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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Heres a lil about me:

10 Hobbies:

1. Being the biggest anime nerd.

2. Watching anime.

3. Reading anime.

4. Breathing anime.

5. Playing with my freinds.

6. Speaking spanish

7. Trying to learn japanese. (hard )

8. Reading Fanfiction.

9. Playing videogames.

10. Being more of a wallflower then Hinata.(ima guy too...)

Favorite food:

Ano... Smarties.( Canadian ones. Not the dumb candie american 1s. They're kind of like m&ms but wit more candie and dark choclate.


Canada( i like to think that i was switched at birth with an azn baby. XP jk)


Lets just say im so pale ghosts come to me for advice to get ALMOST as pale as me.

Favorite animes/episodes watched and favorite anime pairings:

1. Naruto/215: naruXhina, shikaXtemari, sakuXlee, and NejiXTenTen

2. Bleach/108: IchigoXRukia, IshidaXOrihime

3. Mar/51: DorothyXGintaXSnow( the funiest love triangle ever), JackXDorothy (hehe nice try jack).

4.Inuyasha/All including 4 movies: InuXKag (duh) SangoXmiro( double duh) Kikyo(kinkyho)X Naraku (bitches deserve bastards) KogaXAyame( the wolf girl he promised to marry coughdickheadcoughwolfcough Koga Not ayame

What characters im most like:

Jiraiya ( Not so much old. Ahem. Think about it for a sec)

Naruto( Never give up!)

Hinata ( never give up and wonder if the person u love loves u back)

Chouji ( i eat alot. Well, not as much as him)

Biggest Wishes:

1. To live in the anime world as a important character. (civilians always die)

2. The girl i like will like me back. ( I doubt it, but i WONT GIVE UP!)

Funny things in anime:

How dense naruto is when seeing hinata. How cute hinata is when she blushes.( yes im so much a nerd i think an ANIME girl is cute, YOU KNOW WHAT! im proud of it.) Rukias shitty drawings. (even tho i draw worse). Inuyasha and kagomes many tangles.When Miroku feels sango and then gets smacked. Kons ignorance and love of women with large ahem.(coughwhich guy in the world doesntcough) When jack tied that girl in a beanstalk and then she called him a pervert, then she shot the ball mace thing and it hit him where the sun dont shine.( i felt that from my computer screen) The lesbian in bleach who keeps going after Orihime-chan

My view on homosexuality( random but it needs to be said)

hey as long as ur happy i dont give a flyin flip.

Favorite drink:

Ano...Kids wine.( whole bottle. Thats not good for my future is it) Ive tried champagne for my friends 18th birthday.I was 15 yearsold. And it was good.




I wish.(jk)


Dream girl:

A girl who loves me as much as i love her. I may be a hentai( that means pervert for people who think its means porn) but im no bastard. The girl i love must love me and i must be married to ummm do other things. Call me old fashioned but id prefer that to a slut any day.


I wish i was a good one. In my opinion im an okay one. In others i suck.( thereall teme though, designed to make my life miserable) In my friends im decent. In a few select ladies im very good. ( Not from pity, I guess i can write a good poem once in a while.

Favorite Genre:

Romantic Comedy. Or just plain romance.

Things i hate:

When the unpopulars start a catch phrase the populars use it from then on as THEIR word.( that pisses me and my freinds off)

When people asume others are rascist for bumping into them.( this happened to me once, i bumped into a black person and then all of a sudden he called me rascist its not like i called him a drke or a nr. Those are the only swears i wont say)

that narutos that dense that he cant see hinata.

Hypocrites.( so in effect i hate myself.im the worlds biggest hypocrite)

Emos. Theyre life may be bad but they have no need to hurt themselves.I have a pretty shitty life too.( my mom is sveerly depressed. Child of divorced parents.Have thoughts of killing myself because of the fact that last year i was a big pussy and now everybody hates me. But ill never give up.) My freind as well has a shitty life. ( his dad beats him. He has ADD, Torrets, bipolar. And evryone thinks hes a retard, tho he smarten than thiose that say that.

The fact that in all the time im writing this i could have written 2 chapters in a fanfic.

hackers in video games.

-Upcoming stories-(if u steal it i will jump into the computer find your ip adress, and eat you. YES IM THAT OVERWEIGHT! jk i will hate your guts though.)

1. -Koneko Hinata- What if Hinata has a demon in side her, like naruto. But instead of a fox its a kitten Named Shichiokoneko(7 tailed kitten). In a fight she shows naruto her form by accident. She does not know about the kyuubi inside naruto and runs away. Narutos noticed her this whole time. But because of kyuubi he was too scared to admit his feelings, now that hes seen Shichiokoneko, however, his feelings become stronger towards her than before. She knows what he feels. Will the two loves eventually join. Takes place after ssuke battle, but sasuke gets killed. Sakura has moved on. Pairings naruXhina (duh) leeXsaku shikaXtemari nejiXtenten rated m because of violence. And because little kids reveiws are very very very annoying.

I will make some others later.

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