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Profile- Professor Ken

NOTE: I update this occasionally, so you should probably check it occasionally too.

Business End

Notifications: DeviantART has taken over all of my main operations; I log into about once every three to six months. Needless to say, I'm not around here very often. I still write lots of fanfiction but I just don't publish much over here anymore.

Review Policy: I do like being reviewed. It's not a matter of who's reviewing, it's really more that you are reviewing and proving that you actually care about what I'm writing that really matters. I do prefer quality to quantity, but I take what I can get. As for ME giving reviews, I do follow a procedure. If I have something I think is useful to say to the writer of a fanfiction in the way of critique or advice, I will leave a review. If I do not have very much to say, or if someone else has already said it in a review, I will not give a review. Also, if a person has a lot of reviews (i.e. 4 or more per chapter), I will very seldom leave a review unless I think I have something very important to say, because I feel like my words do not matter for clearly many other people have already rendered what things I have to say redundant.

Validity Statement: I am allowed to use the character Darth Mohawk in my stories. The (questionably eccentric) author whose penname is Darth Mohawk is allowed to use my characters in his stories. Why? He's my older brother. And yes, that's also why I spend so much time flinging insults at him, it's a very long-running joke between us (I'm getting even for all the stuff he pulled on ME when we were younger!).

Guess What?: I have a Deviantart account! I go by the name 'ArrantPreceptor'. Now, it's still a work-in-progress, but I'm going to be loading in a lot of images, including portraits of many of my characters from my stories, so go check it out if you're interested.

Personal End.

Real Identity: It's Grand Admiral Professor... just kidding. I'm not really a professor (or a grand admiral, sadly), but you can call me that if you like because I know my fair share of nerdy-sciency-military-history stuff. I will respond to Professor Ken, Arrant Preceptor, or as I sign most of my artworks, the Arrant Professor.

Age: One year older than I was last year.

Favorite Food: Seafood, chocolate, root beer. I consider myself a connoisseur of all three.

Hobbies: I like reading, watching documentaries on TV (mostly the military kind), writing, and sometimes playing video games, but not so much as I used to.

Favorite Means of Electronic Entertainment:

Movies: Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the Star Wars saga tie for second. First place is, of course, 'all of the above': Spaceballs. Greatest movies ever.

TV: Documentaries, mostly military but really just whatever.

Video games: NiGHTS Journey of Dreams and both Tales of Symphonia games.

Music:Thrice, Rise Against, The Wedding. Just emo enough for my tastes, you could say. Lately it's been Anberlin, Nightwish and Decyfer Down too.

Other: I do technically write on a laptop... does that count? Believe it or not, I do read other people's fanfictions. If I leave a review, it means that not only do I strongly like a story, I have something useful to say about it. (I seldom add stories to my 'Favorites' list unless I see some good reason to, as I don't usually keep up with too many stories at once.)

Favorite One-Liners: I personally advocate that these are from some of the best movies I've ever seen!

"So uncivilized." Obi-Wan Kenobi, "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" after killing General Grevious

"No... yousa FRIED." Emperor Palpatine, "Sith Apprentice", right before offing Jar Jar in the coolest way possible (by cooking him with Sith lightning)

"Yeah, and I'll start it: Dear Masohiro Sakurai: f-- you." Geno from "Smash Kingdom Melee", right before blowing up Japan (like he said he would!)

"Or else Pizza's gonna send for YOU." Vinny (Pizza the Hut's assistant) from "Spaceballs" in address to Lonestar

Three Things That Drive Me Crazy: College, annoying coworkers, car troubles. They can never be escaped for long.

Approved Video Game Pairings: I feel it necessary to compile this list. Now, this list is not a list of which pairings I hate, or which ones I'm opposed to, but simply the only ones I'll acknowledge as having my approval. Couples not shown here I either don't care about or will not acknowledge in any way, shape or form. You'll notice these are mostly canon parings; that's just because I've been convinced best by them.

1- Tails x Cosmo. Hey, they may not be in the same animal kingdom, but I always cute, tragic couples involving one practicing supergenius.

2- Kalas x Xelha. Kalas is cynical, but Xelha does bring out the best of him.

3- Sagi x Milly. Sagi is a momma's boy, and Milly is the cynic, like Kalas and Xelha reversed. Again, a cute couple.

4- Emil x Marta. Okay, okay, this is me being envious here, I'm about as shy and insecure as Emil and WISH I had a girlfriend like Marta! Plus, they're such a natural couple...

5- Silver Crescent x Saki. Yep, this one's from my original stuff. Of course I approve it!

6- NiGHTS x Narrator. Yeah you, Goldeye-- no commentary from the peanut gallery!

My Favorite Video Game Characters: See above. Depending on my mood, the gallery can shift around. At the moment my list is as follows: third, NiGHTS, second, Silver Crescent, first, Emil tied with Narrator. (I'm Narrator, and I'm here with the keyboard, so I get away with this. No, I'm not a Gary Sue. Narrator IS a ninety nine percent authentic representation of myself. He is not invincible and not everyone loves him!)

Credits: My sincere thanks to

My older brother Tom, for helping me come up with all this stuff

My older sister Sarah, for encouraging me to write

My accomplices-in-writing Bravekid (whom I haven't heard from in a while...) and Mauser-KAR98K, for offering ideas, concepts and most importantly advice and friendship

My usual group of readers and reviewers... you know who you are!

Philosphy from the Professor!

Why I do it all: Why am I a writer? Because I feel a need to be. I'm a bit of an escapist at times, and writing provides a very good escape from the mind-numbing drudge of my relatively ordinary life. I love telling stories, and I love reading stories, so it's quite natural that I frequent such a place as However, there is a flipside to this-- my own personal flukes draw and repel me at the same time. I feel an urgent need to fit in, to be looked upon well, to be appreciated. I do feel like somewhere, someway, I'm improving someone's life for a few minutes by doing this, and I am being appreciated here. But I also feel a repulsion in that I also have an unnatural distaste for crowds and competition, and FF.Net doesn't often help with this. I know and I have seen many authors here who are greater than I am, in skills and demand, and I feel dwarfed and squeezed out by these people. It is nothing personal against them, I do think well of all of these people, but I feel entirely out competed by them.

Why the name?: You may be wondering why I named my major original character, Silver Crescent / Professor Ken, after myself. There's actually a really good reason for it. He is not an impersonation of myself in my stories, and don't think for a moment that I so much as look like him. Professor Ken is a caricature of my hopes and fears-- he has many powers I wish I had, but many problems I am thankful I do not. In these ways he is like me, but he is really my shadow, my mirror image. That is what makes him so fun to write about. I can make him do things I only dream I could do, and have things happen to him that I would pray to avoid. I find it easier to daydream and write about him than I do myself, because he is so close and yet so distant to me. I know the most intimate things that run through his mind, and yet I have never even met him. I envy him for his strengths, and pity him for his misfortunes. Therein lies the irony. As for the title... well, I've always liked being a smart person, and anybody with the title 'Professor' is an officially smart person. Like I wish I was.

(Kudos to anyone who actually READ those two paragraphs, or this profile as a whole!)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I can be contacted at ''. I usually reply promptly.

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