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Hello Everyone, my name is Hiiragi Demon.

I've been reading FF stories for quite a long time, I believe since grade eight. Wow! Long time ago. So I've had a few ideas for some stories and decided one day to just give it a try and see how many I could write and how many people would read it. And I've had good success, a lot of you have read my stories and I'm very happy with all the feed back. Now I know I haven't written as many stories I would have liked to, but I'm working at them slowly and at a good pace. Even now I'm continuing to think of new story ideas and ideas for new chapters for my stories that you already know. I will always continue to write and read stories, it's something I just love to do along with all my other hobbies.

So just to give you a little tid bit to what stories I have written now and Characters I have created and included:

Author Note: I'm currently working on a story line that includes my Character Amber Blair, I have her depicted in One in the Same a certain way. But I'd like to work with her Character more and use her in different stories and time lines/dimension. She will still be the same Amber you all know and love, but I'd like to create something less Romantic/Adventure and something along the lines of more Epic Adventure. Just to spice things up a little!!

My Current Stories:

One in the Same: Incomplete

A Day without Rain: Incomplete

Cancelled Plans: Complete (One Shot)

Here are some Anime Characters that I have written about hope to write about:

Cooler (DBZ) - (One in the Same)

Cell (DBZ)

Brolly (DBZ)

Checkmate (UM) - (A Day without Rain)

Kevin Mask (UM)

Mars (UM)

Jeager (UM)

Sesshoumaru (Inyuasha)

Kronen (Hellboy)

My own characters:

Amber Blair - (One in the Same)

Leonard Blair - (One in the Same)

Rosemary Blair - (One in the Same)

Damion Dradeen - (One in the Same)

Holly Leland - (A Day Without Rain)

Kim Leland - (A Day Without Rain)

In time I hope to be writing Bio's for all my characters, and how their story started before you knew them as how they are! Keep Posted!

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