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Name: Jase Deaka
Alias: Khran Zephronic
UK! Monocles and tea, bitch:3
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Cartoon: Robot Chicken
Anime: Outlaw Star
Book: 24/7
Band: Papa Roach
Music Genre: Rock
Couples: ShadowxAmy, TailsxCream, KnucklesxRouge, RoxasxNaminé, KairixNaminé, RevanxBastila (From KOTOR) and ButterxToast (What?).
Games: KOTOR, KOTOR 2, Sims 2, Maple Story, Gunbound, Sonic 2006 and any really realistic Mech game.

Short Bio: Well what is there to say? I'm a guy, a bit of a pervert hense the KairixNaminé fan-listing XD, I'm a fanatic of machines and mechs, Shadamy is my favourite couple no matter who says what. I don't care if it doesn't seem possible! IT'S CALLED FANDOM BITCH!


Oh yeah, ShadowxRouge is SO possible! It's not like Rouge had the hots for Knuckles in SA2B!

... Oh wait, she's a whore. Nevermind. Bad example.

Mauled to death by Rouge fans

Joking joking X3 I like Rouge. She's cool. So long as she dresses nice and doesn't look so damn flirty.

I hate these hypocrites that think some couples don't work out! They do couples not because they like it but because it's how they were made! I DON'T CARE! LEAVE US TO BRING TOGETHER WHO THE FLUFF WE WANT!

Support the Shadamy coupling, my comrades!


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