a new boy friend.

04/21/10: Israel again- I am back in the swing of things, sort of. I am about to post a new chapter for HPTD and it promises to life changing event. I can't tell you when I will post Mewtwo again but it will happen I promise. Later y'all.

03/04/10: I hate computers- Let me explain. during February my computer tried to die, a lot. After a long phone conversation with my father back in the states we figured out that one of the fans had died. Now I have a short window of time to use my computer so that is why I only just updated HPTD. Things may take a while so don't worry about it. I will be heading home in two weeks and I hope to then get my computer fixed. Until then I will see you later.

01/30/10: Whoops- Do you ever feel like things are happening really slowly then you look down at your watch (Which you finally have gotten fixed) and a month has gone by. Right so HPTD will be up by the end of the day, Mewtwo will of course take some time but I hope to get something new soon. And in case anyone is wondering first draft of HPTD part2 has been written till chapter 4 so there is more to come. Later

12/11/09: internet- you would that if your parents aloud you to study in Israel for the year (not to mention the fact that if they hadn't I would be at college) the school that you go to would not block 2/3 of the world-wide-web. next week I have vacation which means post will happen then. I am also taking the week before New Years off for a family celebration. Be back soon.

11/18/09: skool- alright now that everything has slowed down I have some good news: HPTD part one is now finished in first draft. That means I have to type it all up and edit it. hopefully I will be able to do that by New Years (fingers crssed). Mewtwo is also now almost ready to be posted just a little bit more editing and it should be done. Hope to see you around.

10/21/09: Time flys- So just in case people have not yet figured it out, I an Jewish so September and October are not the best months to complete anything. That being said, HPTD chapter 6 will be posted hopefully later tonight. Mewtwo has also made some major progress so I might be able to post another chapter soon. Moondanger on the other hand will most likely stay blank until I feel comfortable in posting what I want to there, though I do plan on updating the profile section. Also on a side note, I now have a LiveJournal account. It is of course simple enough to remember right, right. Till I update again!

9/10/09: Israel- whoops, I lost track of time. Sorry. XD. I have been in Israel for a week now and it is so surreal. I can not belive that I am here. Enough of that. HPTD will be getting another chapter up soon, at least within the month. Mewtwo will get another soon as well I hope. Moondager is still blank and may remain blank for longer then I was first hoping I will post new stuff on it soon. I promise. Later

7/20/09: summertime- so as some of you may or may not know, I have moved. I don't like moving, espical when it is unexpected. It has comepleatly ruined my summer plans. sigh So HTPD will start getting updated again soon and the Mewtwo hopefully will get something new as well. the oneshot I mentioned before will be on my other account which is curently blank- moondanger- and will be quite different then the stuff here. hope you enjoy. Bye bye for now

6/12/09: Free at last- school is done now i can back on sekedual. HPTD will hopefully one more chapter up by the July first if all things go well. Mewtwo will begin updating again when i get re-inspired (that normaly happens late at night so hopeful soon as well) and life after harry is still on semi-permint hitus. I will restart it after I finish HPTD. I also hope it get a oneshot up very soon. Later Gator!

5/12/09: working hard on getting stories working again. back later for more update.

4/02/09: a good day to return- HPTD is going on wonderfully, but i am still having trouble with Mewtwo. hopefull i will be a ble to update them both soon. HPTD has been ujusted a bit so that is easery to find (thank god for Crossover) More update later

3/11/09: sickness scks- after getting sick and staying for most of Feburay I am sick yet agian. Good news i will be able to get the next chapter of HPTD up hopeful by saterday, bad news my muses have given me no ideas for Mewtwo you will have to wait a bit longer for that one. Sorry about that. If things get really bad (which i hope they won't) i may need to go on Hiadits for a while to finish a huge project for school. I may not be done with it till May. In either case HPTD will be up and i hope you guys like it. Later.

2/01/09: Back again- a new month in a new year and I am already far behind, what else is new. Now that I am writing again at a semi regular basis I thought I should I say something today. Wow it is so very hard to write when you don't know what to say. A new chapter will be up for HPTD soon and Mewtwo will have something new hopefully within the month. Read and review, I love hearing what people have to about my stories.

1/09/09: Wow a new year- well i have most of what i promised up, i have also decided to postpone the launch of the lilo and stitch fan fic so that i can primarily work on the pokemon and harry potter crossover fan fics. sorry if anyone was look forward to lilo and stitch it will come when i finish the pokemon one. now on to more "pressing" matters. while searching through other peoples fan fic accounts i found these:

92 percent American teens would die if Abercrombie and Fitch told them it's uncool to breathe. Copy this into your profile if you would be in the 8 percent laughing their asses off at the others.
(Blue jeans and a t-shirt, baby!)

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ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling
was ipmorantt! tahts so cool!

If you could read that put it in your profile.

(!oot, nuf si sdrawkcab gnitirW) .eliforp ruoy otni etsap dna ypoc ,sdrawkcab siht daer ot hguone trams era uoy fI

COOL RIGHT. well later 'gater

12/08/08 this is what happens when life fails- my computer has been down for three weeks meaning all of my plans have been delayed by that amount of time. the stories that i said i will be posting will be up Decemeber 25 (i can't spell "christmis" so sue me.) later y'all and happy festive holiday of winter gift giving (spell check on that later)

11/10/08 Happy November kids! in honor of NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) I will be updating my two already posted stories and uploading two/three new stories: Mokona and Stitch, a lilo and stitch TRC crossover and Harry Potter and the Terror of Death, a HP, CCS, xxxHolic/ TRC crossover. they should be up later this month. have fun and keep on writing and reading.

H-chan out

11/04/08 election day: everyone vote! and if you can't vote (like myself) look at the fanfic that i have posted through my deviant accont
look at the stuff. it is good. don't mind the stuff that was loaded in early october and before. it is reallllllly bad

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